Skyrim - One Year On

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Holy fuck, it's been a year already?
Jesus that went quick.

Yeah man. If time continues to pass this quickly I'll be dead soon. Not cool.

Anyway, I don't have my first character anymore. He was a Dunmer who wanted power more than anything else. I still play Skyrim, with a cute blonde female Imperial named Scarlett (after my favorite actress). She's a herbalist so she relies mostly on potions and magic. The way I'm playing with her is really fun. She's not strong enough to fight on her own against most enemies and she didn't join any of the factions. Politics doesn't interest her. She just goes around Skyrim collecting herbs and making potions and occasionally she does a few favors for some townsfolk. I didn't think playing like that would be fun, but it is. It's extremely fun.

WoW Killer:
What haven't I done?

I've played for over 300 hours and... I've not yet done a single quest in Markath. I've not yet done a single quest in Falkreath. I don't think I've even been to Rorikstead. I've not yet been made Thane of Dawnstar or Riften. I've only ever bought three homes. I've never found all the words of power. I've never found all the Unusual Gems. I've never found all the Dragon Priest masks. I've never found all the Daedric Artifacts. I've only ever been Master of Destruction and Illusion. I've never finished the Thieves Guild chain. I've never joined The Companions. I've only ever done one quest in an Orsimer hold. I've never raised Pickpocket above about level 30. I've never played through the game as a Nord. I've never played through the game as an Altmer. I've never played any of the DLCs. And this is after 300 hours.

What the hell have you been doing?!

I left Skyrim as a god among men... and went to Elsweyr and got my ass handed to me by river raptors. Lots of 'em.

Alduin has been defeated.
The companions have a new leader.
The collage of Winterhold has a new Arch-Mage
The thieves guild have a new guildmaster.
Skyrim belongs to the Nords once more.
The Dark Brotherhood has been wiped out. (wonder how many will hate me for that)
The vampires have been defeated.
All the Dragon priests have been defeated.
Paarthurnax still lives and the blades would be dead if that was an option.
Married Alea.
Now fully clad in fully enchanted dragonbone armour and the final dragon priest mask.

What the hell have you been doing?!

Multiple characters. Main quest several times. Mages college a few times. Civil War many times (both sides). Dark Brotherhood many times (both sides). I've returned a cursed Lexicon to some Dwemer ruins for a mad lizard. I've helped a young mage stop her witch mother from transforming into a hag. I've expelled the darkness from a shady temple with the light of the Divines. I've undertaken the Sacred Trials of the Old Gods. I've prevented a deceased evil monarch from returning to life. I've saved a town from vampires secretly living amongst them. I've recovered the lost verse of King Olaf. I've helped a bandit mistress hide from her ex husband. I've thwarted an arch necromancer attempting to live forever by implanting himself in a Daedric artifact. I've defeated the Forsworn's undead founder. I've convinced a mad Irishman to return from his vacation. I've discovered the identity of a notorious serial killer. I've demanded an orc chieften prove his worth by fighting to the death against a giant that was terrorising his clan. I've retrieved an old helmet for an ex-military vagrant. I've located the sword of Tiber Septim and given it to a ghost of one of his former comrades. I've helped a forgetful professor find his alembic. But above all, I've explored, fought, looted, crafted, and built my characters into certified badasses.

Oh and anybody that says they've done everything, lol.

Multiple characters, a lot of multiple characters but my most recent main was leaving it something like this before reality broke and the Gods destroyed all!!!(My computer broke)

Vampires are the most powerful being in Skyrim, more powerful even than dragons. They stalk prey at their leisure and none can stand against them as they can turn the day to night.

My character will travel in the form of a cloud of bats before decending on her prey to feed, either forcibly or through seduction. She has created her own vampire children who have infiltrated positions of power in each of the holds including as housecarls and Jarls.

She was in the process of helping the empire crush the stormcloak rebellion shortly after finishing with the Dawnguard. She wasn't too concerned about the dragons due to the lack of threat they posed to her and had not investigated further beyond a suspicion the Thalmor could be involved.

Although an already powerful vampire she has become an adept in Necromancy with the ability to summon a small legion of moderatly powerful undead servants, she has also through this gained access to powerful death and spirt magic, she travels through the Sygian pathways at will and enslaves or devours the souls of any enemy she comes across.
Many bandits and Forsworn have fallen victim to her seemingly endless hunt for the souls and essence of the fallen, to be either devoured so that she can gain their memories and knowledge or enslaved as a servant.

With her powerful death magic there is nothing living that can stand against her, the only threat are the dead and those she can control. Using her necromantic knowledge she is also able to strengthen and enhance her already capable vampiric body to be faster, stronger and to heal at an abnormal rate.

Currently she is setting up the stages of her plan to assassinate the Emperor in the name os Sithis and for the Dark brotherhood but also engaging in a plot to take control of the thieves guild at the same time.

I have been having fun because mods make things like Vampirism and Necromancy so much fun, although I haven't finished everything yet im setting up my character to become a powerful vampiric necromancer who controls most of Skyrim.

As a world Skyrim was amazing, but as a roleplaying experience.. meh, New Vegas kicks the shit out of it.

I wish they had taken the time to give you a few choices when you quest, and I wish I didn't have to use mods to give my character competence in certain skills from the outset.

Was I the only one who saw the end of the Dark Brotherhood line coming from a mile away and wanted to side against the Night Mother? Hot blonde assassin>old lady corpse any day.

It was alright... but I did get bored after a while, and these DLC take a fucking ridiculous amount of time to come out.

I did everything, despite not wanting to do the Dark Brotherhood/Theives Guild/Participate in a fucking war. On a character basis, doing that stuff didn't make sense, but I'm not doing 234553212354 playthroughts to do everything. Skyrim doesn't have much RP in its RPG.
Fallout FTW

I try to be a good guy, so I didnt join the thieves guild and I massacred the Dark Brotherhood (really, what a pushovers.. I was expecting WAY more out of that, but they had the same retarded "I guess it was just the wind" A.I. as the rest of the NPCs)
The soldiers who you report to are the most naive of the entire planet - you can just tell them you killed the Dark Brotherhood without any evidence you did so and they instantly believe you.

I'm somehow head of the mage college despite having only 30 in restoration and nothing in anything else. The mages still make me do every little fetch quest, was hoping they'd be more respectful :(

I'm in the process of wiping out the Stormcloaks, but again I had expected more out of this storyline. Not only was the Battle of Whiterun a scripted mess for me (had to restart twice) with Stormcloaks just running ala Zerg mode.. it just doesn't feel like a war. A Imperial Garrison in Whiterun constist of like 5 guys? I know you're stretched thing but THAT thin? I'm told I'm some high rank now but the imperial soldiers seem to care little. If I kill random Stromcloaks I find on the road, I get bounty. Wtf?

I don't hate Skyrim. When I'm playing it I'm having an alright time. But it might have stretched itself too thin, wanting to be everything but ending up lacking in all departments.
I find it hard to immerse myself in a world when the NPCs are acting so idiotic at times. Bribing the Riften steward half a meter away from a patrolling guard?

I'm currently getting toward the end of my 2nd playthru. Apart from a 2 week love affair with Dishonored that ended as abruptly as it began, it's all I've had going since the Summer. I've been alternating between modding and playing, and spent 10 days creating this mod, which sadly enjoyed only a month before getting copied shamelessly. It's fun to see what new additions there are available, to tailor and tweak the game for a better experience.

Despite that many hours I've spent wandering Skyrim, I do agree with the sentiment above. The game lacks *direction*, role-playing and to be honest, I'm always reminded that I'm playing a console port. I would give anything to have a game like this made for PC first, then ported across, though I realise that will never happen. Why developers are satisfied making games for ancient hardware is beyond me, but it's held development back by years and the games show it.

I've slain vampires as a member of the Dawnguard, before becoming a VL myself, a VL that can fly. I'm also a werewolf that can run 3 times faster than any horse. I've completed all the guilds as of yesterday and have only the main quest and civil war to go. My trusty Sabercat companion will help me maul some Stormcloaks when I take the fight to Ulfric. Racist son of a gun bad mouths elves to my face, me, a bosmer.

Played for 150 hours the first few weeks.

Did tons of random quests. Did nothing big.
Didn't play the mainstory further than a handful of missions, just derped around doin' what i wanted to do, at least i finished the werewolves and joined the thiefs.

And that was enough to play for 150 hours. Guess i should get back into that game again.

I've not played Skyrim in awhile though I've still managed to rack up about 300 hours in game and I've yet to complete The Dark Brotherhood or Thieves Guild quest lines nor haven't play through any of the dlc yet. I have explored alot and ran with a few different characters and of course trying out awesome mods. I think I will return to Skyrim once all the dlc is out and even more awesome mods surface.

Chrono212: I love your avatar


I haven't visited the frozen north in a few weeks but my Argonian Dragonborn has...

*Kept the Empire present and preserved their strength in Skyrim
*Cut down the Stormcloak uprising by beheading Stormcloak himself
*The people of Skyrim have regained their The Night Mother
*Many Deadric Gods and Goddesses have regained power throughout Skyrim
*The Guild of Thieves has broken the curse upon them and regained their infamy
*The College of Winterhold nearly doomed a town but was ultimately saved
*The Blades have not given Dragonborn a good enough reason to slay Paarthanax
*Alduin has met its ultimate end

I will return ever so often but I'm journeying back for less and, less time. I am missing a few achievements but am pretty sure I know how to get those unlocked. I haven't downloaded a single piece of DLC but this is mainly because I can't maintain a connection to XBL.

I keep meaning to get it, but other games keep coming up.

I game on PS3 too, which makes me a little weary of the glitches n stuff.

I play Skyrim casually. I haven't bought any DLC yet.
I download replacer files for armour to make them revealing because I am a massive pervert.

Last time I saw Skyrim, it was frozen in place...
Which sounds awesome considering the lore, but no. No. That's not it.

I had the PS3 version.

Whew... I can safely say I've done everything, just with different characters. I mean I would never have my knightly Nord character doing any Thieves Guild quests or Dark Brotherhood quests, but that doesn't mean I never got to them with my Dunmer ranger.

Interestingly enough, though not being a magic user, my warrior did end up becoming the Arch-Mage without having to cast more than two or three spells. I played it that he went to the College of Winterhold with the intent of investigating the Elder Scroll, but decided to stick around when he realized there was probably a Thalmor plot that needed to be thwarted.

Strangely enough, I always have a hard time getting into the Civil War quests. Still haven't completed either storyline, even though I've started both at one point or another.

Let's see...

-Brought the Dark Brotherhood back from the ridge of extinction
-Joined the Empire and killed Ulfric Stormcloak
-Became the new Guildmaster of the Thieve's Guild
-Became the new head of the Companions
-Obtained and cured lycanthropy
-Repelled Alduin out of Sovngarde
-Got married to the only marriageable Argonian
-Did a shitload of bounty missions for the Jarls
-Attained a completed collection of Dragon Priest Masks and Daedric Artifacts (Hircine doesn't count)
-Killed more bandits than villagers
-Killed a Dragon or fifty

I went back to try Skyrim's older sister Oblivion and I must say, I'm enjoying that a lot more. I dunno, maybe it's because it's because I've got it on the PC and I've modded all the warts out of it or maybe it's because there's more variety in things instead of most missions following the same formula:

1) Go to Tomb
2) Kill a truckload of Draugr, Skeletons and Frostbite Spiders
3) Picture puzzles (if you can call them puzzles)
4) Kill a stronger Draugr
5) Obtain thing
6) Loot chest and stare at a wall for a bit
7) Leave

In my first file I explored every inch and location in the map.
-Rose to Harbinger of the companions.
-Rose to arch mage of the college.
-Became Listener of the Dark Brotherhoodd.
-And am forever stuck in Whiterun because my save file is 15MB and if I so much as turn it lags for several minutes.

Ps3 version here :D

I left my Skyrim the same as it was before. Even though I was told dragons were going to take over the world, the game didn't exactly back that up, so I didn't have a reason to start the main quest, and luckily that one dragon that actually did show up just decided to go home or something and the land went back to the regular times of civil war. Grade A design, Bethesda,
you fucking morons....

I have not played since summer... honestly, I cannot take Skyrim, I tried for 30 some odd hours and came out of it feeling rather bored and like I could be doing something better with my time. I thought the combat was better, the graphics purrtier, and everything all around improved, but it lacked the feeling of adventure I got in oblivion. I felt like exploring in oblivion and for some reason I just don't in skyrim. Honestly I think I just got pretty bored with the setting and story.

Deeply questioning what everyone sees in TES series, as it was my first dip into the lake that is said to be on holy ground. Granted, it was a console version, but still.

Giving a pass on bugs, glitches and all things wonky...

-Melee combat modeled after real-life pinatas
-Swat another "epic" dragon, get overburdened
-Oh look, another twenty minutes gone traveling to merchants who have no gold (and they had the brass to make a perk for that)
-Crafted 500 enchanted iron daggers? Your skill is legendary.
-Like items? Take your thousand ingredients, potions and heavy, useless items with poor accessibility and no management. Manual accounting using ledgers is fun!

I'm sure the PC community has made a really fun game of it, I blame Bethesda for modding Fallout and doing a horrible job at that.

i did all main quests, all faction quest (expect the blades one because they are ungrateful assholes), most side quests, a lot misc quest. i most likely got every area in my map unlocked. i found all word wall. all that left to kill more dragons to unlock all remaining shout. i have left skyrim at that

exploring is the only element of gameplay skyrim does right and it does it every well. of course you have deal with the combat to explore. the combat works and is acceptable but it's not good.

i got no dlc and i won't buy it even if i could get it on the ps3(which barely gave me any problems in the game so lucky me).
now i am waiting for the goty edition for the pc before i play agian skyrim. i want the ability to mod my game before i ever touch skyrim again. also buying the dlc individuality is a waste of money when you could be them all cheaper when there bundled to together

I got bored of that boring game and left. I couldn't finish the main quest and I finished the thieve's guild quest-line once.

Chairman Miaow:
I left my Skyrim severely lacking in uniqueness, character, role-playing, enemy types, decent magic system and happiness.


I loved Oblivion but Skyrim felt dated.
I put about 60 hours into the game to fully experience the story and a good chunk of that time wasn't very fun. I'm glad the game was successful but it's just not my thing anymore.

I'm hoping they'll make another non-MMO and revamp the mechanics. I'm willing to give the series another try but it can't just touch up on the old formula anymore.

I've been trying to get back into it, and every time I spend hours downloading mods and making sure they all get along. By the time I'm done, I don't feel like playing anymore and just uninstall everything.

I played like crazy for ~120 hours when I got the game. Haven't touched it since I got my platinum.

Would be fun to start it up again, but I'm not sure I can be arsed with the problems that follows on the PS3.

To clarify, I have 5 characters. I will give an account of my first, an Orc two-handed warrior.

1. The Legion has been dealt a heavy blow, but underwhelmed by the uselessness of my fellow warriors and in light of their extreme racism, I've left the rest of the campaign to them.
2. I am the most fearsome of the Companions despite werewolf form being seldom used.
3. Accruer of Daedric artifacts, no matter the callous things I had to do to get them.
4. The Vampires fear the blade of the Dawnguard.
5. The World Eater is vanquished.
6. The College is probably destroyed by now because I never even visited.
7. The Thieve's Guild were left disappointed at my lack of interest and were used only as far as plot-practical.
8. The Dark Brotherhood consists of but one member, that vampire child who apparently escaped death because of reasons. Ain't no motherfucker gonna disturb my sleep and live to tell of it.
9. I am extremely confused as to where I will go when I die. To Sovngard, Hircine, or to the side of one of my Daedric sponsors? If we go by weapon most liberally applied, I think I shall join Malacath.

Had a Nord female, wrapped up the main quest, wanted to do more, got to level. 43....i think..

Then...the bow phase.
Hunger Games, Hawkeye etc...

New character, Female Nord. (again)
(i don't like Elves and Cats....and those reptile things....)

And then i learned bows are awesome and save me a lot of anger.

Left her at lvl. 15..orso...then other games happened.

Ow...and PS3 user.

I left that game with a pile of dragon bones from dragons which my horse killed for me.

I'm sorry were they supposed to be a threat? They're devoured by a dragon priest, butchered by you, turned into armor, killed by horses, punched by villagers, locked up in castles and degraded into being your own personal flying mount.

My main play of Skyrim has the Imperials having won the Civil War, Alduin defeated and the vampire menace destroyed by Shaghaggis of Shagbastard, DRAGONBORN.
He's also lord of the Companions or whatever but I never really gave a toss about them, can't remember why but the pissed me off at the start of my game and I never liked them after that.

I left mine with the main questline unfinished after about 50 hours of doing what I pleased. I made it 30 hours without even doing the first story mission. The last time I played was several months ago and the game has been uninstalled for quite some time.

In the week leading up to BLOPS2, I had nothing to play ( I don't buy many games ) So I put FallOut: New Vegas back on w/ Fook + Wep Mods + Wep Textures; so i've been on a RPG gun stat wank for about the past week and a half.

Good times.

Chairman Miaow:
I left my Skyrim severely lacking in uniqueness, character, role-playing, enemy types, decent magic system and happiness.

boo! Boo to the guy that jumped in to ruin the party!

I'm still working through most of the base content... but in my current play through, my first character is joining the Dawnguard to stop the vampire menace.

I walked west and south from the opening area, happening upon wolves that I tried to defeat with a sword and shield, but couldn't. So I switched to magic, sneaking and a bow and got past them, happening upon a magic Word and a small building filled with vampires. Their leader managed to curse me with vampirism, but I wasn't aware of it for a while, I just kept walking and exploring. Finding a sort of wooden atronach in a circular ruin that kept chasing me, I ran for many miles while dual wielding a healing spell. I excavated a tomb. I got chased by regenerating trolls I couldn't damage fast enough to kill over snowy mountains and the ruins of Labyrinthian. I walked out of the world during a glitch, allowing me to come back into the world at the top of stairs guarded by tons of necromancers and sneaking past them all, which meant i was free to walk into their den, open a chest and promptly fall three floors into a cell. Their leader talked a big game at me, but he regretted having his back turned when I got the lock open and started bludgeoning him with a warhammer I had just found. I talked with a convicted child murderer who was a werewolf, and when he escaped from prison I chased him to Bloated Man's Grotto and killed him. I headed for dawnstar to find the hilariously named Rustleif that i had seen in a screenshot, then found a stranded ship on the coast and a grotto called Yngvild full of ghosts on an island. Then the vampirism kicked in, people started fearing me and I could not figure out how to cure myself.

So I looked up a guide, and it said: You're too late to cure it conventionally now that it's advanced this far. Get to this town, which is troubled by the death of a family in a mysterious fire. Solve that mystery. Then talk to this guy. If you have a soul geam, he will transfer your curse to that gem.

I had no soul gem, and no way to fill it, but one of the places to get one? Whiterun, where the main quest had pointed me to since forever. So I walked there, drinking the blood of sleeping people to appear inconspicous. I listened to the jarl, but not really. Then I talked to his mage, and I bought the Soul Trap spell from him along with a gem. After which I went north to that sunken ship, cast the spill, Killed some wolves and trapped them in the gem. Went to the town, started the ritual, and then I was cured. So I decided I should _probably_ do some kind of quests instead of just wandering around for 20 hours. I went to the College of Winterhold since they probably had some more magic for me, and the quests in that storyline were all uninteresting, but they gave me a goal to work toward and new reasons to explore the world to reach the marker. So I bought a horse and beat a lone necromancer up to no good on a small mountain northeast of Whiterun. A horse which then died off-screen in mysterious circumstances when Winterhold was invaded by Magic Anomalies. I entered a Dwarven ruin and discovered it was full of this world's equivalent of the LotR ORCS, and spent the next hours running, sneaking and arching to get past dudes that could beat me in a few hits and vastly outnumbered me, my fireball spell, by bow and my two-handed warhammer of embers. I let one of my classmates practice her spells on me and then join me on my journey, a 17-year old sounding, 90-year old-looking woman named Brelyna. Another gave me an exploding flame cloak that damaged me, but did wonders against the skeletons and zombie dragon I soon ran into. I encountered two dragon priest, one on the top of a mountain that I dueled with very boringly for an in-game day, going left and right while shooting our one spell at one another. The other was found in Labyrinthian guarding the Staff of Magnus, which is also a funny name, and with it I saved the college and became the principal.

Very aware of my new responsibilities, I put on the principal's robes, took Brelyna with me and legged it for the southeastern borders of Skyrim, where there were lots of places I hadn't been yet. And that's where I am now, after having beaten another dragon priest in a cloister and beaten a LOT of necromancers and bandits and bears. Also, helping a daedric lady beat a very mean sorceror who locked himself in a special soul gem of hers to live forever.

I don't want to do quests, other than what I run into. They turn the game into a chore, like Kingdoms of Amalur or something. The exploration keeps me going. I love it. Skyrim seems to be better for it. I have seen NO dragons since the opening, and I bet if I don't progress the story they will never start bothering people.

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