Favorite Boss Battle

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Gilgamesh in Final Fantasy V because....well everything. He's witty, comical, incompetent, and noble. Not to mention Excalipoor!

OT: I would have to mention Barret from Psi-Ops. There's something glorious about catching some junk he TKs at you and throwing back it back into his fat face. Even more fun with a Barret skin, which allows you to catch train wagons and shipping containers and throw them back at him!

The T-rex at the end of Turok is my most recent good boss fight. Shit scary instant death but relatively easy to avoid...total panic moments all over the place, excellent edge of the sofa stuff.

The first boss in Deus Ex: Human Revolution when I was playing on non-lethal mode...seriously...no seriously...

Okay! I'm kidding.

Hades in God of War III...and most of the bosses in God of War III...the game might have not had the story of the first...but I'll be damned if I said that they didn't make me want to beat the shit out of anyone who got in my way right after playing them. I felt pure hate while beating Hercules...that half-brothered prick....

Though the best ever was Mecha-Ridley in Metroid Prime (1)...only game in recent memory I actually moved and dodged in real life as I did in the game...was on a rolly chair too...I love that game.

Special mention to the opening cutscene and final part of the village leader from RE4...I shat myself when

this boss

Jak 2....

Gonna go with Vergil Round 2 in Devil May Cry 3. Even though I wasted a night on that guy.

Though I was never crazy about bosses, really.

EDIT: OH YEAH, the fights against Yaga-Shura and the last boss of Throne of Bhaal were amazing as well, merely due to the weight of events behind them.

Not that fun or that hard but I just love that line

I really liked Zeromus in Final fantasy V

I liked talking down Hugh Darrow in DE:HR, Rathalos is an old favourite from Monster Hunter (Tigrex was just humiliating), the Ur-Dragon of Dragon's Dogma (online version, the offline one is fine) is f***ing crazy (basically had to make another account so I could min-max my way to any decent damage at all), Occupation of Arteria Carpals from Armored Core for Answer was about my biggewst achievement in gaming, but...

...cannot beat MGS4 boss battles, all pretty good but Rex vs Ray was just awesome.

this old codger


I loved getting down and dirty with the end.

Probably most boss battles from original Metal Gear Solid. If I have to pick favorites they would probably be 1st encounter with Vulcan Raven (one where he's in the tank) and Psycho Mantis.

Despite not understanding anything about the actual boss fight, the Phantom from kingdom hearts. I did no research and realised after that I had made the fight damn near impossible for myself by only attacking him when the heart was white as that was the only time I knew I could hurt him. Still, it was a fun fight and the fact that the set up was "figure it out" made beating him so much fun.
Sephiroth was fun on both KHs as well when you finally beat him. Probably should have done my research on those ones too. Didn't know you could interrupt his health drain attack.

I loved figting The End in MGS3... It was just so different to most other bosses I had played, and I found it immensely fun!

Other than that I did enjoy the bosses in The Adventures of Alundra... specifically the one that was a giant stone statue that chased you down a bridge... you ran on the bridge dodging obstacles and he destroyed the bridge behind you by walking into it... but this also injured him, so you just had to outrun him until he died!

I also really enjoyed taking out the Scorpian boss on Enslaved: Oddessey to the West... It was lengthy and satisfying... and the set peices were great!

C F:
Microsoft sword-helper

This made my day. Thank you, thank you so much.

Two boss battles from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess spring to mind.

My favorite was the Dragon of the Sky Temple. Spidermanning your way up with the hookshots and then jamming your sword in its back in midair, while the rain storms down was just an exhilarating experience.

I also really liked the fight with Zant. The way he suddenly went balls to the walls batshit insane and came at you hacking and slashing was one of the most enjoyable boss fights I've ever fought.

on the DS.
For you know kids.
Awesome conflicts going on here.

The impact battles of legend of Mystical ninja. the song before the battle and the actual fight is one of my favourites for quirkyness

Mr. Freeze in Arkham City.

Also I love the epicness of fighting the Rebel Flagship in Faster Than Light considering you actually need to weaken it in 2 fights and do the finishing blow in the 3rd fight all while trying to recover and heal in between through enemy-infested areas.

Poseidon in God of War 3. I still think that's the most epic, brutal boss fight in the game, and it's the first one.

this old codger

I loved getting down and dirty with the end.

I sucked against him so I waited for a week for him to die of old age >.<

I enjoyed Mr Freeze from Arkham City

The water tooth colossus and the Ape bridge colossus from Shadow of the Colossus

The Truegold, Torrent Peak and Rampart Masters from Pandora's Tower


circa Monkey Island 2. The Voodoo that you do to beat LeChuck is epic......do-do.

MGS has my favorite bosses, for sure. Mostly the bosses in MGS 1 & 3. Though, MGS4 has some cool bosses as well.

vagnagun from Final fantasy x-2

final bahamut from final fantasy xiii-2

Azed + professor from the witcher 1 (even though it was REALLY short)

Brayko from Alpha protocol. One of my favorite bosses of all time. Music was great, the boss was a coke fiend and forced you to run and gun (since he chases you with a switchblade) in a game about covering behind walls.

Ant Lion boss fight in halflife 2 episode 2.

final boss in Dragon Age origins.

I like it when my bosses are pure badass. Like this guy,

darn I been Ninja'd too much I guess I go out on a limb

Jeanne(final) in bayonetta

That was no cat-fight, when you have two women playing hot potato with missiles and then fighting on said missiles and practically get into giant 1-UP punching and kicking segments it's no cat-fight, It's a brawl.

The 2nd fight against Virgil in DMC3. All the fights against him are fantastic but the second one in particular sticks out for me because if you go into it with a Level 3 Trickster style equipped then you and him are practically matched move for move.

Many a time have I lost that fight on purpose just to do it from the start.


My all time favourite boss Nebula Grey.

Alastor the Blade Master from Viewtiful Joe-

He look cool.
He has a kick ass theme song!
His attack were cool (Round trip! Round Trip! Air Raid!).
The fight was kind of an dual of both semi equal status which is my favourite type of fight (they ain't kicking your ass cos he/ she is more powerful than you, he/ she is more skillful than you).

Nyx from Persona 3

Luca Blight from Suikoden 2

Some people have hit some of my favorites(Nyx Avatar,P4 bosses,Quadarxis), I have to mention Hooktail from Paper Mario:TTYD. His design is cool,making very nice use of the paper style and he is a very pathetic/funny boss.

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