Do You Still Enjoy Zero Punctuation?
88.3% (2073)
88.3% (2073)
4.9% (116)
4.9% (116)
Very Little
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0.8% (18)
Not as Much
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5.2% (122)
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Poll: Do You Still Like ZP?

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I still love ZP but like every celebrity, musician, comedian, radio host etc. his older stuff is his best work.
Hell I must have built up a tolerance because I showed my cousin one of his newer episodes recently and he was laughing like I did when I first saw the show.
I would love to pick up mog world and jam but I'm a little broke right now

So in short still really funny not as good as it use to be (but nothing ever really stays like that)

I own mogworld. It's okay - like Terry Pratchett but definitely nowhere near as good at what he does.

I tend not to watch every single one as it comes out like I used to, but I still have a chuckle when I do watch them. So on that basis, it's probably a yes.

I still watch ZP religiously (and also make sure to read Extra Punctuation most weeks as an appetiser) but I'll admit that Yahtzee has... not exactly jumped the shark, but his videos from 1-2 years ago had a lot more flair and passion in them. Nowadays he just seems to fall back on swearing and mangling metaphors.

I'm not going to sugarcoat it, the dude is slipping.

He's never been an especially good critic but this aspect of the show has honestly hit an embarrassing rock bottom. Merely acknowledging a crippling set of biases doesn't excuse you from them and neither does it distract from your inane, inarticulate overly hyperbolic insights, ripped straight from the cliff notes of the modern gamer zeitgeist almost as if he was trying to appeal to a popular opinion (though that leads to a "who's influencing who" discussion.)

But as a comedian he's certainly still amusing enough for his journalistic failings to be irrelevant, even if he's starting to show signs of slowing down. ZP was never laugh out loud funny so one could argue that the slip in quality here is negligible and I would probably agree. It's juvenile, it's immediate and it's about as subtle as the meme hopping internet-public will allow it to be but it makes the best out of the confines of those very unflattering descriptors.

I still find him funny, like I always had. I do believe he's been through some boring reviews before, like small boring patches of reviews, but that's to be expected. He can't continously top himself, no one can. Warfighter wasn't really funny but it was nice to watch, his XCOM one was really funny, etc.

After Assassin's Creed 3, I'm sure that ZP's gone and started the run for the ramp above the shark.

I've now since deduced that since Yahtzee gave Halo Reach points for being Bungie's finale, that'll be referenced in the Halo review, where he criticises it for, I don't know, solving a plot arc? He'll certainly not mention the multiplayer or Spartan Ops lovingly crafted by 343, purely since he doesn't like multiplayer.

Honestly, I'm in that point of when you're interested in something where you'll check it up, but you just don't care anymore.

I like zero punctuation in a totally different way now. Not a "haha" way but a "hmmmm, good point" way.

Games lately have become quite....shitty to me. Very few games (if any at all) now actually do anything for me. It's like I have started to see the world through yahtzee's eyes somehow as the points that he makes for said games are exactly how I feel about them.

Take his review of Assassin's Creed 3 as an example, it's not even Assassin's creed anymore. Since Revelations it has stopped being about assassins altogether, they should just rename it to "Adventurer's creed" or something because the main goal here is definitely not assassinating anyone.

A possible reason for why I have become so cynical of games lately is because I have become older and matured allot since I first started watching ZP.

"Still like"? It's basically the only reason I even come to this site. And sometimes navigating this horribly designed Apple wank web design isn't even worth it (thank you RSS feeds)

I still like him, he still has soome videos that are major hits and make me laugh as much as his old ones.
But honestly the main reason I watch Yahzee is for the opinions since he seems to be such a harsh critic that if he says a game si good it is usually really really good.

i've been watching Zero Punctuation since day 1 and i still find him funny. i dont take him seriously even if he bashes my favorite games, he does have good points about "brown shooters" though. its his opinion anyways and its his comedy style to just diss everything, if you dont like it just turn around and walk away :)

also, yah he always goes back to praising Silent Hill but hey, if you love a game very much well, of course you're going to use it as an example for your opinion.

Well like most people on this site, I came here because of Yahtzee. I used to watch his videos regularly.

Now, not so much. It's not that I hate the guy now, I'm just losing interest in his show.

Croshow's schtick, I don't really mind. He's got a thing that gives him viewers, so he plays it up. The only related thing about him that gets my biscuits burned are those who hold him up as some sort of new demigod of gaming wisdom.

I like it more when he hates on games that I hate too. Warfighter and Assassin's Creed 3 :DDD

But yes it does get a litle stale after time.

I believe that he is just as good as he was before. Problem is that I got used to him and his humor.

However, now the fact thatI don't constantly laugh during ZP helps me realize what a smart reviewer he is. One of the best if you ask me, actually.

Gorilla Gunk:
Flip-flopping on his opinion of Doom 3

What's wrong with changing your opinion on something? People change their minds all the time.

He really is just unpleasable. He complains about there being no good survival horror games and when he's given one (Siren: Blood Curse) he shits all over it.

The key word there is "good" and whether or not something is good is highly subjective. Just because it's a genre Yahtzee likes doesn't mean every survival horror game is good in his eyes.

He complains about realistic grey/brown shooters and when he's handed some fun, colorful, and decidedly unrealistic shooters like Borderlands 2 and Bulletstorm he shits on them as well.

See my previous reply. It really sounds like you're complaining because he doesn't like what you like, which is incredibly childish.

He rages against sequels and reboots for merely having the audacity to exist yet the one game he can never shut the fuck up about is a sequel itself and some of his other favorites are sequels and reboots as well.

There are exceptions to every rule.

OP: He's not as good as he used to be but he still uploads a good video most weeks.

I do feel that Yahtzee has used up most, if not all, ZP material. But i still sit down every Wednesday after school to watch it, as it still entertains me.

HOWEVER: Yahtzee's new book (Jam) is great, I am almost finished and things are getting intense.

this is odd the poll mostly loves him but the comments dislike him, weird.

Not really. Its the internet, people like to talk about being angry more than about being happy.


this is odd the poll mostly loves him but the comments dislike him, weird.

Not really. Its the internet, people like to talk about being angry more than about being happy.

Also there is more to talk about if you have a negative reaction (it was bad for A,B,C reasons) over a positive reaction (I liked it). People seem to not question why they like something as much as why they dislike something, or it might not be as immediately obvious why you like a game compared to why you don't.

On Topic: I don't think he is as good as he used to be. It just seems less insightful and inspired and more bilespewing, like his heart isn't in it. Mind you I'm like that with a lot of thing, they grow less and less funny over time so it might be just me.

I think Yahtzee's reviews are directly related to his relationship with a game, either its subculture ore the game itself.

See: Duke Nukem Forever, Kane & Lynch 2, XCOM, all the Fables for his best work.

See: FIFA for where you can obviously tell he couldn't be arsed about the game.

Yahtzee's been through so many games now, I believe, that it's hard for him to get excited about certain releases enough to make good reviews about them.

I've liked them more recently, actually

come for the ZP stay for the ZP. i really enjoy the videos, is it as exciting as before, maybe not, not sure. but he has done a few hundred videos and its always top quality comedy.

The main reason why I watch his videos and read EP is that he's the rare critic that focuses on the glass half empty side of everything. That hasn't been compromised lately, just the quality of games he's played.

He has his bias' like any critic. Like all critics, their best when you're fully aware of their strengths and weaknesses so you know when to turn off your brain when they stray into their bug bears.

His main one is multiplayer that stems from his social anxiety. Someone with severe problems with it is not the best be taken on their word and there are several other things that are like this due to his personality.

I've never found him gut bustingly funny, just always amusing. with that in mind I do not find his videos declining in quality because they seem to be the same across the board, the only difference is the quality game he's reviewing. Either extreme on the scale is fun to trash, but the middle road is hard to make fun of, only be disappointing at.

I watch him and still like him, not for opinions but for the inherent charm in listening to an angry British person rant.

Things I really disagree with him on.

1: The idea that web-swinging around an open world is the only reason to really play a Spider-Man game. He claims he likes how they treat web-swinging like an extreme sports game. The problem with that? If I wanted to play an extreme sports game, I'd play an extreme sports game. I play a superhero game to beat people up. He suggests for Spider-man 2 it would be wise to get through the story missions and just play in the huge open world. I did this, and I got real bored real fast.

2. He spreads the idea the idea that the early Monkey Island games are inherently better then the later Monkey Island games. The early games aren't worse, but they aren't that much better.

3. His complaints about Nintendo's general business strategy. He complains that new Mario, new Zelda, new Metroid, and others come out too often. I say it is not Nintendo itself that has the fans but Nintendo's franchises that has the fans. To reword what Yahtzee has complained about, Nintendo has created several gaming franchises that sell like crazy each time new installments come out, and hes upset about them every once in awhile coming out with new installments. Of course Ninetendo is going to do this! Congratulations man, you're complaining about Nintendo not being business morons. The way things are now, some gamers are somewhat upset at Nintendo, claiming Nintendo is holding gaming back as a medium, but if Nintendo stopped doing this, the fans who actually regularly make them money would be majorly pissed off. There could be more then on average two games per console, and It's not like Nintendo doesn't try new stuff occasionally, (Creating Pikmin, Publishing Eternal Darkness) but when they do it is always a gamble on whether or not they will sell. (Eternal Darkness sold way less then it should have.)

Yep. Definitely. Good review / bad review... I still find it funny. It's an old example, but I absoloutely love the game Wet and even though Yahtzee slated it, it's one of my favorite ZP videos.
Movie Bob on the other hand...

I still enjoy it. I still prefer those extremist reviews, I mean those which games he really loved or he really hated. When it's a so-so game, well, I don't expect much of a review, so I'm not disappointed.

You have to consider that the industry hasn't really advanced much, so the releases for 2012 weren't so far jaw dropping, and that shows.

I think he should take a week to review something he really wants for a change, instead of sticking to release schedule.

I always chuckle at how seriously people take ZP.

Personally I view it nothing more than a comedy piece, sometimes with fair points but usually taken to such extremes it renders the whole absolutely useless as legitimate criticism, firmly placing it in the absurdist category.

I found it quite funny years ago and still do, keeping in mind I have never been a weekly consumer.

Captcha; mark it zero.


Oh yes, the other thing that is very amusing; diehard ZP fans who change their tune when Yahtzee rips into a game they like or love.

The conflict expressed is brilliant to witness.

Yeah I still like Zero Punctuation. Yahtzee is one of my favourite contributors and I look forward to his new review every Wednesday.

It seems like people stop liking it when they get butthurt about a game they like. I really enjoy game criticism and I enjoy comedy and he's untouchable as far as those two things go. He has said before he doesn't just want to review games and assign numbers to them--he actually wishes to criticize.

There's a huge difference in reviewing and criticism. He isn't IGN or Gamespot. He isn't there to tell you the overall picture. He's there to CRITICIZE it. And hopefully get some laughs in the process.

ZP is still the first thing I watch when I get home on Wednesdays after work and in terms of growing "games are art" movement, I think Yahtzee is at the forefront even if he's doing so with a heavy hand.

Its alright.

I sometimes have to wonder if the humor is really just the combination of the English accent and the overall speed. Honestly any more seems like there is entirely too much I find myself laughing at and then a split second later wondering why. Sort of like a laugh track, in reverse, or through watching years of episodes attaining a level of Pavlovian conditioning to his style.

I would like to think Jim Sterling is far better and funnier, but I find it so hard to do so knowing he has basically ripped off both my ideology and sense of humor.. GET OUTTA MAH HEAD!!!!! So yeah, hard to get really amped up about things I thought years ago =)

But even if Yahtzee has lost a step over the years... at least it is still a world more enjoyable than anything offered up by Movie-Bob. Bob works for the escapist for free... doesnt he :D

The problem is as many people have stated that Croshaw has kinda lost interest in it over the years, the basic premise being: "You have five minutes to review a video game as snarkyly as possible" he only really seems to point out the subtitles in the game itself when the contribute to the make factor of the game.

the second issue as he said in an interview is thats its a job now, not something that he's utterly passionate about making each video as unique as possible and the other reason being that (I feel) he has less time to craft a quality script to pack in as much information as possible about the game.
His work schedule (for Australians and other aliens in the same timezone) is get games whenever, decide to play game a little, pick one for ZP to review, start Thursday, finish monday, take notes and hammer into some kind of recognisable script, send off to be edited/producered, animate, finish script, finish animation, record vox for video, edit vox (which ends up as a pain in the arse sometimes).
When you add on running the Manna bars, Extra Punctuation, any other media commitments he has to fulfil, its amazing he has anytime for passion projects like poacher or his novels, of course he might be an insomniac as the poor guy has dealt with some depression recently.

The closest Comparison I can find is a person called Spike Milligan, which better illustrates what I imagine his schedule must be like.

Also to all those people who think he has an Australian accent, Croshaw is a brit living in Oz, with a British accent.

I said Yes, as I still love his reviews for the comedy writing. Perhaps there haven't been so many classic videos lately, but I still look forward to them.

Oh as for them being reviews, I don't pay a blind bit of attention to whether he likes or hate a game. I actually like when he rips apart a game I enjoy :)

I still perceive Yahtzee as a reviewer first and I find his opinion interesting. I still come here every Wednesday to check his latest review and if the show were to stop, then I'd probably be even less frequent here on the site.

i don't laugh hysterically anymore, I guess because I'm used to the style after that m,any episodes, but I still enjoy it every week.

I still enjoy the videos, but then, I never really took Yahtzee's critiques seriously. I always mentally stamped them "For entertainment purposes only" because, if I really took them seriously, I wouldn't play any game at all (pessimistic cynicism is just as much a distortion of reality as naive optimism. I used to be young, too, so I know how it can sound like truth; however, as you get older, you come to realize it's not. Reality almost always lies somewhere in the middle).

His earliest videos are much more humorous, in my opinion, because they don't feel like they're trying so hard to be a gamer curmudgeon; they feel more like a real opinion of the game rather than a forced rant for the sake of ranting. The ones today sometimes feel like he's just shitting on a game just to shit on it. It may also be that he's doing one every week, rather than every 2-3 weeks like in the earlier days, and he's becoming strained to provide a real quality critique on that schedule; plus, with the books and the bar, I can imagine his time is stretched thin.

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