Carrier Command: Gaea Mission - What are your thoughts?

So, big news: I am an old, old, man. Back in the early nineties, when dinosaurs walked the earth, I would go round to my friend's house and watch him play on his Amiga.

My so-called mate wasn't really a gamer; he liked climbing trees and digging holes and other things which, even at that young age, I could blatently tell were bad news from a health and safety point of view, which meant that we'd only be able to play for an hour before he got bored and we'd have to build a water slide for his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figures.

In between Double Dragon and Stunt Car Racer we would occaisionally play a game called Carrier Command. It had vertex graphics, 3D environments, deep gameplay and an array of buttons and interfaces that I would never understand. Our gameplay mostly involved piloting planes untill they ran out of fuel because we didn't know how to land. Then it was out with the cap guns and we'd be off to indulge in low-brow manual labour.

I was intruiged but ignorant so my yearnings would lie dormant untill much, much, later when I had discovered what girls were for and that I could get paid for making spreadsheets. On one of my forays to the GAME shop I saw a game on offer called Hostile Waters.

Oh. Em. Gee.

Real time strategy, resource management, miniguns, Tom Baker, an aircraft carrier, autonomous units, a simple interface, customisable units, huge maps, helicopters, more miniguns! It was like being a child again only happy because I wasn't spending all my time falling of a bicycle and accidentally pushing people into bee nests. Alas it was all over too quickly and I never saw another game that could recreate the experience.

That is till, possibly, now.

It has 1st person shooter elements, however, which look rubbish and there doesn't seem much customisation in the units. Also it appears to be retailing on Steam at over £30, which seems ludicrous.

Has anyone played it? What are your thoughts?

i was planning to get it but time to wait for a heck of a sale with it.. apparently the AI is really bad and pathfinding is pretty much non existant

That's pretty sad; from the screenshots I saw pathfinding (armoured units driving through forested islands) seems like it'd be pretty important.

Just how bad are we talking about with the AI though?

As a fellow (somewhat) old man, I, too, spent much time with Hostile Waters and liked it a lot. It was one of those games that dared to do something different to all the other games of the day. I'm not really sure why it's special blend of genres fell to the wayside, but I guess the 6-month-before-release pirate version could've had something to do with it.

I saw the new carrier command on steam the other day and got curious as well, but there seems to be little useful information around on it.

aparently the pathfinding is that bad you are reduced to micromanaging all your forces otherwise they get stuck behind walls, etc

Ehm... okay so I'm not sure if any of you are still wondering if you should get the game or not.
So I just wanted you all to know that a DEMO has been released a few weeks ago :) so try it out?

I played this thing from end to finish (mainly because I didnt had anything better to do)...

In my opinion, it is... decent. Just decent. It dosnt even manages to get to the "Good" range. It barely manages to pass the "Bad" range, rather.

Since I havent played the original I dont know how well it fares to the original, but the game itself is kinda lacking.

Yeah theres quite of micromanaging units because the AI gets them stuck a little too often usually. But its also pretty hilarious, for me anyways. So theres that. (Note: The ENEMY AI for some reason is better than your allies. Or at least it dosnt gets stuck every 10 secounds. But then again, what game DOSNT do this to some extent?).

Also. No way to speed up the game. NO FUCKING WAY, YOU HAVE TO SEE THE SLOW FUCKERS MOVE AROUND THE ISLAND WITH ABSOLUTLY NOTHING TO DO. Gets old after a while. HAD this game a feature to make time go twice as faster with a button or something along these lines (think Sims series), and It would have been a legimatly good, if weird game IMO. Its something that simple....but they couldt implement it apparently.


Teh final boss is a bi*** as well. Its quite literally the only remotly hard part in the whole game. But at least it was somewhat funny when I finally killed the **** lol... )the controls didnt exactly help...)


Oh yeah the FPS sections... no comment on them. Just pretend they dont exist.

All in all, a semi-decentish game but could have been A LOT better. A L O T.


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