Poll: Do You Still Like ZP?

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Gorilla Gunk:
I haven't enjoyed his videos as much lately. His last review was especially bad. Flip-flopping on his opinion of Doom 3, completely misinterpreting why people criticized him for naming MW3 and BF3 his 'Worst Games of 2011,' using the "I'm older than you so I know better" card, etc. It was just embarrassingly bad.

He really is just unpleasable. He complains about there being no good survival horror games and when he's given one (Siren: Blood Curse) he shits all over it. He complains about realistic grey/brown shooters and when he's handed some fun, colorful, and decidedly unrealistic shooters like Borderlands 2 and Bulletstorm he shits on them as well. He rages against sequels and reboots for merely having the audacity to exist yet the one game he can never shut the fuck up about is a sequel itself and some of his other favorites are sequels and reboots as well.

Did Yatzee stab your favorite game? just because he doesn't like the game you like doesn't make it a game you can't enjoy, if it does you need help way beyond anything I know of.

Misinterpreting why people criticized him for nameing the kings of shit, as such? MW and BF are stagnating in their own piss ((I am hoping COD:BO 2 decided to change up the formula by being so BALLS OUT INSANE,)) Borderlands is not a fun game in my book either, but yet my friend keeps playing it,

Now, I LOVE, FUCKING ADORE, Ghost Recon online, and i only played 15 minutes of it (Computer too suckky to play any more)) but if YZ got ahold of it, he would be complaining about the cover based shooting and the like, But again, at that point I have already agreed to have Ghost Recon's little spunk babbies and nothing he can say can change it, if he has FUNNY points I STILL LAUGH MY ASS OFF.

Long ass rant short,

Your view is skewed, He hates Cover Based shooting. He hates sight seeing tours. he hates games that break up the pacing of the shooting for you to look through 20+ boxes for slightly better guns. He loved Painkiller, He loved Prince of Persia, He loved Silent hill 2, Saying he hates all games is like if I said Ghost Recon Online sucks because its cover based shooting has been done offline better

Yes ghost recon online I will suck your Dickoff

No I don't think its because he shit on to many games he likes it's Yahtzee we don't come to see if he liked that game, we would go to an actual review for that stuff we come to be entertained and he has become un-entertaining I came to this sight for Yahtzee but I have stayed for the other things.

I don't enjoy it as much as when I first discovered it, and then for some time. I don't know what it is, maybe it was how he used to include music to each episode.. or a different style.. but I definitely enjoyed it more then.

this is odd the poll mostly loves him but the comments dislike him, weird.

anyway, no not really, I don't think he's that funny, razor fist is way better, although even he is starting to get a lot worse.

I noticed the poll/comments divination I guess some people didn't notice the poll or something.

my only issue with ZP is that yahtzee can't seem to review something other than shooters. If anything while ZP is still quite enjoyable he needs to give the genre a long break. Its gone from what will he review next, To what shooter will he make fun of next. Its getting old, stale, and quite predictable. Other Gernes exist besides shooting Yahtzee!

How many pop music recordings are actually in the public domain though?

Why does it have to be pop?

my only issue with ZP is that yahtzee can't seem to review something other than shooters. If anything while ZP is still quite enjoyable he needs to give the genre a long break. Its gone from what will he review next, To what shooter will he make fun of next. Its getting old, stale, and quite predictable. Other Gernes exist besides shooting Yahtzee!

Maybe that's because alot of games these days are shooters.

OT: Yes I still find him funny. His XCOM:EU review is actually pretty damn funny and is one of my favorites (that may detiorate over time).

I do like them still, but like everyone my love for it has greatly shrunk down. I mean, it's only five minutes long, it's simple, it's funny, it's relevant to my interests, so why not watch it? I just never look forward to Wednesdays as much as I did, sometimes I forget to watch the video for a few weeks and catch up when I have the urge.

somtimes....I get sick of it, but then I'm rather sensitive to people criticising what I like

I prefer his columns because they seem more constructive...he's spot on about why online isnt better because its online

He's hit-or-miss for me. Sometimes he still cracks me up (just about any time he reviews an MMO, especially), and sometimes I backclick from boredom. But he's been hit-or-miss for a long time, IMO, it's not a new trend.

Jimquisition is keeping me here far more religiously than Yahtzee is anymore.

I think we just get used to things too quickly.
Sure the poll says we like his, but the thing is we like him enough to keep liking him, but not enough to beloving him.

There is no joke answer for someone like me who has never seen an episode of ZP. Maybe with all the hype there is for it I should watch som- Oh look a distraction! I dont have time to watch!

this is odd the poll mostly loves him but the comments dislike him, weird.

anyway, no not really, I don't think he's that funny, razor fist is way better, although even he is starting to get a lot worse.

Ah, that is an easy one, it is because the people who still like Zero Punctuation, which according to the poll is the vast majority, really have nothing to complain about...thus...they don't feel the need to write anything. But the few people who don't like it..well...you know what they say, angry people just love talking about how angry they are.

I have noticed changes in Yahtzee's style over the years and honestly I don't laugh as hard, but that's not because it's not funny. It's just that I've been around his style of humour for a long while. I still enjoy it though and when laugh-out-loud joke comes around that's extra joy for the day.


How many pop music recordings are actually in the public domain though?

Why does it have to be pop?

Well being recognisable (ie pop music) have been half of the appeal of them, plus it would use up a lot of his time trawling through public domain recordings to find something appropriate or topical each week.

Actually I'm unsure if that many recordings are actually in the public domain; if he was doing it as a hobby project for free, then it'd be less tricky, because he'd only need permission, but because he gets paid for it (and of course, he should) then using licenced recordings becomes thorny.

I'm going to go for the 'spicy food' approach some witty Escapist came up with - I used to laugh until I cried at some reviews and I even went back to those same reviews recently without remembering the bits which made me laugh so hard and I barely chuckled.

I still think ZP is the best series on the website and there are some videos which occasionally make me laugh to this day - I just think I'm far too used to the 'style' of Yahtzee's reviews to have the same delight after almost four years of watching them at least once a week.

Considering I go off of most internet series in a few months, I think he's done pretty darn good at holding the attention of magpies such as myself.

Yes I do. ZP is currently the only show on this website that I watch regularly. Not all episodes are equally funny, but then again that's almost impossible.

Honestly I'll still watch it, but I know it's hit or miss a lot of the times. I just think that it's now not up to par with other escapist shows.

Ehh... hit and miss. There's certainly a lot less effort on Yahtzee's part. Perhaps he's planning to move on.

Why yes, I do like Charlie Brooker.

He has good arguments and presents them in a highly enjoyable manner, but it got old a long time ago for me. It just seems like he riffs on the game to please the crowd, so it results in nitpicking. Annoying nitpicking. Especially when he's flat-out wrong but doesn't realize it.

I do- watch it religiously, in fact. My faviourite regular humour video.

I don't really think "Yahtzee isn't fair to games he personally didn't like" is a good reason to dislike the show, he's like the Top Gear of gaming- you aren't really watching it for a critical analysis of a product, you just want to laugh hearty.

I can't help the feeling the people just get extremely butt-hurt over the games he rags on. He's ripped into games that I enjoy (Darksiders, Dishonored, etc) but still all his points on those game's are 100% true (Death is a git/thalidomide baby, Corvo has as much personality as a sponge, etc).

But seeing as how I don't have a job where I have to play a game every other week, I can let my standards slide. Once gaming becomes your job it isn't so much fun to play them anymore.
Plus I think he's passion is writing his books now, which he has had more of an inclination towards.

If I'm ever on the fence about a game he tends to either turn me away from it (Catherine) or make me buy it (Spec Ops: The Line). Personally I watch all his reviews, because as much as somebody hates/dislikes a lot of games, it makes the games they do like stand out a lot more. It's this 'LIKE ALL THE GAMES' attitude that has reviewers handing out scores from 7 to 10.

I still like it but he's not as creative as he once was. This may be a poor example but I haven't seen a bat of frozen stupid in a while.

One of his latest reviews was one of the funniest I've heard so far (can't remember which one). So yes, I still love Zero Punctuation.

IMO, it's like spicy food. After a while, you build up a tolerance to it. So, it's not the food that's changed, it's you.

So, do I still like ZP? Yes. I no longer have to pause the video to allow time to breath, but it's still good.

yeah, same here. used to piss myself laughing, but like anything good, eventually it loses that effect, but that doesn't make it bad necessarily.

Gorilla Gunk:
He really is just unpleasable.

He's not at all, he's just doing his job. I remember after his review of Psychonauts (I believe), where he stated that when he's nice about a game his videos get a poor reception. What people don't seem to understand is that he's not a reviewer. He's a comedian. A lot of the things he says may come across as hypocritical because they're not actually his opinions on the matter. He's paid to pull in viewers, and the only way he does this is by shitting on the game. It's not pettiness or stubborness, it's just a guy doing what he's paid to do.

My apologies if someone has already pointed this out, I can't honestly be bothered to read through all the pages and keep a record xD

In my experience, if I watch a bunch of ZP videoes in a row his humour starts wearing a bit thin but one or two at a time and I enjoy the the videos; weekly releases I think are perfect.

I pretty well have the exact taste in games he does too.

I haven't really liked the show all that much in the last year. Then again, there hasn't really been a game I've given a shit about in the last year. I don't think he's less funny, I think he has just had terrible material to work with lately. Not really his fault. When something worth caring about comes out, he'll put out a review I care to watch.

I still find him amusing but I think I'd line to see ZP branch out into other areas (like a video version of extra punctuation. It doesn't even have to be funny, I find game related discussion interesting enough).

I do still enjoy ZP a lot.
Yeah i don't laugh much, but he still has enough crowning moments of Awesome (His Spec Ops Review)to seem like someone i would want to keep listening regardless or not if i find myself rolling on the floor or not.

I've become apathetic to it to the point that I don't watch it anymore, but it has nothing really to do with any problems within the show itself (since they've existed right from the beginning when the show was created) but more to do with me just getting bored from watching the series for too long, to the point that I'm just dis-sensitized to it, if that makes any sense .

Got to admit, I like the way he operates, specifically in that he doesn't give scores to games, IGN gives fairly decent reviews, but as soon as the 'score' pops up you're just like, "What the fuck? It doesn't deserve that high/that low!?!?"
That's because when you're given a 100-point scale like the one IGN uses, you're almost certainly going to misjudge what it actually deserves.
What's the distinction between an 8.1 and an 8.2? How did you determine that this game deserved that extra 0.1? I like 5-point scales, like Empire Mag, because when you only have 5 options for a game's score, the audience knows pretty clearly what it means; 1: Terrible, 2: Bad, 3: Average, 4: Good, 5: Great
But back to the OP, yes, I find Yahtzee hilarious and I've been tuning in every week for both ZP and EP since my fateful stumbling upon his review of Minecraft two years ago, (imo his best review)

The thing I miss most with the old ZP episodes, are the music that he picked out for the start and end.

Now we have to deal with the stupid Escapist music intro... blarg. Way to go on kill creativity Escapist...

I actually like him more now than I used to.
I'm apparently one of the few who didn't come to this site for ZP. I came because a source I loved featured The Escapist in a list of more thoughtful video game websites.

I gave ZP a try when I first came around, but I really was here for the articles. I just either didn't know the games he did videos on or he just didn't really resonate with me. Nowadays, I feel he's become more well-rounded. I mean, the toilet humor is still there, but there are lots more thoughtful criticism as well. Just check out his FPS rant in his last video.

I still love ZP but like every celebrity, musician, comedian, radio host etc. his older stuff is his best work.
Hell I must have built up a tolerance because I showed my cousin one of his newer episodes recently and he was laughing like I did when I first saw the show.
I would love to pick up mog world and jam but I'm a little broke right now

So in short still really funny not as good as it use to be (but nothing ever really stays like that)

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