Bad Sections In Good Games

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We gamers have seen at least one of these, a game that has been kick ass so far then WHAM! a bit that is so shit that it almost kills the game for you. It's late where I am so I'll make mine quick, the Tomb of Giants from Dark Souls. Now give me yours.

The Ending to Mass Effect 3.

Totally obvious.

Okay, something more obscure? I wasn't entirely a fan of the Escort part at the end of Bioshock 1.

Tomb of Giants from Dark Souls.

Honestly, once I had the Skull Lantern (which I made sure to get before I actually delved into the Tomb), I actually didn't mind it nearly as much as the damn Anor Londo Silver Knights. Aside from how creepy it was, the Giant Skeletons and Skeleton Dogs weren't really difficult to kill as long as I knew I wasn't right on a cliff edge. I can see why it would piss off other people though.

OT: Taris from KotOR and Peragus from KotOR II. I love those games, but goddamn if the opening zones aren't some of the worst things I've ever seen before.

Also, The Fade in Dragon Age: Origins and The Library in the first Halo. Long, tedious, and wear out their welcome long before you're through with them.

The amoebas section in Metro 2033. A huge shitpile of a section in an otherwise excellent game. Fuck that.

It's not gameplay related but the Collector's trap in ME2 makes my head hurt out of its sheer stupidity.

The baseball game in Lollipop Chainsaw. All. My. Hate.

The 'Cortana' level in Halo 3, it wasn't really 'bad' so much as it was just frustrating because of how ridiculously difficult it was on the higher difficulties than all the other levels. Still ended up completing it on Legendary but I would groan whenever a friend asked me to help them complete it.

The 2d shooter sections in Shadows of the Damned as well as the 'big boner' turret sections put me off ever completing the game, I can appreciate that they wanted to break up the gameplay a little to make it more interesting but those sections were just annoying as hell.

deus ex HR: the bosses... i don't even need to explain it

The Ending to Mass Effect 3.

Totally obvious.

its not exactly a game section though.....

Mako sections in ME1

and I'm suprised no ones mentioned the fade.....

Lets see...
The original fable, the saving your mum part. Always stop there and make a new game or eff off.
Jet Force Gemini, the awfull backtracking part near the end, so boring its deadly.
Wind Waker, collecting the Triforce shards. A miserable stain on a near perfect game.
There's loads more but i'll leave it as is.

The Max Payne dream sequences. I still can't believe somebody thought that was a good idea.

Even worse than that was the short section near the end of the game where you had to navigate a short coridoor of trip wires whilst goons shot at you.

Sometimes I feel like I'm the only person who actually likes Peragus Mining Facility.

Individual Sections of Half Life 2. The game, when played in long sessions, seamlessly blends together into one epic, nonstop journey, with pitch perfect pacing.

But when you start in the middle of a chapter, it loses all that momentum, and the slow pace lacks the tension that builds up over extended periods of play. It's like, if HL2 was a rope, playing it for a long period increases how taut the line goes, and once you put it down, it just slacks off.

Halo. The Library

oh dear god yes

The Max Payne dream sequences. I still can't believe somebody thought that was a good idea.

I hate that baby scene

XIII - The stealth sections.
Great game, but when it comes to stealth it's pretty damn annoying.

-Everything that happens in Bioshock after Andrew Ryan's death.

-The asteroid shooting section in Dead Space 1 (and the similar boss fight).

-The obnoxiously hard timed gauntlet at the end of Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath.

-The escort mission bit near the end of Half-Life 2: Episode 1.

-The opening tutorial section of Fallout: New Vegas (it's boring).

-The final choice of Fallout 3 (it's retarded).

-Mandatory racing sections in any non-racing game (mostly looking at the GTA games here).

-The mini-game for getting past those Blockhead guys in Okami.

-The Xen levels in Half-Life 1.

I absolutely love all of these games, but those parts all either upset me or just make me groan. The Bioshock and Fallout 3 ones in particular come very close to ruining the rest of the game for me, because I can't get it out of my head as I play those games that all the compelling, fun experiences I'm having are just leading towards a big wad of bullshit. In fact, I've only ever finished both of those games twice despite having started countless different playthroughs of them.

Third stage of IllBleed really dragged down the game for me because of how combat-heavy that stage is and combat in IllBleed is pretty shit.

stealth sections in non stealth games, sewer sections, escort missions

I'll go with the Fade from Dragon Age: Origins that made me hate going to the Mages, at least the PC version could mod it out. It was just so boring and linear, playing as an Ogre was fun but it did get a little old.

Hitman 2 has a few meergh levels; the later levels felt a bit lacklustre, the trio of missions in the desert stand out fer me, never felt Hitman could really work that well in massive open environments, but I think the 'Hidden Valley' mission is the infamous one for that game.

Actually Hitman 2 sort of disappointed me past the first six or seven missions, which are admittedly great. Come to think of it, really had to force myself through some of them.

Kind of off topic, but since sewer levels are probably going to come up; I can't actually think of any game I own in which I dislike the obligatory sewer levels (Mirror's Edge, Half Life 2, Oblivion, Dishonored, Dark Souls etc)

Personally, I hated the Mines of Moria in Lord of the Rings: The Third Age. It was so damn punishing, took me like two days or so just to defeat the Balrog. I swear he was harder than the Eye of Sauron.

Thought of an even worse one:

Big sections in Sonic Adventure.

Don't think I can top that.

Soviet Heavy:
Sometimes I feel like I'm the only person who actually likes Peragus Mining Facility.

You're not alone, I liked it as well. :)

Halo. The Library

deus ex HR: the bosses...


Mako sections in ME1

The Fade in Dragon Age: Origins

All of those, yes.

And I'd add much of the 3rd act of Metal Gear Solid 4. Lucky it's followed by my favorite act. :)

Wow how has Blighttown not been mentioned yet? Such a fucking terrible place, it was lacking the artistic flair of the rest of the game, the enemies were obnoxious, the environment was a clusterfuck of brown and green... Oh and let's not forget you need to go through The Depths to get there, in your first playthrough at least. Frying pan and fires I swear.

Thank god you can use the little back entrance to dodge the entire area and rush the boss who is thankfully the only good thing about the area. Seriously there is no reason to go to The Depths once you walk in and rescue that Pyromancer guy who is in the first room. Unless you really want to fight the easiest boss in the game that badly.

I wonder how much of Dark Souls you can dodge to still beat the game? Isn't there like a 30 minute speed run somewhere? BRB Youtube.

Orzammar + The Deep Roads in Dragon Age Origins.

I love the game, and Orzammar itself isn't terrible, but the whole Orzammar line main quest is wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too long. Especially the Deep Roads.

It's late where I am so I'll make mine quick, the Tomb of Giants from Dark Souls. Now give me yours.

God fucking damn.

I made it all the way to Nito once, and it took me like two and a half hours just to make my way down. By the time I actually got to him, I was in no condition to fight, so I left. I went through the Demon Ruins and Lost Izalith, and stumbled upon the Sunlight Maggot helmet.

I walked back down to Nito and killed him in all of thirty minutes. Not only could I see the path, I could see shortcuts and, thank Christ, a second bonfire.

I hate most anything in Assassin's Creed that isn't running around. I hated the stupid tower-defense shit, I hated the stupid boat battles.

The cutscenes in Final Fantasy X-2. While hilarious, they were quite silly and too full of fan service.

"the password is key, but also mon" "keymon?" "MONKEY!"

"let's all get into those swimsuits we conveniently brought here with us and bathe in the sacred ronso hot springs"

"so, where's my very awkward massage?"

Soviet Heavy:
Sometimes I feel like I'm the only person who actually likes Peragus Mining Facility.

Don't worry, we know how good it is. The others will just miss out. We know how amazingly awesome that atmosphere is.

OT: Level 3 of Star Wars Dark Forces. Holy shit, it has to be the worst sewer level ever. And the trash squids! Nothing but jump scare monsters!

The mini games in Sly Cooper. Having fun platforming? Well, time to stop and do a mandatory no-errors-allowed speedboat section! I hope you like retrying a boring, dull level twenty times!

The Fade in Dragon Age: Origins

Yup, this is probably mine. I love DA:O to bits, I've played through it with all the DLC and the expansion multiple times... but when I realize the Fade is coming up I kind of die a little inside. It's ultimately just far too long a section. It probably takes less time to complete the rest of the Mage's Tower than it does to complete the Fade, especially if you're a completion-ist like me - all those +1 stats are such a pain in the ass to find. Plus all the puzzles aren't challenging, they're more like annoying obstacles opposed to fun challenges.

At least it's kind of fun to run about as a mouse.

A couple little parts of Kingdom Hearts 1, mostly the part in atlantica where you need to wait for the randomly generated dolphin to appear so you can get to the last boss of the level.

Also, the parts in caves in the original pokemon games... and ice areas... god damn I hate pokemons puzzles. I love them, cause they offer something different from the main game but I still kind of hate them.

Oblivion: Main quest- meeting in the sewers put me off from doing main quest for the first time.

Last battle scenes from AC1- those didn't happen.

chasing sequences in the first spiderman game.

Deep roads in Dragon Age springs to mind too.

Strategy games where you have to protect X for Y amount of time.

The baseball game in Lollipop Chainsaw. All. My. Hate.

I hear this a lot is there more than one instance of it? I am up to the last dark purveyor and have only played this game once and must have got lucky I had more trouble with the second basketball game and especially the last game in the videogame arcade place where you have to make your way up the screen not touching anything as its instant death damn that pissed me off.

Final bosses of almost all fighting games in existence but especially Seth and Alpha 152 from SSF4 and DOA4 oh and the annoying one from KOF XIII is in there as well these pretty much ruined the singleplayer for me.

The bike level in battletoads loved the first two levels but damn that bike level kills the game dead I think I only ever got past it once.

QTE in god of war and its sequels just completely wore me down it seemed to kill any enemy I had to do another frikkin qte and dont mess em up on the bosses or you will be punished hard, didnt finish GOW 2 until the 3rd one came out because of it.

The flood in Halo 2 its not really a section but there inclusion was the reason I never replayed the campaign just cant stand fighting them.

Endurance race sections in Burnout 3 the rubber banding AI is complete bullshit here completely broke the game for me how can I get overtaken by a car I smashed 2 seconds ago when I have boost on and am going top speed on a straight, yeah never played the game after that.

The parts in Atlantica in Kingdom Hearts 2. At least in the first game it was fun and there was proper gameplay and fighting, and the underwater fighting was a nice change of pace and gave a new dimension to the gameplay. But in the second game, what do we get? A fucking karaoke contest between Ariel and Sora. Rhythm games. If I wanted to play that I'd get Guitar Hero or Rock Band, which have the added advantage of actually having fun and enjoyable songs in them...

Also, I actually loved The Library in Halo. And Cortana in Halo 3. Those missions on Legendary mode, for me, are the true test of a gamer's skill at Halo - and I aced them both. Hell yeah.

Apart from what has been mentioned already:

- The shout-people-to-death section in Condemned 2. Give me back my melee combat.
- Mexico in Red Dead Redemption. It dragged on waaay toooo looong.
- The gunfights in Sleeping Dogs. Stick to melee combat please.
- Hydro in TF2. Goddamn that map.
- The backtracking sections in Borderlands 2. Pretty annoying.
- Getting the keys in Metroid Prime 1 and 2. Also pretty annoying.

Strategy games where you have to protect X for Y amount of time.

As someone who raised turtling to an art those are the few missions I actually excell at.

few last levels of Dues ex 1.i am looking at you Area 51.

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