Skyrim - One Year On

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How have you left the ancient and nobel lands of Skyrim?

In the hands of the Nords or the Empire?

Do vampires stalk at their pleasure or do they fear the swift blade of the Dawnguard?

And so on.

Basically how have you, as the Dragonborn, left the snowiest part of Tamriel after a whole 365 days.

Have you been visiting often because of the lure of DLC or just because of how much it still has to offer?
Or does it even offer anything to you now with that 100% achieved?

My own Skyrim has a mild vampire problem, dragons on the decline but an open civil war still on the horizon and no high king or queen chosen.
Although I should visit more often to deal with the little things.

I left my Skyrim severely lacking in uniqueness, character, role-playing, enemy types, decent magic system and happiness.

Let us see.
On my main character, which I have played for practically the year I have done as follows:

-Joined the Empire and helped take down the Stormcloaks.
-Joined the Dark Brotherhood and assassinated the Emperor I swore to serve
-Rose to the top in the Thieves Guild
-Saved Skyrim from the World Eater
-Became one of the Vampire Lords and defeated their leader
-Dilly dallyed being a "servant" for NPCs that needed the tiniest bit of help with their pointless scripted lives.
-Found an increase of dragon problems
-Recovered the Jabbawack and other Daedric Artifacts

That's the major details of my time within Skyrim, I still feel like even though I've clocked 300 hours (Though only 42 on Steam, because I had it on 360 to begin with) there's still so much more for me to do, and I plan to do all that.

I started playing it and initially joined the Dark Brotherhood because that was one of the few things I liked about Oblivion. Then I discovered that one of their members was an annoying little girl and another was Three Dog, left, and never looked back.

Then I went over to the Thieves Guild but got fed up with being given quests in Riften all the time and just stopped playing the game at that point.

The most fun I had was creating an Argonian character named Muldoon the Clever and making him an archer. The first fight with a dragon would've been great if it weren't for the combat system.

I finished the dragon quest once and got as far as completing the battle of Whiterun with the civil war in another character before getting bored and restarting.

My favourite playthrough was roleplaying as Elmer Fudd with a dwarven gun mod, stalking all the word walls whispering to Lydia "Shh, be vewwy qwiet, I'm Hunting dwagons!" Believe it or no that actually didn't get boring until I started to run out of dragons, oh, and of course I had to religiously follow and hunt any rabbit I ever saw, but never actually kill them.

I finally decided to play the game the way it should be played, and am determined to finish both questlines with my Nord warrior, I'm going Imperial in the Civil War because I felt really dickish deposing all the good Jarls and locking them up simply because they supported the Empire, and instating crap Jarls (Silverbloods in Markarth? Not on my watch!)

Also I haven't bought any DLC yet, but Dragonborn looks totally awesome, I might get it once I get a debit card sorted so I can buy stuff online.

Also I've managed to muck up my enchantment skill so levels exponentially and reaches 100 just from unenchanting about 20 weapons. Naturally I abuse this bug every single time.

I've actually gotten back into it. I'm finding that I have to play as an archer to really enjoy the game. My first time playing it I was a Redguard pure archer and enjoyed it. My second time (which I only did the Dark Brotherhood line and then quit) I was a dual-wielding Bosmer and it wasn't so fun. I'm not a fan of the melee combat in the game. Archery feels really good though.

So this current run I've made a Archer-Illusion Breton and am enjoying it again. Illusion is fun when it works. For the majority of the game your spells don't work on the enemies that it would really help against. But it's still fun to make those low level mooks kill each other while I sit in the shadows eating Horker Stew.

Anyway, one year later I have to say I like the game. It's not my favorite (not by a looooong shot) and I'll never think, "I need an RPG fix" and then go to Skyrim to satisfy that urge. But it's fun to just lose yourself in the world for a bit.

I am still hoping that one day I can get into it. It just bores me right now and I loved Oblivion and Morrowind. Maybe I was just burned out on TES by the time Skyrim arrived or maybe Skyrim is a bad TES game.

I started playing it again since I bought it for the PC. Ive been modding the crap out of it and having a blast. I had bought the 360 version back in November 2011, and put over 200 hours into it.

I cant believe its still $60 new.

-Cured the companions, except Aela, of Lycanthropy, and got Aela her werewolf totems
-Put the smackdown on Ancaano preventing him from blowing up the world using the eye
-Sides wit TEH EMPIREZ during the civil war
-Killed the emperor afterwards under orders from the Night Mother.
-Restored the thieves guild bringing all of Skyrim back under the wing of the mob
-Joined the Dawnguard and warded the heartless darkness
-Got all the Daedric prince's artifacts, while at the same time telling them all to fuck off in the process
-Did every tiny misc quest for every NPC that had one, now I got the world world thanking me every time I pass anyone on the street.
-Bought every house, and even built 3 of my own.

Holy fuck, it's been a year already?
Jesus that went quick.

Can't remember too much about my first character. Nord heavy armour guy using most kind of melee weapons. I think I got far into the companions but then it bugged, tried a couple missions in most others guilds but didn't get too interested.
Finished the main quest and got to a fairly high level.

That's about all that comes to mind.

uh,well Iplayed it for about 3 months then got bored now I play it periodically. I pretty much did all the main stuff.

Wandering through the land watching huge skirmishes tear apart the countryside.

Warzones really makes the game a lot livelier. Them bandit raids are good.

What haven't I done?

I've played for over 300 hours and... I've not yet done a single quest in Markath. I've not yet done a single quest in Falkreath. I don't think I've even been to Rorikstead. I've not yet been made Thane of Dawnstar or Riften. I've only ever bought three homes. I've never found all the words of power. I've never found all the Unusual Gems. I've never found all the Dragon Priest masks. I've never found all the Daedric Artifacts. I've only ever been Master of Destruction and Illusion. I've never finished the Thieves Guild chain. I've never joined The Companions. I've only ever done one quest in an Orsimer hold. I've never raised Pickpocket above about level 30. I've never played through the game as a Nord. I've never played through the game as an Altmer. I've never played any of the DLCs. And this is after 300 hours.

Well, since I'm on the PS3 version:

- I've completed the main quest.
- The Empire has once again regained control of Skyrim, and has grown in size against the Thalmor.
- The Arcane University is still going strong. We did lose one person though, but he's with me in spirit. Puns.
- The Thieves Guild remains as hopeless as ever.
- The Dark Brotherhood have been finally destroyed (or have they?).
- I'm apparently still a werewolf, despite my having none of the abilities (the stat counter still goes higher for days as a werewolf and NPCs sometimes refer to my appearance, but I'm actually "healed"). In other words, my cure is glitched.
- This also means the Companions quest for cures and the such-like are glitched, so nothing's really happened there.
- Only collected a few Daedric artifacts that I considered not particularly evil.
- Done all the misc and side quests.
- Explored every location.
- Collected one of everything, for my hoarding habits.
- Almost mastered every skill (only block, archery and heavy armour to go, with lockpick, pick pocket and alchemy gathering dust, because I hate them).
- The Blades won't talk to me, because I refuse to kill someone who has fully repented.
- I only own the one house, having no ability to build any (but I do love Breezehome).
- I'm forever alone, not being able to adopt children (and not liking any marriage candidates enough, apart from Macurio, but then he turns into a slobbering idiot and he's in the Blades).
- There's certainly no vampires here.
- It's unlikely I'll ever get to travel to any mysterious Daedric realms or islands.

And at this rate, it will stay this way.

Captcha: Enjoy life.

Good point, I could do that instead!

Played it. Got the Platinum trophy. Never looked back.
Did all major questlines. Did all minor questlines (Radiant notwithstanding).
I played Fallout 3, New Vegas and Oblivion multiple times this gen.
But Skyrim was a disappointment in terms of Bethesda's offerings.

Played a lot more Agarest War Zero than Skyrim this year.

Well, I've had four different saves so far. A Nord, a Wood Elf, a Dryad (custom race) and an Orc. Both the Wood Elf and the Orc have their initial combat skills maxed to 100 and now I'm working on different combat types while doing other questlines.

I have:

-Stopped Alduin
-Became Harbinger of the Companions
-Became grand pontificate-type dude of the Thieve's Guild
-Been all around helpful dude

Things I haven't done:

-Start the Mage's Guild because FUCK MAGIC USERS
-Start the Dark Brotherhood
-Find a single Daedric artifact
-The Civil War. Neither side. Haven't even gotten involved in a single quest or sided with one side
-Most quests that aren't centered in Whiterun
-Find all the Dragon Priest masks
-Max a non-combat skill to 100
-Become a Thane anywhere but Whiterun, and only because of the main quest
-Find any companion but Lydia
-Had any form of relationship
-Buy (or use) a house
-Buy (or use, or steal) a horse
-DLC content
-Become a vampire
-Find (or use) most shouts such as Throw Voice, Become Ethereal, Fire Breath

And surprisingly, Skyrim's probably my second-most played PC game behind TF2.

I still need to enter Skyrim.

Stopped a few months ago...I'll get around to picking it up again...probably.

Let just say that I found a solution to the Altmer problem. I just need to get Paarthurnax on board with the whole burping venomous vapor.

Dragon sized soda cans don't come cheap you know

I 100%'d the game pre dawngaurd. Even though I actually purchased the expansion when it went on sale I just never played it, primarily just because I was just insanely bored of the repetition in Skyrim by the time I reached 100% in the original stuff.

A hero in everyone's eyes, Dovahkiin crushed the Stormcloak rebellion and saved Skyrim from the dragon threat. He completed many other adventures, becoming Harbinger of the Companions amongst other things. But now, he has taken a turn for the worse, after becoming obsessed with the pursuing of Daedric artifacts, and spends all of his days in taverns drinking his regrets of siding with the Empire away.

At least that's how I interpret my prolonged absence from the game, and my own regret for the side I picked!

Skyrim is definitely one of the best games of all time in my book, and if I'm not playing it it's because I have precious little time due to college and I have to complete Mass Effect, the original, which I've had for years and never completed. Then I'll complete Mass Effect 2, and pretend Shepard dies at the end, skipping 3 :)

hit max level on my main character a few months back, then stopped to do all my Uni work that was piling up around me. Haven't really been back, seeing as she managed to kill everything, was decked out in the best armour in game and had a 2-handed Daedric hammer with 3000 damage on it (I got bored and did the alchemy/smithing exploit around level 65).

I'm slowly getting back into it in preparation for the Dragonborn expansion coming - I started another character, whose kinda just gonna be the same in skills (heavy armor, one-handed/shield combo, destruction/restoration as back up), but is also going to have a much harder game than the first character. Difficulty is set to Very Hard and I've got a bunch of difficulty boosting mods installed to make things more tense and exciting rather than 'Lol, just one-hit killed 3 Ancient Dragons in a row without taking damage'.

Will also be attempting to chronicle my new characters adventures (well, significant adventures, at least) in a few short stories, just to help with writing practice. Should be... interesting.

My female dark elf ninja (magic/stealth/melee) became the speaker for the Dark Brotherhood, and while working her way to what has to be the ultimate target the group has ever taken down she contracted vampirism. She then rose to the head of the Thieves Guild joining their elite Nightingales, all while collecting arcane daedric artifacts no matter the price. She stopped a great calamity at the Mage's College, then went to Solitude to train as a bard and buy her keep. She ended the dragon threat after calling a truce between the nords and the empire, and then she decided she didn't like Ulfric's racism and decided to publicly end his rebellion with the help of the Empire. She is seeking a way to black out the sun now that she has gained more vampiric power, with her intent being to shape the world into something like Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver.

Best moment in all of this: Calling down a dragon to help me in every warzone.

Main Quest Uncompleted
Civil War Quest Uncompleted
Dawnguard not bought, nor Hearthfire
Dark Brotherhood Unstarted

Companions, College of Winterhold and Thieves Guild quests completed

Thane of everywhere except Riften, where a stupid bug meant that, because I entered my new house instead of talking to the Jarl immediately after buying it, the Jarl no longer has the option to become a Thane in her dialogue.

Vaermina, Molag Bal, Namira, Meruhnes Dagon, Sheogorath, Azura, Calcius Vile, Hircine, Meridia, Peryite, Sanguine and Boethia quests completed.

Otherwise, not much done. I got bored of Skyrim after the first month, and even during that time I spent more time modding the game's graphics than actually playing it.

I've recently re-starting playing, after heavy modding, and I'm enjoying it more now with the even better graphics mods, a couple of gameplay mods, and my own custom mod to edit how a few things and the AI work added on top. I'll probably get bored of it soon enough, but until then there's role playing at least.

Just turned it on, actually. I've completed all the main questlines, finished Dawnguard on the hunter's side but now going through as a vampire, bought Hearthfire but haven't done anything with it and I'm working my way through the daedric quests now. It took a year for me to stop role-playing it (I've had three characters up to now because I didn't want any overlap) and just go for completing everything, but with Dragonborn on the horizon I'm tempted to go for another role-playing playthrough.

I haven't played it since last year, haven't felt motivated to. it's a good game but something about it just bores me.

i just only started playing skyrim last week for the first time .
but i feel the game while huge and lots of stuff to do is just a endless list of fetch quests.
go there, do that, talk to him, get that, kill that, etc etc.
its not very interesting at all.
the npc's are boring, the main quest is boring.
the graphics are gorgeous though especially with mods.
but i dont think i would be playing skyrim too much.
already getting bored of skyrim in just a week !!

I won glorious victories for the Stormcloaks and destroyed many dragons, however I never finished the main quest. Got up to that Blade woman and just lost interest in it, though getting engrossed in the story is not a strong point for Bethesda. So I guess you could say that the great Ulfric Stormcloak is now in rule of Skyrim while the dragons continue to fuck shit up? Something like that.

As for the DLC, nothing has yet peaked my interest. I am not a fan of vampires, and the house building DLC is silly. So yeah.

I climbed every mountain, crafted thousands of items, and killed hundreds of bears.

Then I was bored.

I only started playing a couple of months ago really, but I thought the first priority would be resolving the civil war so there's a united front against the High Elves. My next priority is probably the blades missions, and then once everything else is done, killing everyone in the land, as is my custom after 'finishing' each Elder Scrolls game.

Just incase I shall say it...SPOILLLERZZ!
*Ahem* Let me put my proud achievements out on this thread.

- I finished the main story and SAVED THE Wooorrrrlllldd!
- I led the Empire to victory and beat the Stormcloaks...which bearly any credit for. (Plus I'm a top Commander for them and I am expecting the Empire to fight the Thalmor at some point)
- Become leader of...
1. The Companions. (The end quests are glitched.)
2. The Thieves guild. (Though I can't improve anything...think it is glitched too)
3. Mages Guild. (I just stabbed things like usual except used some magic)
4. Dark Brotherhood. (I'm expecting my guy to make it a "Good" assassin guild like in the AC series)
- Killed many Dragons.
- Collected MANY weapons.
- Killed MANY everything.
- Collected all Dragon Prist masks.
- Killed that one Dragon dude and sided with the Blades.
- Became a werewolf and a vampire and cured myself.
- Sided with the Dawnguard to kill teh vampires.
- Build and own MANY houses.
- Got married...

Though here is the best part.
- Looked awesome while killing many, MANY, MANY things.

And thats it...honestly I was expecting a tiny bit more. :/

Defeated Alduin.
Told the Blades to fuck off.
Became the head of the Dark Brotherhood.
Became the head of the Thieves Guild.
Became the head of the College.
Became the head of the Companions.
Crushed those idiotic Stormcloaks.
Defeated the Vampire Lords, not because of any particular dislike for Vampires, but because blocking out the sun is kind of a dick move.
Pledged myself to every Daedric Prince in existence.

Wondered why the hell Bethesda has only released one proper DLC pack in a whole year...

I've done all I can for Skyrim. The dragons, of course, are an occasional pest-control concern. The Empire has retaken most if not all of the province. The Thieves' Guild's presence has been restored to its former glory and the College of Winterhold is back on its feet. The Companions' war with the Silver Hand is more or less resolved in their favor.

I hear the Dark Brotherhood's Skyrim arm had some internal struggling, but as far as I know it's quieted down and they are back to their normal shenanigans.

I don't know which Skyrim you live in, but vampirism hasn't been more than a slight regional issue so far. There are whispers of another Dragonborn, though I'll be taking that with a grain of salt until I see it for myself.

For the past eight-or-so months I've been meandering outside Skyrim. Of course my wandering feet may soon bring me to those chilled horizons once again.

Well it depends on the character but my main, become a god character has pretty much done everything. I now play him as the Emperor of Everything and he goes around smiting people who speak negatively to him. Also, he decided that the Thieves Guild and Black Briars needed to go down. He didn't like having people walk around like they were better than him. He ended up ruling the Thieves Guild and then murdering most of them. He also killed every single non-essential npc in Riften because he assumed they worked for the Black Briars.

So ya, basically he is master of all, and puts down any sign of trouble quite violently.

Also, I still play quite regularly although not so much lately because Borderlands 2 is taking up most of my gaming time.

Chairman Miaow:
I left my Skyrim severely lacking in uniqueness, character, role-playing, enemy types, decent magic system and happiness.

HAHA /win

Yeah this, basically. What else is there to say.

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