Poll: Do You Still Like ZP?

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well yes and no, I tend to take a few weeks break then watch his vids and repeat, one each week I found I was just getting too used to his humor so it was losing effect and I lost interest, kind of like with "two best friends play" series, had the same thing.

Also varies from review to review, find his shooters reviews less entertaining because it inevitably comes down to him spending 2 mins hating on modern shoot mechanics, 2 mins reminiscning on old shooters and 1 min on the review part which was funny the first time but rapidly lost its charm

I can't remember, but did this site ever host College Humor? I remember that was one of the main features, among ZP, that brought me to this site.

He had a rough patch for... IDK, half a year there? but around late last spring/early last summer he returned to form and the videos have been as good as ever.

Decent, but I've always hated his "Oh, won't you FANBOYS be mad at my bold opinions you FANBOYS?" thang.

While I did prefer the calmer, quieter, subtler ZPs near the beginning of the series, I still enjoy the new ones, yes.

One thing I hate, though, is the "new theme" (it's not new anymore). The song itself is cool, but they had to choose the worst sections of it. If you listen to it in full, there are actually much better parts to it with high-pitch guitar whines etc. that I would've used instead of this utterly generic part.

The best, of course, was using actual songs that were vaguely thematically connected to the reviewed games, but I bet they couldn't continue to do that due to copyrights.

It's one of the only reasons I still come to this site

Gorilla Gunk:
I haven't enjoyed his videos as much lately. His last review was especially bad. Flip-flopping on his opinion of Doom 3, completely misinterpreting why people criticized him for naming MW3 and BF3 his 'Worst Games of 2011,' using the "I'm older than you so I know better" card, etc. It was just embarrassingly bad.

He really is just unpleasable. He complains about there being no good survival horror games and when he's given one (Siren: Blood Curse) he shits all over it. He complains about realistic grey/brown shooters and when he's handed some fun, colorful, and decidedly unrealistic shooters like Borderlands 2 and Bulletstorm he shits on them as well. He rages against sequels and reboots for merely having the audacity to exist yet the one game he can never shut the fuck up about is a sequel itself and some of his other favorites are sequels and reboots as well.

You do know you are not suppose to take his reviews seriously.
He basically shits on everything on for a reason, its all satire.

I think in many ways it's become a more thoughtful, refined, and carefully crafted experience. Yes, I still enjoy it immensely. The only thing I wish I could change would be to bring back the thematic musical introductions, but I recognize that's a matter of not getting stomped on by music companies.

It really is the same set of jokes recycled over and over. There are a few amusing ones now and again but just like watching a comedian do the same tricks, it gets old.

I still like it, I don't watch it religiously anymore though.
It feels like he's enjoying it less, which kinda hurts it.


OT - I still enjoy his vid's as good comedy and informative reviews. I've said before that I don't want a review to tell me the good points about a game, as if i'm interested in a game, I already know what the good points are. I want the bad points listed and criticized in exhaustive detail, and ZP is pretty much the only place i'll get that.

Sure, he goes over the top sometimes, but overall, I find his reviews more valuable than any others that I read/watch, both for entertainment and information value.

yeah basically this for me as well. i want to know the bad parts. and when i watch a review for a game that i already played i think "yeah, there was this".

I do still enjoy his reviews. its not as much a shock as it was when i discovered it, but it is still enjoyable. it is the largest escapist show for a reason you know.

I have an issue when people say they've built-up a "tolerance" to ZP's comedy. The thing is, once you become tolerant to something you no longer get entertained by it - and yet pretty much ALL his older reviews are 100% re-watchable, I still laugh my ass off if I see his Bayonetta, FF13 or Halo Wars reviews (just examples, there are countless others).

His latest stuff (the past ~15-20 reviews) haven't really been all that lately but pretty much ALL his stuff before then is absolutely hilarious.

Also put me on the list of people who were introduced to Escapist thanks to ZP's videos on Youtube :P

I do enjoy his videos, but I do find that he has been slowly losing his comedic charm.

Yes, he is still funny, but not to the level that he used to be.

Yes, for the most part. Although I have noticed a few things about his latest videos. For one I don't think he's putting as much time into them as he once did, which is probably understandable considering he's probably got a lot of other things going on at the same time. However I've noticed a number of times in his recent videos parts where he clearly ran out of breath while recording, but instead of redoing that part of the recording, he went with that take which didn't make it sound very good.

And like Kyr Knightbane said, it's possible he's gotten tired of doing Zero Punctuation and thus doesn't put the effort in that he used to.

Whatever the case may be, I still enjoy Zero Punctuation for the most part.

Yes, still the same to me, though im never watching it to get a "review", since its mostly just fun bullshit.
Its like those series everyone calls "dead" after a few seasons, its still the same shit, they just get tired of it.

I too used to think that his older videos were funnier but now i see his newer ones in a new light. Watching them a second time around really brings forward the jokes i missed the first time around and i still DO rewind the video back to laugh at certain parts again.

So yes. I still like it.

Sometimes I still check out his videos, hoping one might surprise me and be funny. Used to enjoy them, but I feel they've been getting progressively worse. His last few videos I've not even chuckled at.

I don't really know what changed. It actually seems like he's gotten MORE bitter, if that's possible. He kinda just comes across as a forum troll now. More hatred, less intelligent jokes. I really should just stop wasting my time.

Jimquisition, on the other hand.... holy hell has that show improved. Bob and Jim are the only videos I watch now. You go from watching ZP to Jimquisition and it's like going from a turd sandwich to a turd sandwich made with Branston pickles, as ZP might say. Or rather, might've said. Now he'd probably just make a mediocre sex joke.

Ya I haven't laughed in a long time. I don't remember if it's always been like this but some of the jokes just seem more immature than funny. I will however always love his review of Wolfenstein.

No, I get no where near the laugh that I did previously.
I think that ZP is good in small chunks, for me personally I see a the title of the game he's reviewing and I pretty much can guess how he will react and can call a good chunk of the jokes he will make. Because of this it gets a bit repetitive/boring.
It's also possible that it isn't just me and that the jokes have just kind of run out over time.

It is pretty much the same reason I stopped watching guys like Jesse Cox, really amusing to hear all the voices and jokes in the beginning, but after a couple of videos it's like oh...this is pretty much the same thing over and over. It was funny the first couple of times but after the 100th it just isn't funny anymore to me.

He used to be the main reason I came to this site and something I looked forward to each week but more recently he's become little more then a good waste of five minutes. I've kind of been getting annoyed by his nostalgia trip recently every other episode he's managed to mention Half-Life.

I never stopped liking him

Honestly, it's just "Ok" at the moment. He use to be much funnier a couple of years ago, but now he's trying to hard. Movie Bob is just cringe worthy of a character so I won't even talk about him.

Pretty Much one of the only people that really make this site entertaining is Jimquisition. Especially ever since Extra Credits left, he has provided more interesting topics and discussion while actually maintaining being...well entertaining lol.

I think it's at a point where you pretty much know what to expect from ZP now. Talks fast without breathing (I know it's edited) and talks in a sort of Australia accent and will hate on (for comedic value) pretty much every modern game and keep praising that point and click game I forgot the name of at the moment. That's pretty much it.

I still watch it but I feel like he is only ever suited to reviewing certain types of games. He is.. (or portrays himself) as so antisocial that I wonder just what ZP will look like with ever more social games on the horizon. It is tough for me, I'd say its 50/50 for me now with like and dislike.

I love that he is a counter to the personified Nintendo fanboi that is Moviebob.
I love that he hates JRPG's and makes fun of them all the time.
I love his insistence on great narratives and great immersion in videogames.

I don't like how I can start to guess his reactions to some of the games he reviews (more frequently now)
I don't like how he misses some key features in games just so he can make clever jokes about it and how it fits a stereotype

Its true it is all satire, but damn it I actually wanted him to review the new FIFA game. I watched enough of him to know he's not really a sports guy so I kinda wanted to see his reaction to playing a game like that. However, the EP piece he did about it being a "DAD game" was pretty darn good.

IDK. For the most part I still enjoy it. I'll keep watching.

I find that with any sort of comedy, you wind up...internalizing the formula. You get used to it, and you can almost replicate it yourself. You know the equation/formula behind the graph, as it were. I don't laugh out loud at 30 rock anymore; I used to.

But yeah, sometimes I worry that Croshaw is getting bored with ZP, treating it as a chore. As a fan of things, its something I worry about; that the person writing the stuff I enjoy isn't having fun, and resents the fans that keep them doing it.

I still enjoy ZP, but I never seem to laugh out loud anymore, and I was rather disappointed with the Borderlands review. I often find the full-length articles more interesting and insightful.

Most recent one was funny though.

Sometimes I miss those little experimental things tacked on to the videos that used to happen occasionally.

I used to find them funnier, but I still enjoy it. Although I found that the XCOM review is definitely the funniest one I've watched in recent memory. Felt like the old ones.
I suspect though that it's just not as funny because after watching it for so long I know what to expect and it lost its novelty I guess.

They seemed to involve more subtle humor.

I don't think anything about the humor of a man who compared gaming to a "triple c***ed hooker" can be described as "subtle."

I agree that I don't enjoy his videos as much now as I used to. Maybe its because I'm more used to them, maybe its because he's been doing it for so long. I will say, though, that lately I've thought him to be on something of a role. The FIFA review in particular; he's still a smart funny guy so I'll always say its worth the five minutes a week to watch his videos and get a good laugh or two out.

I don't fall out of my chair laughing anymore, but I still enjoy it. However, I do miss the unique intros and endings to each of his reviews with the different songs each week.

I find the quality of his videos has been surprisingly consistent over the years. Maybe I'm jut going mad, but I don't see how he's changed at all. Actually if you go back and watch some of his VERY early videos you'll see that he actually wasn't as good when he first started.

Sure I do; of course some of his criticisms are going to be a little predictable if, being in Australia, he only gets to review games after the rest of the press does, and of course there might be a few drops in quality if he has the weight of expectations and a weekly deadline to meet.

I really like his Let's Plays, too.

He's been a part of my Wednesdays since 2007. Although I watch Feed Dump first these days, I still enjoy my ZP.

So yes, I still like it.

I still watch ZP and I still enjoy it. But by know you're probably sick to death of "His Still enjoyable but not laugh your ass off Comedy". That's my opinion.

No, it was a good schtick but I think he said most of everything everything he had to on the subject in the first dozen videos or so. Now he's just repeating himself. That seems to be what the public want though so I barely watch them any more. Why would he change the formula?

Gorilla Gunk:
Flip-flopping on his opinion of Doom 3

...Seeing a game in a new light after 8 years of different experiences is "flip-flopping" now?

Watering down the term much?

this is odd the poll mostly loves him but the comments dislike him, weird.

Not really. There's not much to discuss unless you have a problem, so people who are fine with ZP tend to just answer the poll and leave.

I still enjoy ZP, for the record, but I have little to say as to why. He's always had lazy/bad episodes, so that's not new, some of his jokes aren't funny, but that's not new.

Yeah still enjoy it.
I think he is still as good as ever and I enjoy the puns and information on games he gives, even if they might be a bit blurr at times.
I noticed he has started to have a 5 second summary at the end in some videos were he actually sais if he thinks it's worthwile getting or not.
But might just be me...

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