Which is more comfortable, Xbox Controller or PS3 Controller
Xbox Controller
66.7% (285)
66.7% (285)
PS3 Controller
33% (141)
33% (141)
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Poll: Which is more comfortable? The Xbox 360 Controller or the PS3 Controller

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My only dislike of the 360 pad is the giant battery pack on the back of the wireless rechargeable models. I used to wrap my fingers underneath the controller for leverage/support, but this giant brick of battery gets in the way now.

My fingers naturally curl around the grip portion of the controller. Though my big problem is the controller's battery pack used to rub against the knuckle of my right (and only right) middle finger. I seem to have adjusted my grip over the years, though, because it wasn't until I saw your post that I even thought of it.

Neither, because for your 8 buttons and 12 direction analog sticks [probably more degrees on that] I have thirty or so buttons.

Seriously, I have enough keys to bind many, many lines in TF2 to their own, individual buttons.

PS3. The L2 and R2 buttons suck though.

The PS2 controller is still the best one ever made.

XBox360 controller is a vast improvement over the original Xbox controller. Too bad the d-pad is shit and the awkward analog stick position makes the D-Pad it hard to reach.

The PS3 controller just doesn't fit my hands, I prefer the dimensions and the button layout on the Xbox 360. Having played mostly Nintendo games throughout the times I am also more comfortable with placing A, B, X and Y than square, circle, X and triangle without looking down.

I guess the PS3 controller could be as good if I just got used to it, but the Xbox 360 controller reminds me a little of the GameCube controller which I am used to and with years of playing Xbox 360 that instantly wins over the PS3 controller I have only used a few times.

The PS3 one, I mean come on, the 360 controller is even symmetrical! Freaking barbaric is what that is.

My personal preference is the 360 controller.
PS3 hurts my thumbs/wrist after a time of use.

I switch between them both effortlessly, with nary a hint of carpal tunnel nor any other discomfort.

Part of my brain, though, keeps insisting this must be a necro, and yet it isn't.

Is controller comfort really a big issue this late in the generation?

I don't own either console, but I have found the Xbox360 controller makes a good input device for most console emulators. Not so good for computer-native programs, though. Those I find work better with the keyboard and/or mouse.

I've owned both, and would go for xbox controller.

BUT, I do have deformed hands, so that might be a bit of a skewed result.

360 by far, because I don't need to dislocate my left thumb in order to use the left analog stick. The buttons also feel a lot better. The D-pad is kinda shit, but there are very few games where I use it (Dark Souls being the only one that comes to mind) so it doesn't really bother me.

It's not quite as good as the GameCube-controller, but it's still far better than the PS3.

Everyone I know reckons the xbox controller, mainly the joystick positioning, feels more 'natural' to hold.
Apparently my friends were all born with their left hand's thumb twice as long as their right hand's one.
I prefer the PS3 controller.

If you have big hands like I do (I can reach a full octave on the piano) then the Xbox controller by far, the PS3 ones are just too small to comfortably use the thumb sticks for any amount of time. The old Dualshockk PS2 era controllers were far better size wise.

It really is a pretty big function of hand size. The PS3 fits my hands well, because I have quite small hands and thin fingers, but the Xbox controller feels like a giant brick. I'm not sure I can reach all of the buttons comfortably without some funny hand contortions.

Going with this theory, I expect Xbox will win because most people here are probably male and men tend to have bigger hands than women, so the Xbox controller will appeal more. I'll put an imaginary dollar on that one.

Either controller works for me as been playing long enough on both that it doesn't really matter. I do prefer the PS3 controller, as I find it more comfortable. Though, if they brought back the 'Duke' Controller from the Original Xbox, I would pick that up in a heartbeat.

Mouse and keyboard =D

I only own an xbox, so... I guess it's more comfortable because it's the one I'm most familiar with?

lol knew that was coming pc gamers

360 is better for me just not the dpad they fucked that up

Face buttons: 360
D-Pad: PS3 by a large margin
Shoulder buttons: 360
Analog sticks: 360
Controller shape: dependent on hand size (for me 360)

This pretty much sums up my thoughts on the 360 controller. I love it for the good ergonomics, how it feels in your hand, and how the analogue triggers don't slip out of your fingers every 5 seconds and causes massive pain.

BUT, the dpad is a complete joke at times. I guess it's good if you want to do circular 8-way motions, but for something as simple as just left or down it has failed me too many times. It almost doesn't matter which part of the d-pad you're pressing , but in what direction you then push that part. Even with the new and improved controllers where you can flip the d-pad for circular or plus-shaped, it's still possible to press the "down"-button and it will register as left, simply because your thumb went a little bit to the left while doing it. And that seriously fucks up when you for instance want to change weapons or use items in the middle of some hectic action and you suddenly do something completely different than intended.

If they ever do an improved version for the next Xbox, I hope they fix it in some magical way or angle the d-pad 30 degrees clock-wise so that it actually matches up with how your thumb moves.

Much of a muchness.

On one hand the 360 pad works flawlessly with a PC, is an almost perfect size and has superior triggers to the PS3 controller.

On the other the PS3 controller doesn't come in 'wired or wireless' versions, you can just plug in a wire to the default 'wireless' version to make it wired, this makes it run off the PS3s power and charges it while you play.

About the only thing I don't like about either of the controllers is the L2 and R2 triggers on the PS3... they just feel terrible.

PS3 controller for me. The Xbox 360 controller feels great for fps games but I play other games too. So playstation wins by having a dpad and feeling "good" for most genres. Also find it easier to press the triangle square, etc than the y x b buttons... but that's just me.

Aww no 3rd option for the Wii-mote?

PlayStation 3 controller. Part of it due to familiarity (since it has remained basically unchanged since the original PlayStation), but also because I found it more comfortable than the X-Box 360 one. Plus the analog stick placement on the X-Box always threw me off and the PS3's D-pad is much better.

I'm not a huge fan of controllers, but between the two... definitely the X-Box 360. I might be biased as I own an X-Box (though I haven't used it in close to four years; it red-ringed and I never bothered to get it fixed), but while I was at university two of my roommates had PS3s and I got to spend a lot of time playing that system as well.

I found that the PS3 controller had the same issue that the PS2 controller, and before that the PS1 controller, had with me - after an hour or so it gives my hands really bad cramps. I don't know if it's the shape or the button layout or what... but Sony's controllers have always been extremely uncomfortable in my hands. The X-Box controller has never had that problem with me (although the original controller for the first X-Box, the freaking huge one, was admittedly pretty uncomfortable for me as well).

i prefer PS3. it's lighter and sticks at the right places.

I prefare the 360. The stick's have those little indent's for my thumbs and like that it's bigger

I've always found the positioning of the analog sticks on the PS3 controller to be quite uncomfortable at times. I also don't like the L2/R2 buttons at all.
However, the PS3 obviously has the better d-pad.

I prefer Xbox Controllers. Feels better in my hands. I have never noticed the d-pad issues either but I really cant think of a single game I use them for anything other than turning on NV or switching guns.

The Game Cube!

360, it just feels better to have actual trigers when playing an FPS then trying to use buttons. Also I like the positioning of the left thumb stick much more with it being closer to the outside of the controller.

Prefer the 360 controller. I gotta have rubber covers on the sticks to be able to use them. Had triggers on the L2/R2 buttons before as well, which helped a damn lot, but the damn thing broke when my cat threw the controller on the floor.

PS3 wins in everything else though.

I do not mean to spark any form of skirmish between Xbox fans and PS3 Fans. As far as I'm concerning, I like both. Both have good games except I, personally (Not speaking on behalf of the internet), find the PS3 Controller uncomfortable.

Why not share your thoughts?

I think the playstation controllers are too small and that the analogue sticks should not be on the same plane.

I grew up with Playstation controllers and because I'm a biased asshole who refuses to acknowledge other people may be right I prefer the PS3 controller.

Personally i prefer the 360 controller because i mainly play fighters on consoles when I'm not playing my PC. THe analog sticks on the PS3 controller are the worst I've ever used in my life, However the top button lay out with l1 l2 r1 r2 I feel is superior to the 260.

I do like the triggers quite a bit but the bumpers feel to small and are a pain to use at times, especially when they need to be used together.

Oddly enough though, i prefer to use the D-Pad and although there has been a large negative stream of feed back on the 360 D-Pad i actually like the 360 d-pad and feel it superior to the PS3 D-pad. The 360 D-pad has diagonal slots and slides slightly so you can actually make circles comfortably, the PS3 controller digs into your thumb when preforming circle motions.

Don't even get me started when doing shoryuken motions on a PS3 controller D-pad, it gets ugly. Shoryukens (Z motion) , Mist step / god step motion ( ->, N, V, ->), and half/ quarter circle motions feel much more fluid like on the 360 controller. With all this being said the 260 controller SHOULD still incorporate the white and black buttons on the front of the controller in addition to the bumpers, because i personally feel that analog stick pressed in buttons are worth less if you use the D-pad limiting your overall volume of available buttons providing you with less customization options.

This is my opinion however, I messed my thumb up alot playing the legend of dragoon and mortal kombat trilogy on my PS1 because of the D-pad being very demanding on your thumb joint when preforming diagonal and circular motions, however i still like using the PS3 D-Pad over the analog sticks, the 260 analog sticks are much better than the PS3's but aren't perfect, the game cube had a great analog stick ( The C- analog stick wasn't good though).

Hope this helped

In general I prefer the 360 controller, but the PS3 has the superior dpad.

agreed the ps3 has the superior d pad, however i'm partial to the ps3 joysticks as well. the concave joystick tips are a bit uncomfortable at times.

I like the PS3 controller more because it's pretty much been the same since the PS1.
Familiarity and all that.

The 360 controller used to feel clunky,
but after spending a decent amount of time with it, it doesn't bother me anymore.

Really I don't care about the controller or the system, just the game.

Exactly this. Oooh spooky.

I also prefer the PS3 controller because it's smaller and my hands are tiny.
I was pretty bad at QTEs when I started playing the Xbox more after my PS3 was nicked because I always thought the X was at the bottom.

Where is the "both" option?

I have a clear bias for the dualshock because that piece of plastic has been responsible for my calloused thumbs for a decade.

I don't have huge hands, but I like how compact the PS controller makes me feel a huge gorilla. I also love how the xbox gives me extra room.

So both is my answer.

hmm, the 360 controller is more comfortable in your hands when you are not actively using it. PS3 seems to handle frantic controls better. I will give the 360 better face buttons. The shoulder (RB + LB), analog, and D-pad all feel worse than the PS3.

In comparing Red Faction 4 (PS3) and Crysis 2 (360), Red faction felt much smoother.

Ditto when it came down to Tales of Vesperia (360) and Star Ocean a New Hope (PS3). Both of the combat styles are similiar, but Tales combat felt clunky due to the controller.

That could be the individual game's fault rather than the controller, but it feels pretty consistent.

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