E3 remains in LA

There were some talks because of construction near the convention center in LA that they may move the event for a year or two. Would have like to seen it moved a little closer to the East Coast for once. Even though it free to get in, still cost several hundred dollars every year driving out there(very long drive) and hotels.


Wow, you'd think this would get old. Why do people buy into yearly sequels set in the same city with only minor changes in the gameplay? The mind boggles. Also, the whole travelling thing, that's E3's entire business model right there. They're sponsored by petrol and hotel companies.

I think E3 would be fun to go once or twice, just to check out the spectacle of it all. I've never been to L.A. (or California, for that matter) so E3 would be an added bonus on top of visiting a new city.

Apart of that, I'm content to follow these types of fairs from the comfort of my home. For one, I don't really like crowds and I also don't care much for hoarding gaming paraphernalia that would just end up collecting dust on a shelf.


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