Is Dawngaurd worth $25?
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Poll: So yeah I dont think Dawngaurd is overpriced.....

I know there's been a lot of argument on this fact so I wanted to add my 2 cents and see what everyone else thinks. I bought Dawngaurd recently for 24.95 us on the steam store and quite frankly I'm stoked with what I got for my money. Its a decent length, adds tons of new locations and powers, and to be honest provides more gameplay then recent titles which I have purchased for a rather large mount more... Yes $25 is a lot for DLC but I think Bethesda is doing DLC the right way in that they are releasing an actual expansion pack which has added a large amount to an already massive game.

$25 way to much for DLC of this size. GTAIV had $20 DLC and each piece was an new campaign mode. For $25 I'd expect a 1:1 or 1:2 ratio of hours of content per dollar.

What's Dawngaurd?

25 bucks!? I got it on Xbox for 1600MS which is about 19-20 bucks. I liked it and feel it was worth it, just wish they would patch the random vampire attacks in towns...I know It stops after the main campaign but it is just a bad way to kill of quest based NPC's...

I've seen a lot of these threads pop up now that Dawnguard's out for Steam, so I'll just throw in my long-winded two cents.

I find it really hard to judge how many hours I got out of Dawnguard. I made a new character for it, a High Elf Mage/Assassin that worked so damn well it was beautiful, and he became a vampire. I took my time doing the main quest, I'd say it took me maybe 15 hours to do that (but I really just made up a number.)

The main thing Dawnguard did for me was it got me back into the game. I didn't just do the new quests; I did the College and the Civil War again, the Thieve's Guild and Dark Brotherhood for the first time, I became a real estate mogul, a daedric artifact collector, an alchemist, and did a bunch of old side quests I hadn't ever done before. And I did all this while wearing the badass Vampire Royal Armor (decent light armor, +125% Magicka regen), the Ring of the Erudite (+100 Magicka in both elf and vampire lord forms, HOLY ASS) and abusing my vampiric powers (They made vampires actually viable, people don't turn hostile when you're stage four!)

All in all, I played that character for 100 some hours, and then started another one I played for about 20 before I moved on again. And I'm probably going to go back to one of those two, or both. Skyrim is just my kind of game, though, so your mileage may be significantly lower.

I am enjoying it so far. I think it's a nice addition and has more content than I thought it would.

I also downloaded some mods of the Steam Workshop so I'm looking forward to checking those out when I'm done :)

It's judged against The Shivering Isles, which was about the same price. But it took place entirely in a huge new area, offered a completely different feel than Oblivion, was long enough to be its own game, and was great quality (it's still my favorite Elder Scrolls content).

And it's totally fair to judge Dawngaurd against The Shivering Isles, so I understand how people don't thing the former is worth the money. I feel the same way. Though I also haven't gotten it/probably won't ever get it because I don't care for vampires.


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