Do You Still Enjoy Zero Punctuation?
88.3% (2073)
88.3% (2073)
4.9% (116)
4.9% (116)
Very Little
0.8% (18)
0.8% (18)
Not as Much
5.2% (122)
5.2% (122)
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Poll: Do You Still Like ZP?

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I still enjoy them, I don't generally laugh at anything like I used to.

They are still funny as all hell when under the influence of specific substances though.

Nothing has really changed, some episodes are funnier than others. I still watch and enjoy ZP whenever a new episode is up.

Yup. Still one of the funniest things on the internet. Still one of the highlights of my web-browsing week. Hope ZP stays the course.

This is a tough one, I still like it, but it isn't as funny as it once was. I think its over exposure perhaps? I never expect Yahtzee to like a game, he even commented himself that when he liked Portal he got complaints from people who wanted to hear him hate on things. To an extent I think he hates on things because it's what the audience expects. He gave quite a bit of shit to Just Cause 2 in his review, then gave it one of his games of the year for that year. Personally I watch his videos for creative insults and amusing turns of phrase, for actual reviews I will go elsewhere. I do read Extra Punctuation, that seems to be more about making a point than taking the piss.

I still enjoy them very much, even though I no longer laugh as much as in the beginning. That is perfectly normal to me, though. He's been making one almost every single week for over five years. We basically know everything about his game-related opinions already, and we got used to his style of humor.

The games coming out these days certainly don't help. How many times can you make jokes about cover-based shooting before it stops being funny?

But as long as he enjoys doing them - and I believe he still does - I'll still watch and enjoy them. Jimquisition is my favorite Escapits show now, though.

I still like it, but I gotta admit, on Wednesdays now I'm more excited about getting a new Feed Dump.

Yes. I still like it.

Most episodes are at least fun, and sometimes Yahtzee makes a jewel. Like that 'review' of Fifa 13 X3

Well, much as I would love to offer an opinion, I can't, because currently my ZP experience goes as thus:

1) Click on ZP video
2) Sit through unwanted pain-in-the-ass-Windoze 8-advert
3) Get ZP video with no fucking sound.
4) Goto 1)

He's always been a novelty but it has worn off a little...

I still like it, but Yahtzee's lost his shock humour for me because I've watched it so much

I mostly only ever come here for Zero Punctuation. It's all I have to look forward to during the week.

(that and Jimquisition)

IMO, it's like spicy food. After a while, you build up a tolerance to it. So, it's not the food that's changed, it's you.

So, do I still like ZP? Yes. I no longer have to pause the video to allow time to breath, but it's still good.

Awesome analogy.

I too still enjoy it. There are still some reviews that still make me laugh (Duke Nukem, Fifa2013, Halo 4, Orange Box), but I know what you mean. It does start to get a little old after awhile

How can you live without Yahtzee? He is the only chance to see a big reviewer lash out at AAA titles that would never ever get bad rap from sellout sites such as IGN and Gamespot.

this is odd the poll mostly loves him but the comments dislike him, weird.

Only people who don't like him have any motivation to leave a comment.

I liked his videos when I first discovered him. I still like them now. There isn't really anything to explain there. *shrug*

I used to absolutely love it, watching them all. Then I got bored and didn't watch it for a while. I've watched the past few, but keep finding myself thinking "oh, shut up" and closing it halfway through.

I used to find him funny, but now the way he just moans about everything really grates on me. I don't think the quality of the show has changed though, and he's obviously still entertaining lots of people, so I guess I must have just changed or got tired of it.

Gorilla Gunk:
I haven't enjoyed his videos as much lately. His last review was especially bad. Flip-flopping on his opinion of Doom 3, completely misinterpreting why people criticized him for naming MW3 and BF3 his 'Worst Games of 2011,' using the "I'm older than you so I know better" card, etc. It was just embarrassingly bad.

He really is just unpleasable. He complains about there being no good survival horror games and when he's given one (Siren: Blood Curse) he shits all over it. He complains about realistic grey/brown shooters and when he's handed some fun, colorful, and decidedly unrealistic shooters like Borderlands 2 and Bulletstorm he shits on them as well. He rages against sequels and reboots for merely having the audacity to exist yet the one game he can never shut the fuck up about is a sequel itself and some of his other favorites are sequels and reboots as well.

1) He didn't say he knew better because he was older, he was biting back at people who said he didn't know what a shooter was; despite the fact he is old enough to have been around for the glory days of the FPS.

2) Siren: Blood Curse WAS a bad game. Just because it was an old school survival horror game, does not mean it was good. Borderlands 2 is good, but I can see how he didn't like; same goes for Bulletstorm.

3) Silent Hill 2 pushes the boundaries of what constitutes a sequel. It's very different from its predecessor (new story, characters, lore, etc), to the point where it could almost be considered a new IP; albeit one which drew influence from the original game.

Also, I still really enjoy ZP. It's rarely laugh out funny any more, but it has been going for a few years and is no longer fresh or cutting edge. I consider Yahtzee, along with Charlie Brooker and Noah Antwiler, to be a great influence on my own writing.

I still like it but it's more fun having Yahtzee play a genera he likes instead of the bland paste we call shooters these days.

If you expect Yahtzee to like the game you're gonna have a bad time.

Just enjoy the humour.

I like him, like I liked the Nostalgia Critic, it was a weekly laugh at things that I enjoy whether it gets ripped to shreds or hailed as a classic, I just enjoy watching people find ways to blow it up. And sew as many silly lines of adjectives and verbs to the pillowcase as possible.

He's a reliable source of a giggle, and I can't ask for anything better, some are better than others but I certainly couldn't do any more than what he does. So I say here's to more Zero Punctuation. *raises glass*

David Huff:
So for a while now I just haven't been enjoying Zero Punctuation I don't know why it just doesn't make me laugh or even smile anymore, whats you opinion sorry if this had been done before and your tired of it but I haven't seen any. EDIT: I added two more choices after reading the comments and want people to have more freedom of choice than before,sorry for any inconveniences this causes.

I voted 'Very Little' - woohoo super minority!

I did like it a while back, but something happened, I'd say this year, it might be mostly centered around he doesn't review games properly (you don't yahtzee, don't pretend you do) which didn't bother me so much when there was enough humour to cover it up, but when the humour is based on a failed game mechanic, which he just failed at using, especially because he has a shit pc or is using it on a console when the pc version doesn't have that problem, it starts to drag

*looks through library for last ZP recalled seeing* Diablo 3 or E3 2012, somewhere around there, maybe the lollipop game, but it didn't ring too many bells.

idk, he clearly would have to put effort into the videos, but if he spent a bit more time on the games (and on games I want to play to come to think of it) and a little less on the videos themselves, it might improve them, who knows, the latest ones might be as great as some of his classics, I guess it's been long enough to give him another chance.

But he did go from, 20+ awesome jokes per vid, to 2-3 awesome jokes, with many lame ones.

Not sure if it's due to me becoming acclimated to his sense of humour/video style or an actual measurable decline in humour - the former seems more likely, but maybe he's not as into it any more either - but I think I'm appreciating his humour a bit less. I think the all-limerick Wolfenstein episode was one of the peaks in my ZP experience - maybe more off the wall episodes like that would renew the spark of funny. :)

Still like, still watch, but the older ones were funnier.

I think it may be creative fatigue, and he would probably argue that's what the videogame industry is going through. Might not make me laugh as hard as they used to, but ZP is still consistently entertaining in my opinion. That's more than most people who make internet videos can boast.

At least he updates once a week.

Personally I think his videos are funnier when I have played the game hes reviewing, its funnier when you have seen the things he is making fun of.

Oh, you ignorant little bastard. Stick your balls up your ass and clench yourself castrated.

Yahtzee never left. He was always around to bestow upon such wonderfully colored insults.

I wouldn't say I "don't enjoy it" so much as "I haven't watched it in like a year and a half".

Its rarely funny any more but I still watch it.

I really wish that i could erase any memory of me watching Zero Punctuation so that i could actually laugh again.

Still good though.

It's a hell of a lot better than watching Jimquisition.

I still like Zero Punctuation but I do have a few gripes with the show. While Yahtzee is funny, to mee he seems to be a better comedian than critic. His 'reviews' (He doesn't like to call himself a reviewer, but instead refers to himself as a critic) lack substance and it feels like the ranting is mostly played for laughs. At the end of a review I mostly don't know if actually he likes a game or not.

His endless nitpicking makes me feel that he makes a game seem a lot worse than he actually thinks. He said in his Bioshock review that people didn't like it if he was nice to a game, so I think he keeps nitpicking for the sake of keeping it entertaining. I don't think a critic should focus only on the negative things (Critic =/= Cynic) and I think Yahtzee's reviews would really improve if he actally justifies why he likes or dislikes a game and actually tells us some positive things or what could be improved or what elssons can be learned for future games. I think that he actually shows his real opinion more in Extra Punctuation than in Zero Punctuation.

I think it's been getting MORE funny over the years, actually.

Granted some episodes are more hilarious than others, but the past year and a half have had some LEGENDARY moments.

Stuff like "But it's still a good-HANGONTHEPROTAGONISTHASABEAAAAARD!! What did you do with the rest of the body Insomniac?!?!"

and "Isn't there something PROACTIVE we can do? You know, dress up all the soldiers in wigs and make then stand around going 'AHEM! I hope nothing interrupts this LOVELY PICNIC!!'"


And my personal favorite:

Very Little

Absolutely loved the show for the first 10 or so episodes and then it quickly got old.
I'm interested enough in his opinion and commentary on the negatives of a game to be a regular viewer, but it's been a very long time since any of the episodes have gotten a laugh.

Similar thing goes for Jimquisition.

I love the topics that Jim brings up and his one or two points on the topic. But then he goes all Saturday Night Live and runs his points into the ground for four more minutes while acting like a spoiled child. I know he does this for entertainment but it's not my kind of entertainment.

I personally still really enjoy ZP. I find that people can take his opinion too seriously, especially through reading some of the replies people have posted to this topic.
Yahtzee gives his opinion on games, cracks a few jokes, and makes me laugh. If I disagree with what he says, or he slates a game I love, it doesn't matter. That's his opinion, I have my own.

Just my two pence worth!

Yes, but honestly, I like his books and Let's Plays on his Youtube account better.



Well, much as I would love to offer an opinion, I can't, because currently my ZP experience goes as thus:

1) Click on ZP video
2) Sit through unwanted pain-in-the-ass-Windoze 8-advert
3) Get ZP video with no fucking sound.
4) Goto 1)

That's funny and shitty at the same time.

I don't watch it for the reviews themselves. No offence to Yahtzee, he's a likeable enough fellow, but it's just entertainment. He may as well review rocks, I'd watch it for the amusing/snarky comments, but not on the value of the critique(for me, at least).

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