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While browsing through Steam's Greenlight games, I came across something called "Distance". Distance is a racing game similar to Rush 2049, with a Tron asthetic.

They bill it as a 90's style survival/arcade racing game. Apparently, it is also a sequel to a free game called "Nitronic Rush". Nitronic Rush was developed by students attending the DigiPen Institute of Technology. Some of the students who participated in the development of that game formed their own studio called Refract.

The game is still being developed, but looks promising. They are looking to get this project backed using Kickstarter.

So a few questions.

Would you like to see a return of 90's style arcade racers like Rush, Cruis'n, Wipeout, Top Gear, Extreme-G, Rollcage, Hydro Thunder, F-Zero, etc?

What do you think of indie developers and crowd funding through Kickstarter?

And because I'm too lazy to research it, do you think they will get into any legal trouble with the Tron asthetic?

The dev base this game "spiritual" predecessor Nitronic Rush off arcade raceing and especially Tron world style. Nitronic Rush was there graduation assignment for there degree at Digi Pen University. Distance is there re-visit to one of there best titles. It like saying to all who enjoyed the original Nitronic Rush "Hey, remember us? Well, we're remaking this game and we need your help.

The copyright issue your concern about, I think the original developers of these projects that inspire Distance and Nitronic Rush will be delighted to see there legacy being carry on like this. There where pretty happy back in 2007 with Nitronic Rush.


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