Let's talk about Call of Duty

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Fantastic cop-out. Spewing the classic "Well youre a fanboy so your valid points are moot". But whatever, I know a lost cause when I see one.

Dude, You're unwilling to acknowledge any flaw in this property, or a least so far you've potrayed the series as a gift from the elder gods. You've chucked it on a pedestal so high you'd need an oxygen mask to be able to breathe near it, and you DON'T think that's at all fan-boyish? Your points aren't valid because they are heavily biased.If you'rea fan of something youve got to look at it critically or it never gets any better. If you can find one, good hard criticism of cod, I will drop the fanboy argument, but so far the entire purpose of this thread seems like a Huge "THEY JUST DON' UNDERSTAND!!!"

-facepalm- Seriously, what don't you get? This was never a debate over the mechanics or flaws of CoD, but the stigma that surrounds it and those who play it. I do see flaws in CoD, the Campaigns are short and insipid, the lag issues can completely ruin sessions, there's typically one gun that 99% of online players use exclusively, and many other issues. But that ISN'T THE POINT! The purpose of this thread is to simply state that I, nor anybody else who plays CoD is inherantly stupid, sexist, or ignorant. And also that those who don't play CoD are not inherantly better than those who do.

Have a pleasant day.

Eh, for the record, I will take back the fanboy thing. Personally I can't see the point in defending a property like cod so adamantly for any reason, seeng as how the blanket reaction to the mention of cod is half "Yeah, cod's really good but gets a bad rep" and the other half is the opposite, but as you aren't being moronic in your defence of it, I take back the fanboy comment and apologise.

People need to stop buying this crap year after year. They don't even realize that they're contributing to the decline of video games.

Just lay off it, they'll still be games like this to play, but you wont have all these devs/publishers try and appeal to the "CoD crowd" and we might get some variety and different style games back without these devs having to resort to kickstarter and things like that.


Bravo sir, Bravo


Jet Stealing - So the enemy gets an extra jet in the air. That's one less pair of boots that can capture objectives. Jet's aren't all that good at seeking out infantry. Never seen jet stealing in RUsh though. Even once.

Base Raping - If it's Rush, it's just a matter pushing forward as far as you can. The boundaries stop it from becoming a problem. If it's CQ there just aren't enough people for it to happen, and as I said, the AA rips down the Helis.

I was talking more about helicopter stealing than jet stealing. One team with both helis is all kinds of wrong. It's also ridiculously easy to steal a chopper in Conquest.

With baserape I meant pushing forward in conquest when you have all flags captured. The opposing team gets trapped in their own base being mowed down within seconds of spawning. They have effectively no way of even trying to get back in the game and start capping the flags. I don't get what you meant by not enough people. There most certainly are enough people in a team for it. Otherwise it wouldn't happen in about every other match. I guess one could argue that people deserve it for letting enemies overpower them but I don't think anyone deserves to get mercilessly and hopelessly shat on in a game where the goal is to have fun. It's basically kicking someone when they're down which shouldn't be possible.

But I guess that's enough about Battlefield in a thread about Call of Duty. To avoid being compeletely offtopic: Black Ops 2 is pretty awesome. Way better than MW3, BO, and Waw. And it crushed at least one of the arguments in OP; it sure as hell isn't the same game as other Cods. For previous Cods I kind of understood that argument being thrown around but with BO2 is just utter bullshit.

I really like World at War (call it a guilty pleasure of mine), it's my favourite CoD game ever. The other Treyarch CoD's (CoD3, BO, BO2) are pretty fun as well. More fun than the ones made by Infinity Ward at least. I'm not a fan of the franchise but I don't hate it either. I think that they're well made games that are pretty enjoyable.

However, the franchise hasn't changed much since the first Moden Warfare and I can't seem to find a reason to buy a new CoD every year, because it feels like they are releasing the same game over and over again.

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