Farming the warrior - Borderlands 2

Well lads and Lassies,

I am pretty much tired of farming the Warrior in Borderlands 2. I am playing as a level 50 siren and have the bee shield and am looking for the conference call.

I have been grinding away every night for 2-4 hours for the last 4 days and I have only got one orange weapon from him. A volcano. Nothing else has dropped. Granted now I have been playing solo so I know that my drop rate is lower than in a group but still. I also have heard that his drop rate is much higher the first time you meet him (on either play through)

Does anyone out there know what his drop rate is or even if he does at drop the Conference Call when being farmed. I have read on other forums of people collecting but but at this stage I am actually having doubts. It is actually making me tired of this game.

This farming is starting to get to me and is changing my view of the game (I seriously loved it up until this .. Yatzee's review be damned)

Anyway if anyone has any advise or knowledge about this it would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

I don't even bother gear farming. I just go as the crow flies. More fun that way. Once I take it too hardcore it becomes hard to enjoy games on a casual level. It happened with Pokemon, I don't want it on Borderlands.

Warrior has a 100% chance to drop a legendary when hit with the Moonshot (Can only be done during the Talon of God mission). Of course, I've gotten three characters up to level 50 (Which means six Moonshots) and all I have to show for it are six character-specific Handsome Jack masks. SIX OF THEM. SIX OF THEM. SIX OF THEM.

Why the hell are those legendary in the first place? Fuck me.

But yeah. 122 hours on BL2, and I don't have any legendaries either, OP. Drop rate is just fucked. Can't even blame the people who are duping now.


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