Skyrim - One Year On

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I walked west and south from the opening area, happening upon wolves that I tried to defeat with a sword and shield, but couldn't. So I switched to magic, sneaking and a bow and got past them, happening upon a magic Word and a small building filled with vampires. Their leader managed to curse me with vampirism, but I wasn't aware of it for a while, I just kept walking and exploring. Finding a sort of wooden atronach in a circular ruin that kept chasing me, I ran for many miles while dual wielding a healing spell. I excavated a tomb. I got chased by regenerating trolls I couldn't damage fast enough to kill over snowy mountains and the ruins of Labyrinthian. I walked out of the world during a glitch, allowing me to come back into the world at the top of stairs guarded by tons of necromancers and sneaking past them all, which meant i was free to walk into their den, open a chest and promptly fall three floors into a cell. Their leader talked a big game at me, but he regretted having his back turned when I got the lock open and started bludgeoning him with a warhammer I had just found. I talked with a convicted child murderer who was a werewolf, and when he escaped from prison I chased him to Bloated Man's Grotto and killed him. I headed for dawnstar to find the hilariously named Rustleif that i had seen in a screenshot, then found a stranded ship on the coast and a grotto called Yngvild full of ghosts on an island. Then the vampirism kicked in, people started fearing me and I could not figure out how to cure myself.

So I looked up a guide, and it said: You're too late to cure it conventionally now that it's advanced this far. Get to this town, which is troubled by the death of a family in a mysterious fire. Solve that mystery. Then talk to this guy. If you have a soul geam, he will transfer your curse to that gem.

I had no soul gem, and no way to fill it, but one of the places to get one? Whiterun, where the main quest had pointed me to since forever. So I walked there, drinking the blood of sleeping people to appear inconspicous. I listened to the jarl, but not really. Then I talked to his mage, and I bought the Soul Trap spell from him along with a gem. After which I went north to that sunken ship, cast the spill, Killed some wolves and trapped them in the gem. Went to the town, started the ritual, and then I was cured. So I decided I should _probably_ do some kind of quests instead of just wandering around for 20 hours. I went to the College of Winterhold since they probably had some more magic for me, and the quests in that storyline were all uninteresting, but they gave me a goal to work toward and new reasons to explore the world to reach the marker. So I bought a horse and beat a lone necromancer up to no good on a small mountain northeast of Whiterun. A horse which then died off-screen in mysterious circumstances when Winterhold was invaded by Magic Anomalies. I entered a Dwarven ruin and discovered it was full of this world's equivalent of the LotR ORCS, and spent the next hours running, sneaking and arching to get past dudes that could beat me in a few hits and vastly outnumbered me, my fireball spell, by bow and my two-handed warhammer of embers. I let one of my classmates practice her spells on me and then join me on my journey, a 17-year old sounding, 90-year old-looking woman named Brelyna. Another gave me an exploding flame cloak that damaged me, but did wonders against the skeletons and zombie dragon I soon ran into. I encountered two dragon priest, one on the top of a mountain that I dueled with very boringly for an in-game day, going left and right while shooting our one spell at one another. The other was found in Labyrinthian guarding the Staff of Magnus, which is also a funny name, and with it I saved the college and became the principal.

Very aware of my new responsibilities, I put on the principal's robes, took Brelyna with me and legged it for the southeastern borders of Skyrim, where there were lots of places I hadn't been yet. And that's where I am now, after having beaten another dragon priest in a cloister and beaten a LOT of necromancers and bandits and bears. Also, helping a daedric lady beat a very mean sorceror who locked himself in a special soul gem of hers to live forever.

I don't want to do quests, other than what I run into. They turn the game into a chore, like Kingdoms of Amalur or something. The exploration keeps me going. I love it. Skyrim seems to be better for it. I have seen NO dragons since the opening, and I bet if I don't progress the story they will never start bothering people.

My main play of Skyrim has the Imperials having won the Civil War, Alduin defeated and the vampire menace destroyed by Shaghaggis of Shagbastard, DRAGONBORN.
He's also lord of the Companions or whatever but I never really gave a toss about them, can't remember why but the pissed me off at the start of my game and I never liked them after that.

Could it be because...

With my main...
- Sided with the Empire
- Assassinated the Emperor
- Found several Deadric Artifacts (Clavicius Vile's Mask, the creepy Mace, Azura's Star, The Wabbajack)
- Fought the Thalmor at every opportunity given
- Saved the world from The World Eater
- Killed Parthunax
- Was generally the scourge of Bandits everywhere
- Ventured into The Blackreach, never to be seen again...

And I've actually jumped back into Skyrim recently actually, it's probably my single "most played game" ever, I've sunk almost 200 Hours into it which is a TON For me.

My game doesn't work and I can't get any of the DLC but yay, first year anniversary!

First play through I was a Dark Elf that sided with the Stormcloaks because they hadn't tried to kill me, joined the Dark Brotherhood just to further liberate all the oppressed people, saved them from Alduin, took over a college, bought up every house possible just so there was no possible way the beggars would ever have an actual home, and I essentially became a Ghostbuster with how often I have to deal with dragons

Unfortunately I don't have any of the DLC yet cuz I'm playing on PS3, but I'm gonna become a Vampire Lord because I loved being a Dark Elf vampire, but hated the fact that everyone just magically knew when I was at level 4 or whatever

Hero in a half shell:
Also I've managed to muck up my enchantment skill so levels exponentially and reaches 100 just from unenchanting about 20 weapons. Naturally I abuse this bug every single time.

You did this how exactly?

I did pretty much everything. Got all the chivos and did every non-Miscellaneous quest in the game at least once across several characters. Currently playing my way through Dawnguard once more on my Dunmer conjurer/archer to get him ready for the Dragonborn DLC.

I did practically everything (except the Dark Brotherhood quests), feeling burnt out.

IF given the chance, I may play it again, once I have the money for the DLC.

Got bored.

Made it about halfway through the Civil War questline, got bored of constantly raiding Imperial squads.

Joined the Mage's Guild, got bored of all the constant fetch quests.

Started the Alduin questline, got bored with the Blades after infiltrating a party for some reason or other.

Joined the Companions, got bored after a few fights.

Wandered the wilderness, got bored after constantly being attacked by dragons.

I dunno... if you're into that whole "hundreds and hundreds of hours" style of RPG, I'm sure the game was roleplaying heaven. Personally, I don't like RPGs longer than your average Final Fantasy. My attention starts to wander. And with Skyrim, it had wandered right out of the door and around the neighbourhood long before I got anywhere with the main plot.

It's a good game (for the most part), but there's just so much padding. I really just wanted to crack on with the main quest and see what was up with the dragons, but it felt like each quest was only advancing the story the bare minimum required. Same with the Civil War. It was cool at first, when I inadvertently started a war against Whiterun, but after a while I just wanted to see things actually progress somewhere, rather than doing endless "Go to this spot, kill all the Imperials" missions over and over again.

I guess D&D types will love the amount of stuff the game throws at you. Personally, I'm not a fan of RPGs that bury you under mountains of optional stuff before letting you get anywhere with the plot. I absolutely adored the setting and story of New Vegas, for instance, but I still can't bring myself to play it anymore. There's just so much plodding around, doing stuff before you can actually progress the story any further. I haven't got that much spare time. I've got a job which I need to get up early for. I can't spend dozens upon dozens of hours fetching some guy's missing books, or patching up broken radios across an entire continent.

So yeah... cool game, but probably just not my cup of tea. I like my games a little more structured, and a little more to the point.

It's been a year and I still haven't finished the freaking game. I keep getting distracted by doing little things and enjoying the scenery. Mostly it's the scenery. I should seriously do Dawnguard.

It's been a while since the last time I played Skyrim (Dark Souls is my new RPG love and my recent addiction), but I still have it installed on my disk, it's one of those games I'll just won't let go and I'll always keep coming back to.

Every now and then I still fire it up and I my jaw still hits the floor looking at the shitton of stuff I left unfinished and all the dungeons/places I still haven't done yet.

I still think that Skyrim is well worth $60.

Also, the thing with most Bethesda's games, is that I always enjoy them (read: I love them), but I'm never able finish them (except Fallout 3, I actually finished that one), for one reason or another (getting bored for a while, accidentally erasing all of my saves, reinstalling Windows and failing to backup my saves and so on and so forth).

A year since release and I still haven't beaten the damn thing yet. Waiting for the game to be "finished" before I invest more time into it. I'll admit it is very, very, very hard to stay away from it though, because I absolutely love what I've played so far.

Still playing it.

Just started a new character this morning, actually. Using the "Live another Life" mod, I'm having her start as a member of the Imperial Legion. My goal is to have her go the entire game with little to no looting of corpses. She can loot weapons they drop on the ground but no taking gold, armor, or items off their person.

Rationale for that is, frankly, the idea of constantly looting the dead is rather grim. I mean, I do it with all my other characters without even thinking it, but that's because I see it as gameplay component without thinking of the import in-game. Just a little something to make it a little more grounded.

Also means gold is going to be a lot more scarce. Add in that I am playing on Expert with the Tougher Dragons mod installed (yes, I know Deadly Dragons is better), so I'll be needing potions, and, hopefully, it will add some more bite to the combat and make me pay better attention during fights.

Additional goals are:
1) wait at least until level 20 to start the main quest (I hate fighting the dragon at the beginning and hiding in the tower while the guards kill it)
2) Not enter a cave/ruin/dungeon unless I have a reason to go there. Basically just more roleplaying. My character isn't a mindless sociopath so she's not going to just go around killing everything for sport. Getting paid to take out bandits, though, that's something else entirely.

Traded it in, unfinished and with no feeling or regret or feeling like I was missing out on anything.

Story was okay, but side-quests were so incredibly terrible I found little to no reason to do 99% of them...couple hundred gold? Yay?? No experience for quests really took the point of even doing these quests away, you could get the same amount of combat skill just walking in a random direction for 2 hours. Few interesting unique items to gather, there were maybe 5 worthwhile items to find in the entire game world.

I didn't complete the Civil War quest, didn't much care about it...after I decided I wanted Imperial I walked into Windhelm and opened my attack on the "King" in order to win the war for my side....only to find, nobody in that room could die. I stopped caring about the civil war from that point on-ward, after all, its just clicking "Yes, lets do what you just said" about 50 times until 1 side wins anyway...I wanted a fun approach to that quest, the game prevented me from having the fun I wanted.

I did get the Dawnguard DLC, played it for a few hours...found a new story, some neat new stuff, certainly improved what the game had to offer, but I didn't care that much, didn't finish that either.

So yeah, my "world" is still being attacked by Dragons, however, I don't really get why thats such a problem, given that 99% of the world population is immortal (even when you hack at them for 20 minutes with your 2H Sword) I didn't see much reason why they needed to be saved.

I must be one of those who felt that Morrowind > Skyrim > Oblivion > Daggerfall > Arena (yes I started playing TES games in the nineties).

Anyway I am on my third playthrough. I basically play like a particular class each time as so:

1) Dark Elf Assassin (probably 25-35 hours of playtime)

(major skills: sneak, one-handed (emphasis dagger), bow minor skills: Light Armor, Alchemy)

- completed Dark brotherhood stuff
- Defeated Alduin
- Completed a few other assorted quests (only one Daedric)

2) Breton Warrior/Tank (around 50-60 hours)

(major skills: Two handed (emphasis war-hammer), heavy armor, smithing minor skills: bows, sneak)

- completed companions quest
- Defeated Alduin
- Completed civil war (white cloak)
- A bunch (but not all) of the Daedric quests
- way more of the side quests

Then I stopped playing for a while. DLC came out - and then went cheap on Steam one weekend

3) Nord Theif/Mage (yeah a bit odd, put about 35 hours so far)

(major skills: Destruction, Sneak, bow, enchanting minor skills: conjuration, one-handed (mace focus))

- Defeated Alduin
- Completed Thieve's guild
- Completed Mage guild
- A few side and Daedric quests
- Going through the Vampire stuff now

All in all, not the best game ever but I find it fun. I think of a character build ahead of time and work on those skills (and related quests) so each playthrough has felt like a different game.

Ive had four big runs through skyrim over the year and they went like this.

Seris Stormtail: A male Argonian warrior specializing in heavy armor, bows (sword and shield back up), smithing, and restoration magic. Seris originally came to Skyrim as an explorer and adventurer, wanting nothing more then to see the provinces beyond his home of black marsh and nearby Morrowind.

Seris became the Harbinger of the companions and still holds the beast blood in him today. He and his wife Aela travel Skyrim regularly hunting the deadliest beats, dragons. His home is in the Dwarven remnants of Markoth where he holds the title of thane and serves honorably and loyaly

Seris takes no place among the civil war though he feels for the Stormcloacks. For him, the right to govern ones self and the freedom of religion are unquestionably important things to fight for. He hopes that one day a peaceful resolution can be found.

Alduin has been defeated and Parthanax still teaches the way of the voice at the throat of the world. The blades, while strengthened through his actions remain powerless to strike at Parthanax all because Seris has refused to pick a side in their vendetta.

Lorin: A female Nord and spellcaster specializing in all forms of magic and alchemy. Lorin returned to Skyrim after studying magic in Cyrodil when she heard news that her brother had disappeared. Only to later find out that he was captured by the Aldmeri dominion and tortured to death.

Lorin is a hardcore supporter of the Stormcloak cause, mostly because the empire allowed her brother to die in pain and misery and still refuses to hold the elves responsible. So she joined the rebellion seeing the empire as weak and even worse uncaring of crimes commited outside of Cyrodil. She was the cause of Skyrim earning its independance and to this day she continues to hunt the remnants of the elves

Her hatred of the dominion only complicated things as she became the archmage of the college of winterhold. Arcano's betrayal only made things worse. However she also joined the thieves guild, eventually ascending to guild master and leader of the Nightengales.

Unfortunately I could never finish that playthrough. Around level 46 I began to find the magic system was completely broken as I could literally not kill something my level before running out of mana and her other weapon skills went entirely unused. This character got deleted without finishing the main story or even starting Dawnguard

Khallif Swifttail: A Khajit theif specializing in sneaking, pickpocketing, speechcraft, and daggers, Khallif came to Skyrim to elude bounty hunters chasing him from all across the provinces. Today he makes his home in honeyside, keeping close the thieves guild.

Khallif was quick to join the thieves guild in Riften so he had extra resources to pull in case bounty hunters found him again. Eventually he became the guildmaster and leader of the Nightengales. He also joined the Dark brotherhood and murdered the Emperor (and those that wanted him dead).

However when Vampires began to roam the lands Khallif made a surprising choice to join the Dawnguard and put an end to them once and for all. Seeing the vampires as a threat to all life

Rena: A female Imperial warrior and patriot specializing in one handed swords, shields, heavy armor, and smithing. Rena was a proud legionare in Cyrodil before defying orders to come to Skyrim to assist with the war effort.

She proudly wears the heavy set of imperial armor and shield, though she forsakes the imperial sword for a daedric one. Though heavier armors would be more effective her unique skill set makes her armor nearly as good.

As a patriot she joined the imperial legion again, and worked her way up to end the civil war but she also became the Harbinger of the companions. Alduin was defeated and Parthanax still lives at the throat of the world.

Rickolas Walrus:

Hero in a half shell:
Also I've managed to muck up my enchantment skill so levels exponentially and reaches 100 just from unenchanting about 20 weapons. Naturally I abuse this bug every single time.

You did this how exactly?

I don't know, I think it was a mod (or combination of mods) reacting badly to one of the many patches Bethesda did. I tried deleting all mods and the bug persisted, so it's changed some integral value for measuring enchanting experience that s outside.

A similar thing happened to smithing with a lot of people: but it was easily fixed by uninstalling the bad mod, I can't get rid of mine unless I perform a full reinstall, and I couldn't be assed to do that.
I play with unleveled Skyrim and a few more difficult combat mods as well, so it's actually handy to have earlier on, as the game's that much more difficult.

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