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66.2% (100)
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Grr ME3 ending!
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Poll: Ass Creed Rev. or Mass Effect 3

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**No unmarked spoilers especially with ME3 please. I've managed not to find out so far so no one ruin it.**

So I currently find myself with particularly limited funds and time, and torn between to games.
I've been a fan of both series since their first installments. I've just been unable to buy the latest in each. Now I have enough time and money for just one--in part because I'm planning on replaying all the previous ones. My question is: which should I get? Ass Creed Rev (and replay the Ass Creed series) or Mass Effect 3 (and replay the ME series)?

Neither,both of them are a shame to the series.

I find AC:R as a lackluster and ME3 just isn't good as ME1 and ME2.

But if you really want to I'd say ME3.

Asssassin's Creed Revelations easily wins this IMO, tbh i thought ME3 wasnt that good, dont get me wrong the gameplay was alright (not bad but not amazing) but the writing just went out the window

I'd say AC:R, but I haven't actually played ME, sooo...
LOL you said ass? IDK, take my opinion with a grain of salt but I loved AC:R, especially the multiplayer. I'd recommend it.

I have am in the same boat as you, but I have bought bot ACR and ME3. I personally like ME3 better despite its original ending being terrible. The new ending DLC helps the problem, but it does not fully solve it.

I did not really like the multiplayer of ACR, but liked the Multi of ME3 so if I could only buy one I would buy ME3. I dont even remember anything important from ACR(But I did not follow the story too closely so if anyone can add some detail that would be cool) so I think ME3 is more important too the series story then ACR is. (I may be wrong. If I am please correct me)

I would go with ME3.

If these are the two you've narrowed it down to I say ME.

Personally I found AC Brotherhood and Rev to be filler, they didn't add anything to the story and the new gimmicks weren't fun for me. I played Brotherhood and Rev over about 6 weeks on and off when I was visiting my sister, really glad I did if I ever get the itch to replay them I'll just replay AC2 and look at the wiki for any plot advances. Desmonds little thing in Rev is interesting but not overly engaging.

As for ME3, I didn't play the original ending, just the EC (which I recommend) so the ending didn't instill quite as much rage in me as everyone else on the internet. Currently on my 3rd Shep in 3 and just created a new Shep in ME1 (this will be my 6th if we include every iteration I've played (I lost my first 2)) so I might be just a tinsy bit biased.

AC:R was a rush job. It didn't do much to advance the overarching story (beyond revealing that Lucy was a traitor), dispensed with the whole "win missions to unlock new areas" schtick, and generally felt like everyone involved were just using this to bide their time until production of III. Yet, it still has a few great moments (the opening sequence, tying up Altair's story arc, the hookblade making transportation a bit more fluid) and it doesn't seem to be under any pretension that it's anything more than filler.

ME3, on the other hand, was billed as the epic conclusion to a trilogy which had significant fan and critical support. Yet, it underwhelmed in just about every way, and brought a level of negative publicity down upon its developer in a way I haven't seen since the Daikatana controversy back in the 90's.

AC: R was met with a shrug. ME3 was met with outrage. That's the difference.

Well, AC and ME are my favorite franchises of this generation. And AC:R didn't disappoint me as much as ME3 so I'll have to go with AC:R. Even though the ending is "to be continued" it was quite epic and satisfying. I got goosebumps. ME3 ending gave me a diarrhea.

When you think about it, the most disappointing thing about AC:R is the fact that it's pretty much the same as AC:B. There are some other minor flaws, but nothing important. It's actually a great game, it just wasn't worth $60 at the time it was released. Mass Effect 3 is full of gameplay flaws and plot holes.

Do you plan on getting AC3? If you are then I suggest Revelations, The hookblade is the only good gimmick out of all of the introduced 'new features.'

I congratulate you on remaining spoiler free on ME3's ending, but don't get your hopes up. With the EC content the end could be at best described as functional, at worst a band-aid on a gaping plot hole the size of your head. Get it if you want to see the ending of the trilogy but keep very low expectations about the end.

Both games are pretty underwhelming as sequels go.

My vote goes for Mass Effect 3.

I myself have literally just started the Assassin's Creed series (like, four days ago) and am currently working my way through 2. I'm enjoying the games very much, however, the reason I vote ME3 is because it's over. By that I mean, there will be no more games coming out so you can wrap up the series and be done with it. Revelations is going to be followed by Assassin's Creed III later this year, meaning you'll need to pick up that game too, as I understand that the ending to Rev. is a real head turner. I also think that Mass Effect's overall writing and story are better, so I enjoy them more and if I could only play one, that would be it. I am glad that you played the other two though, as starting at the end of the trilogy is just silly.

As others have said, be warned about the ending. I thought it was just the internet being whiny, but then I played it and yeah...ouch. The Extended Cut fixes a LOT of things in my opinion, but the ending still doesn't feel like Mass Effect. So, I wrote my own ending that ended up being 50 pages. Fun times.

Tough choice, Revolutions bored me a whole lot, it's the same game as Brotherhood with a less interesting setting IMO and a head scratching addition (tower defense? why???)

ME3 is very good on first impression, doesn't have the replay value of ME 1 and 2 and is dumbed down compared to them, but it's full of interesting set pieces and keeps you entertained until the end... and them it derails everything lol

ME3 has an edge for me...

Mass Effect 3 was amazing and probably the best of the series(note: I am leaving the ending out of this). It has great gameplay, the story is great, and the Characters are amazing as ever. Oh and Revelations is not nearly as good as Mass Effect. I love Assassin's Creed but it cannot match Mass Effect.

Mass Effect is excellently crafted up until its final mission when executive meddling becomes quite apparent. The gameplay is the best of the series easily. Though it has one of the worst endings of all time, the journey makes it well worth 5 minutes of appalled shock.

I believe anyone who's a fan of the ME series should definitely see the ending anyway, just to get an idea of how they WON'T imagine their Shepard's REAL ending.


Meanwhile, while ACR has the same fun gameplay of the 3 Ezio games, it contributes next-to-nothing to the series's overall plot, save for one abnormally well done bit of dialogue where Ezio elegantly explains the actual creed's meaning near the end.

It doesn't real add anything to brotherhood's gameplay and the story is obviously just grinding along until The AC3 team finishes.

Honestly, I doubt you will feel as though you missed much of anything if you just skip Revelations altogether before playing 3.

Mass Effect is one of the best series in video games regardless of the butthurt, and the third game is at least just as good as the others.

ACR is basically just ACB 1.5, or AC2.75, in all regards.

ME3. I don't care what anyone says about the ending, that game was awesome. Great combat, good bossfights, a few interesting characters, and great multiplayer. Be sure to nab the free extended cut and multiplayer DLC.

ACR is worth renting though if you really want more AC goodness.

Depends on what you liked about each series.

Note: No plot spoilers, only gameplay and references to mission structure and choice effects. Nothing specific at all is mentioned. [Hence why I'm not using spoilers, it is only very vague - not even names of places].
[b]Edited in some very minor spoilers that are either common knowledge [Like what the DLC character is] or names of places visited.

I can talk mainly for ME3 here, and it was a major letdown. If you liked dialogue choices, you'll be disappointed.
If you liked a non-linear order for the main missions, you'll be disappointed.
If you wanted your choices to actually change the story - squadmate related they can, but otherwise its rare, and they are almost always filled in with cameos instead.
If you liked sidequests, you'll be disappointed. The few good ones are tied to squadmates, or main missions, and everything else is flying into a system, right clicking like mad, scanning a planet, then leaving.
Most of the main missions feel rushed, and with minimal effort put into them. There are 2 notable exceptions.

Combat is the best its been in the series.
Levels stick to the ME2 style, however are IMO better crafted and more interesting theme wise, and slightly better gameplay wise.
Music, as always, is good.

Also, the boss fights are as tacky as ever.
The characters and writing are, IMO, not as memorable as in ME2 - except

as he wasn't there in 2, so he is obviously better in 3.
The story is... IMO weak. One arch is Great, two are ok, two are bleh and one is bad.
Specifics for the above, arch names only, though they may give some hints as to what happens in the story:

ACR is personally what I'll go for. From what I hear, not a lot changed that much, so if you enjoyed the previous games you'll probably enjoy it to an extent. ME3 is something that IMO you'll either love or hate. If you don't mind the fact that it goes from RPG to cinematic Third Person Shooter, you'll probably enjoy it - especially if you can stomach the end ok. If you liked its RPGness, you'll probably hate it as apart from abilities [Which aren't even really an RPG only thing] and levelling [Same here] its been almost entirely stripped away.

'sCreed Rev isn't worth the time honestly. Even if you're into the series, you could just drape a Persian rug over your television and listen to Iron by Woodkid while you replay Brotherhood and get pretty much the same experience. Nothing important happens in the game except for maybe some information in the final cut scene, which I'm given to understand that a certain video hosting site known as "You Tube" may have somewhere. I haven't played any of the Mass Effects, so I have no how good it is, but I'd still say go for that.

I had to vote for ME3 simply because it was a sci-fi game. Bored to tears of the old timey stuff. Maybe if they do an Ass Creed in the far future with space ships and strange planets, then I'll give it a look.

I've played both. Revelations left me disappointed, and I had a blast with ME3. Your choice entirely though. If on the off chance you get ME3, give the multiplayer a try. Yeah its through that awful Origin thing but its still pretty fun. If you play it, pm me your username and I'll friend you so we can play sometime. Always better with friends!

Having played both, I would say that - for now - go with Assassins and wait on ME3 until there is a game of the year type bundle package, so you don't miss content via DLC packs (the day-one dlc and they've got something coming out soonish for single player too that will likely have a price tag similar).

Both games are worth a play if you like the series, though a full discussion of merits and flaws doesn't seem to be what you're after if you want to avoid spoilers. From a strictly financial standpoint, the smarter buy at this time is Assassins because there's no additional expense in the DLC department to get the full experience at the up front price point.

Don't get me wrong! I love ME3 (I am actually replaying it right now) and since they put a patch on the ending I can recommend it without reservation, but if you're looking at monetary value for gameplay you have to tack on another $10 to have the 'full' ME3 experiences at present, plus (probably) another $10 to keep up with upcoming dlc additions, so it isn't the wise choice if your situation is a money crunch.

Say what you want about Mass Effect 3, it wasn't a boring trudge with an unengaging plot simply made to pad out the story in between games.

Aside from the ending, ME3 is one of the best single player games I have ever played.

I've never been a fan of the Assasin's Creed series.

You just used the phrase "ass creed" you not a fan, you're a guy who watches too much Zero Punctuation. Man that parody names pisses me off. Anyways, It depends on whether you want RPG-ish or Action Adventure-ish. I don't know if one is superior, but there different so go with the one that seems to have the most fun gameplay.

Buy Fallout: New Vegas GOTY instead?

Save your money. They're both the black sheep of their respective franchises. They're both utterly lackluster experiences from the start.

I always had a soft spot for free-running so I struggled through ACR while I just wanted to see the ending to Mass Effect, but neither experience was at all worth a single dollar I gave.

Save your money, or get something like Deus Ex.

Tough call. I'd say Mass Effect 3, even though it's very lackluster compared to the previous two games. Also install the Extended Cut DLC so the ending won't be as painful.

I'd get Assassins Creed. I never liked any of the Mass Effect games.

Hmm, well AC:R is basically Ubisoft just milking the story of Ezio, dont get me wrong, its a pretty good game, but nowhere near the quality of 2, and the multiplayer is exactly the same as AC:B, and you can get through the campaign in about 10 hours. Also the gameplay is incredibly simple, and its like Ubisoft just wanted you to get through fights and climb up buildings as quick as possible (ie, why you get the hookblade and bombs).

With Mass Effect 3 (With extended cut), its a pretty good game, the story just feels like its trying to tell too much, and the story is nowhere near as good as 1 or 2, but the gameplay feels more refined. Multiplayer is alright, but the fact that you need to play it to get a decent ending is a idiotic idea on Biowares part (unless you get pretty much EVERY war asset).

Honestly id go with ME3, neither of the games are spectacular, but i think ME3 wins this one

Depends, What do you like better?
Tower defense in a third person action game or shitty retcons half the players refuse to acknowledge?

Depends, What do you like better?
Tower defense in a third person action game or shitty retcons half the players refuse to acknowledge?

To be fair, you only have to do the tower defense once. I finally got around to finishing Revelations a couple weeks ago and only had to do the tutorial version of that minigame. It's easy to avoid.

OT: I'd say Mass Effect 3 feels more new. Revelations is good, but it's really is just more of the same from Brotherhood. And it has some of the most boring characters in the series. No Da Vinci. That other main Assassin dude acts like he's your bro, but he's really not all that interesting. The counter-attack button with the hidden blade is still the win button. And there is only one good platforming challenge. I wish there were more, since those are my favorite things about the series

Mass Effect 3 is a much less copy/pasted from its predecessor. It offers some great characters, some emotional moments, the best combat in the series (with many more options to choose from in terms of weapons and abilities than the second game), fantastic music, and one giant turd of an ending. Take the bad with the great, I guess.

Don't you have some sort of preference, though? You might like both of the series, but what do you feel like playing?

if you have played ME 1 and 2 you owe it to yourself to play ME3 (with the extended endings).

the endings still leave a lot to be desired, but the rest of the game (for the most part) if fucking outstanding.

revelations was good, but still more of the same with respect to the rest of the series.

I'm still mad at Revelations for being as crap as it was, after all the amazeballsness of Brotherhood, so go ME3 and it's 98% amazingness. Just be sure to get the ending patch.

**No unmarked spoilers especially with ME3 please. I've managed not to find out so far so no one ruin it.**

So I currently find myself with particularly limited funds and time, and torn between to games.
I've been a fan of both series since their first installments. I've just been unable to buy the latest in each. Now I have enough time and money for just one--in part because I'm planning on replaying all the previous ones. My question is: which should I get? Ass Creed Rev (and replay the Ass Creed series) or Mass Effect 3 (and replay the ME series)?

as long as you downlaod the extended cut ME3 is dam near flawless were as AC:R is not worth getting at least not with AC:3 comming out soon and it being much better.(looking that is as i have not played it yet:)

I'd go with Mass Effect 3, yeah the ending isn't great, but the rest of the game is fantastic.

As for Assassins Creed: Revelations I have 2 friends who are fans of the series (I got bored gave up after the first couple of missions on Brotherhood) who were both totally underwhelmed by it, in fact one of them had a really hard time finishing it.

Captcha: Blah blah blah. Fuck you captcha.

Mass Effect 3, 99% of that game was fantastic quality, whereas AC:R was nothing but filler and basically instantly forgotten as soon as I finished it, besides the daft tower defence game they crowbar'd in there for whatever reason.

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