Killed by a Ridiculously Underpowered Enemy

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I got killed by a kobold in Nethack on my first move........ I wasn't too happy that day.

I do indeed know that feel bro. I remember when I started playing ADOM, I attacked and was subsequently killed by the first shopkeeper because I didn't know how to drop items.

Wait, should I be admitting this? Shit.

Ow yeah ADOM is much more punishing than Nethack too.

I was just the victim of an extremely nasty RNG on the Nethack game. I wasn't even near the Kobold. All I did was step East and I lined up with the Kobold which just so happened to have a wand. It wasn't pretty.

I don't know how many times I've been killed by Goombas...

So, apparently, in Borderlands 2 when you are following the C3-PO's retarded dwarf cousin around, the torch by his place will kill you. By jumping on it.

Supreme Commander. A single enemy unarmed scout plane flew over my base after I had fought off a rather strong attack of theirs. Shot it down instantly, and its wreckage careened into my ACU, which proceeded to explode with a rather untimely nuclear tendency.

For some reason in Guild Wars deer are surprisingly powerful.

Not quite happene to me, or even in my game, but in Dwarf Fortress a normal duck gained a title for killing two "clowns". I'd say that's pretty embarrassing for them :D

Not quite happene to me, or even in my game, but in Dwarf Fortress a normal duck gained a title for killing two "clowns". I'd say that's pretty embarrassing for them :D

I hope that duck gained the title "Darkwing" for that.


This was the first time in years that I have cheated at a PC game. After 3 HOURS of struggling I gave up and just god moded through the section to the missile launcher and played it from there. That was tough but actually fun and doable...

You were supposed to blow up the chopper there with your RPG... I actually had the same issue, played through the original countless times and didn't even consider it an option :/

*Twitch*... What... How the dickbats is that supposed to be possible when the first of those squads tears you apart with ease?

I was killed by a slight hill in Oblivion once. I wandered down a slight hill, but fell off the ground just high enough and going forward just fast enough to effectively orbit for the length of the hill, at which point I hit the bottom of the hill at terminal velocity and died.

I got killed by a headcrab just the other day in Black Mesa.
Not a whole load of them.
Just one.
Jumped right up my jacksie.

I was playing halo reach campaign, all skulls on, end of the second level and absolutely out of nowhere a grunt got a ridiculously lucky shot and stuck me with a plasma from at least 20 meters away.

I no longer have 3 xbox controllers.

Being killed by mega low ranking people in Gears of War WHEN IM OBVIOUSLY THE BETTER PLAYER BUT FUCKING CLIFFY B AND HIS BROKEN GAME AAAAAGGGGHHH /endragerant

I got killed by a headcrab just the other day in Black Mesa.
Not a whole load of them.
Just one.
Jumped right up my jacksie.

Had you just come from an HECU fight?

I was killed by a slight hill in Oblivion once. I wandered down a slight hill, but fell off the ground just high enough and going forward just fast enough to effectively orbit for the length of the hill, at which point I hit the bottom of the hill at terminal velocity and died.

Oh god yes Oblivion is terrible for this. Especially if your athletics is high >_> "Running running running weeeee-- oh shi- /splat"
That being said I still miss athletics and acrobatics... :C

OT: Mass Effect, anytime you die to husks. Especially in the lower difficulties. So much shame ;_;
I was happy in the sequels at first because they didn't have that god awful "lol I eat your shields now" move... but then I realised how much more they sucked ='D


It has to be presented. And we all know it:


There is no greater shame than being finished off with the Klobb. No greater shame

Sadly...there is.

Dying to a friend "karating-chopping" their way, blindly, through a cloud of smoke. You're holding dual P-90s. He's suffering from the epic frame lag.

It happened to me. My friend laughed his ass off.


Not quite happene to me, or even in my game, but in Dwarf Fortress a normal duck gained a title for killing two "clowns". I'd say that's pretty embarrassing for them :D

I hope that duck gained the title "Darkwing" for that.

"Darkwing the Netherfowl" infact!

I've been killed by Crawlers in Killing Floor right after killing fleshpunder and a scrake. Crawlers do almost no damage and most weapons kill them with one shot. I guess I can blame it on the fact that there are zombies everywhere, but still it makes me hang my head in shame.

Grunts (Halo)
Enemy infantry taking down tanks in C&C games
Dying in the starter areas of WoW by anything, it's happened to me.

I've been killed by the weakest enemy in any game I've ever played (Where it can happen) probably once before. And I'd bet everyone else is in the same boat.

So I'm fooling around in single-player minecraft hardcore mode, looking for interesting stuff to do. I'm in an ice forest biome, and there, on the top of a large canopy of trees at the top of a slight incline, sits a solitary pig.

Thinks I: "Hmmm, that looks like a tasty little beastie. I have a stone sword and a bad attitude. Let's go get me some cholesterol."

So I get myself to the lower edge of canopy, three trees or so across from where the pig sits. As it gazes ruefully at the stars, I make a short tower of dirt, only four or five blocks high, to get myself onto the canopy. Soon I'm standing on a leafy bed. I start to make my way towards my oblivious target.

I edge around the outside of the canopy, making my way upwards, scaling the incline. I keep my target in line-of-sight as I work my way up the slight incline, until I receive one heck of a shock: at the top of this innocent-looking hill is what might conservatively be described as the mother of all f--king cliffs. I'm talking a straight drop from the top of a VERY tall hill, directly into a VERY deep ravine, with no outcrops to break your fall. And I had just come ridiculously close to jumping right into it.

"Phew!" I think. "That was close. Now let's go get... hey, where's that pig gone?"

And it's then that I hear an ominous "oink" from somewhere very close by, which I'm sure is pigspeak for "Die, motherf--ker." Then there's a flash of pink, and a nudge. And before I have time to say "Oh crap", I've just provided yet more proof that in a game of "chicken" between your face and a stone floor, your face is the underdog for a reason.

And that is how a Demon Pig from Hell managed to kill me where creepers, skeletons, zombies and blazes had all failed. Freaking pigs.

I once got killed by a rat in a Tomb Raider game. Not a giant rat or anything, I was just low on health and I got killed by a regular sewer-rat who nipped my toe so hard Lara grabbed her heart and fell to the floor, crying out as if she'd had a stonefish catapulted at her.

I consider it my punishment from playing a Tomb Raider game.

Now to point out it didn't happen to me because I had enough of can idea to run but I watched my friends girlfriend get killed by the first zombie is resident evil.

The guinea pig from The Sims. Killed my supercop in one bite

Due to the lack of enemy footstep sounds in System Shock 2, those pipe-weilding Hybrids can totally screw you up if you don't notice them.
And under the rare circumstances they don't scream horrifying, cryptic messages at you.

I played Nethack once, which ended with me dying of food poisoning from eating a dead bat. In other words, I wasn't just killed by a weak enemy, I was killed by one that I'd already killed. That's a pretty sad way to die.

One of my friends once died to a mudcrab, while transformed into a werewolf. I joke about it with him all the time.

I can't help but die a little inside every time a generic mook lands their 1% crit chance on a unit I'm trying to train when playing Fire Emblem.
Being a grid-based, turn-based, strategy game, it's fairly easy to account for pretty much everything EXCEPT the crit chances, which are often times so small and mitigated further still by the fact they have a less than 100% chance to even land a hit in the first place, you never pay attention to them.

And then the RNG dances its little jig.

Oh, and in Skyrim, where I'm training up a new character, I'm occasionally on the recieving end of some combat system glitches.
Yeah, laugh it up Dragur. You'd be the one with a sword in your skull had my left trigger actually registered the fact I was wielding my handy little healing spell for a reason. I don't want to have to pause my heated combat and break the flow of my mental anticipations to un-equip/re-equip my spell just so I can use it again. I want to be killing Draugr and watching the little blue bars fill up. Is that so hard to ask?

Bloodbowl on the PC. First game ever, a skink takes out my beast of nurgle and immediately a chaos warrior(I think? Or Rotter) falls over next to him and is out as well.

I haven't touched it since. My best friend was sitting next to me and is an avid warhammer player and enjoys Bloodbowl, he said he's never seen anything like it and we have no idea why the warrior went down. The audience probably threw a rock or something.

A damn skink of all things... A true FML moment, in that I always suck at strategic games and this one decided to drive the point home.

The freaking flies in the Binding of Isaac. Not even the ones that shoot things, just the normal, die-in-one-shot, basic enemy flies.

Also, dogs in the Stalker games.

First post =] (after ghosting unabashedly for longer than I care to admit)

i was at the top of the leader board in killing floor with my sharp shooter, just one enemy left and what happens? i decided to take a gore fast 1v1 with my knife.

I don't know why I tried either.

Regardless of the fact I generally play on Hard or above, I still feel humiliated when hugged to death by a single Clot on Killing Floor. No amount of dosh could make me feel better then.....

Goddamn C-Virus zombies in Resident Evil 6 are ridiculously dangerous for shambling corpses! Especially when I already trounced RE4 and 5 on Professional mode several times! And don't get me started on any low level enemy bastard who gets you from behind in the middle of a boss-fight, there's a special place in gaming hell for those gits.

Fucking Crawlers and Stalkers in Killing Floor. Ridiculously weak cannon-fodder enemies, but they're SO ANNOYING to hit, because Stalkers are fucking invisible and Crawlers are small, jump everywhere, attack in groups, are fast, and spawn in the most annoying places.

Despite the humongous tank enemies in the game like Fleshpounds, Scrakes and Gorefasts, easily 90% of all damage you take in Killing Floor is from Stalkers or Crawlers, because they are completely bullshit like that.

(Dear god BM team I can beat HL1 on hard and did so as prep but those Marines are bullshit on toast.)

"Oh wow, full health, mostly full energy, I'm doing pretty good!" Then they shoot you three times and you die instantly.

What sticks out in my mind is the fucking encounter in Lambda Core, when you have to scout an area ahead for the scientists are you're trapped in a front desk while soldiers repel down. FUCK THAT MOMENT. Easy difficulty, multiple years of shooter experience, full health, full ammo, using all of my strong guns, memory of where soldiers appear, and complete concentration, and it took around half an hour to beat the moment where four soldiers spam you, immediately followed by five more, while two snipe you from above, when there's no health or suit power lying around in a close-quarters and no cover area where shotgunners LOVE to two-shot you.

Fuck that.

I HATE Stalkers and Crawlers. The former because they only ever bloody show up three times in a long game and as a Commando I need to kill roughly 1 million to level up and the later because you can gurantee that they will jump you from behind as you drag your bleeding crippled self to a safer zone after fending off an army of Fleshpounds and Scrakes!

I can handle being killed by underleveled things. What pisses me off is when I accidentally kill myself while trying to kill said underleveled creatures. I was playing Borderlands 2, I was going to kill a GUN loader with a rocket launcher. The rocket hit a random piece of geometry right in front of me and knocked me down just low enough that I couldn't shoot over the cover I was in. So even though this nearly dead weak thing was there, I couldn't shoot it to get second wind.

The first goomba in world 1-1 in Super Mario Bros.

Screw that guy.

Having my level 55 Zapdos beaten by a level 8 Rattata because I totally forgot they have Quick Attack.
What is worse is the fact that this has happened to me on more than one occasion.

Also in Fallout: New Vegas, full suit of Power Armor and a Gatling Laser equipped - got killed by a Radroach after coming out of a fight with some Deathclaws.
A Radroach. A fucking Radroach. Even with the situation it happened in there's no excuse for that.


Morrowind, 5 minutes in, FUCKING MUDCRAB!

Not really my fault, more of Morrowinds shite on a bike combat system.

Morrowind's combat is only shit if you don't know how to play.

That said, every Morrowind player knows: when you get off the boat, you CAN'T take the one old woman in her house in a knife fight, no matter what you think

I distinctly remember wiping out the Merchant's building filled with all it's powerful mercenaries and a couple of guards, then dying to a woman with a Knife when I stopped to heal myself. Despite having a 75 in Spears and constantly stabbing at her, I didn't hit her once while she carved me into small pieces.

Scariest old woman in history, that one.

Getting killed by Swarmers in ME3. That hurts the ol' pride.

I was just about to post that. also mass effect 1 getting killed by husks. damn shock attack.

Monster Hunter Tri, quest to cap a monster, it's tranq'd, falling over, we've died twice, when a fucking Bhananabara comes in and stings me, right before I healed up.
We lost.
I raged.

This happens in Halo on Legendary all the time.

- Have a hard-as-nails fight to the death against Hunter Pair/Brute Chieftain/Elite General.

- Just win by the skin of your teeth.

- "Holy shit did you see that?! I'm fucking aweso-" *get shot by unseen Grunt*


this x10, You never expect a grunt to kill you, with there needles and plasma pistols.

I would also add LOTRBFME2ROTWK (the lord of the rings battle for middle earth 2 the rise of the witch king)
t's an RTS and I will defeat an entire army only to have someone sneak a level 1 hero in and start blowing up all my farms

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