Poll: Which is more comfortable? The Xbox 360 Controller or the PS3 Controller

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I do not mean to spark any form of skirmish between Xbox fans and PS3 Fans. As far as I'm concerning, I like both. Both have good games except I, personally (Not speaking on behalf of the internet), find the PS3 Controller uncomfortable.

Why not share your thoughts?

In general I prefer the 360 controller, but the PS3 has the superior dpad.

I like the PS3 controller more because it's pretty much been the same since the PS1.
Familiarity and all that.

The 360 controller used to feel clunky,
but after spending a decent amount of time with it, it doesn't bother me anymore.

Really I don't care about the controller or the system, just the game.

Face buttons: 360
D-Pad: PS3 by a large margin
Shoulder buttons: 360
Analog sticks: 360
Controller shape: dependent on hand size (for me 360)

Overall a slight edge IMO for the 360. That said I play a lot of fighting games and the PS3 (and Sony systems in general, i.e. PS1/2) have vastly superior 3rd party support for fighting game geared controllers. Furthermore as somewhat of a hobbyist with regards to controller modification the PS3 is much easier to work with (no security BS) than the 360.

I've always liked the PS controllers more. The 360 D-pad is terrible and I don't know why they insist on having the secondary shoulder buttons as these huge triggers when the primary ones are just little clicky things. The flat L1 L2/ R1 R2 buttons feel much more responsive overall. I like the feel of the PS' main buttons more, too.

I will say that I prefer the 360 pad's analog sticks though. The concave tops mean thumbs don't slip off of them like they can do with the PS controller's sticks.

Xbox Controller.

The 360's D-pad is bad, yes but for everything else, it's meant to age for the future.

I prefer the PS3 controller, although that may just be because I've gotten used to it. I like the L1/R1 buttons better than the LB/RB buttons (although the triggers on the 360 controller may be better than the L2/R2 buttons).

Also, the biggest thing for me is that the analog sticks on the 360 controller seem too stiff to me, compared to the PS3 analog sticks. I don't know why, but I feel like I can't aim as precise while playing the 360 as I can while playing the PS3.

It's entirely a matter of preference, I like the PlayStation controller because I've used it since the days of the PlayStation 1 and the Xbox controller feels awkward and alien to me.

I like the xbox 360 controller more, it feels more comfortable and although the d-pad sucks i like it more than the PS controller.

I prefer the Xbox controller. It's nice, and big and chunky and it feels good in my hands and this sounds a lot dirtier than I'd intended.

Also, I recently started using my PS3 again and after a short session with that controller, my hand cramped so...

Don't have a ps3 but..

The 360 analogs have a good feel to them but I wouldn't say they were high quality. I've 2 360 slim pads and 2 of the sticks don't show up on Xpadder as dead center, they are just inside standard deadzone settings, which sucks for me as I tend to reduce my deadzones for some PC games.

Edit those face buttons are sweat magnets aswell, im forever having to clean the sides of the buttons to stop them from sticking.

Also those triggers could do with been more sensitive, there's too much play between off and on. (ie deadzone)

Like the megadrive pad, the 360 is great to hold though.

The 360 controller. It was designed with ergonomics as the main priority, and it shows. It feels perfect in my hands. The Playstation controller has an iconic design and it has a lot of nostalgia connected to it, but that also works against it. The design has barely advanced at all since it was first introduced 18 years ago.

The 360 is great for racing games and shooters, but I vastly prefer M+K for shooters so that's not a huge point in it's favour to me. Playing fighting games on the 360 pad is a horrible chore and the PS3 pad is far superior in this respect. I also find the PS3 pad a lot better for 2D platformers.

I like both controllers but I like 360 controller more for FPS than the ps3 controller

I just wish the ps3 button didn't have triggers fro the L2/R2 buttons

I much prefer the 360 controller overall in terms of both form and function.. except for the dpad. The dpad on the 360 controller is garbage.

I prefer the Xbox 360 controller, simply because playing for an extended time with a Ps3(or similarly designed controller) makes my fingers cramp up. I'm a sufferer of OA(Osteoarthritis), and the smaller frame of the Ps3 controller and my generally strong grip causes my ring and little-fingers to lock and cramp up. The Xbox controller fits my hands better and relieves more tension from my hands. It's unfortunate that the D-pad isn't up to par with the Ps3 one though.

I like the PS3 controller better, holding-it-wise. It just works better for me.

The 360 controller is more comfortable, but the PS3 controller is still alright, ergonomics-wise.

Ultimately, it depends on what kind of game I'm playing. If it's a game where my thumbs are mostly on the left anolog stick and the face buttons, then 360 controller. If both my thumbs spend most of the time on anolog sticks, or if I have to use the d-pad any significant amount, then PS3.

That said, I don't have a huge preference, and I find the Gamecube controller better than either of them, despite it having fewer inputs. It's the only controller I've seen where the face button layout makes sense and where the shoulder buttons (aside from the z button) are something I would consider good.

I mean the PS1 controller was designed for good comfort, but the L2 and R2 buttons on the PS3 piss me off, they keep slipping and whipping back into place, the XBox 360 controller is comfy though the D-Pad is a pain in the arse (I want to use it for Street Fighter for the directions to be more discrete but it just feels non-responsive).

Either way XBox is more comfortable.

I prefer the Xbox 360 controller. I prefer it's triggers and the placement of it's analog sticks, also it's size is just perfect. I've always found the PS3 controllers to be quite small and uncomfortable to use.

PS3 controller is much more ergonomic for users despite the size seeming small.

The reason? Think of the 360 D-Pad. Having to actually use that to actually play a game when you don't need analog is one of the most hand cramping experiences for a person playing games. Sure it works well when you only need to press the button once or twice. But a more dedicated or more accurate requirements of controls for 2D games just destroy a person's hands when using the 360 controller.

The PS3 on the other hand has it right where since the thumb is more flexible you can still have the same accuracy of control without having to move your hand.

If you have big hands I think you'll enjoy the 360. It's got more weight to it and evenly spaced out. PS3 controllers hurt my hand after awhile.

360. Me like manly controller. Gr.
Erm probably the Xbox. Used to it for years. Got a PS3 recently however i don't like the controller anywhere near as much, but you get used to it.

The PS3 pad was never intended to have analog sticks, and even in its all digital days on the PS1 it still wasn't designed to be comfortable, but rather to "look cool."

Sorry, but I've grown outta that "look cool" shit, and a complete controller redesign is the only thing that could bring me back to Sony. The 360 controller is like a Tempur-Pedic bed for your hands.

If you have big hands like I do (I can reach a full octave on the piano) then the Xbox controller by far, the PS3 ones are just too small to comfortably use the thumb sticks for any amount of time. The old Dualshockk PS2 era controllers were far better size wise.

for overall comfort and what i prefer?

the 360, hands down.

I can use the ps3 just fine, and the D-pad is better, very true, but I can't tell you the last time I used the d-pad..it's been years, so that is almost a non factor.

not to mention, the ps3 controller always feels/looks like it's meant to be held by a lego person..not human hands.

Well, i cant seem to hold the PS3 controller for more than 30 minutes without my hands starting to hurt... so thats a pretty big factor in my overall opinion.

I do not mean to spark any form of skirmish between Xbox fans and PS3 Fans. As far as I'm concerning, I like both. Both have good games except I, personally (Not speaking on behalf of the internet), find the PS3 Controller uncomfortable.

Why not share your thoughts?

In my personal experience, I've found the more compact nature of the PS3 controller to be more comfortable. The Xbox felt very unwieldy in my hands and I felt the trigger buttons to be badly placed and ergonomically incompatible with how my hands worked. But I do have quite small hands for a guy, so maybe I'm not meant for the beefy, cheeto-eating, manly Xbox controllers.

The correct answer to this thread is the Nintendo Gamecube controller.
But, since that's not there, I'll go with Xbox.

This is only marginally related to the topic, but whenever I play my friend's PS3 and a little "press X to whatever" indicator appears, I always get mixed up because the PS3's blue X button is in a different spot than the 360's blue X button.

Personally, I prefer the PS3 one. I love the Original Xbox controller, and when the 360 came along it was really similar, but just a bit off, and that makes me rather uncomfortable with it.

Where is the I have no preference option? I buy most of my console games for my Playstation as I had A PS1 and PS2 and like the UI better. that and I am too cheap to pay for Xbox live... but I have never noticed a difference when using a xbox controler.

Through if I am walking a friend through a level of something on an xbox I tend to say things like 'quick hit square' and then they get confused and die. Force of habit.

Off topic: N64 is teh best

I'll take Xbox. I actually haven't played the PS3, but if it's anything like the PS2 controller, I'll take the XBOX

Mouse and keyboard =D

I only own an xbox, so... I guess it's more comfortable because it's the one I'm most familiar with?

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