What game did you invest the most hours into?

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Team Fortress 2 for me as well. Dem Mods. Keeps stuff fresh. I apparently have 1000 hours, but like someone else said, Steam lies. I definitely have not played it that much.

Smash Bros. Brawl is a sure second, at least a couple hundred. Multiplayer general earns more hours.

Easily Gears of War 1. That was pretty much my leisure time during my first University year.

Still sucked at sniping at the end though. Couldn't be killed but put a longbarrel in my hand and Moby Dick could happily sit against a black background unharmed.

Good strategy games. Especially Paradox games. I totally lose track of the time when playing those.

Also Metal Gear Solid. It's my favourite game and I beat it like 20+ times in every possible way.

Team Fortress 2 without a doubt.
I think I'm going to throw a party when I hit 400 hours... which will likely be soon...

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