Bad Sections In Good Games

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Assassin's Creed 3: New York part 1. It was just an incredibly annoying section of an otherwise great game

Bioshock: The escort mission near the end where you're pretending to be a Big Daddy

Oh, and Desmond's ending in ACIII. I was sooooooooo pissed at him.

Storm Dragon:

-Playing through the Fallout: New Vegas addons with a non-combat character, which basically boils down to sprinting between objectives while shouting, "I'MSORRYFORLOOKINGATYOUFUNNYPLEASEDON'TEATMYFACE!"

I was playing through Old World Blues yesterday. I decided to do some exploring and went inside this building with radioactive good seeping out of it. Inside I found several of those trauma collar wearing skeletons. They were pretty hardy and I didn't want to waste ammunition on them, so I tried leaving the building.

Unfortunately, they all followed me outside, so I tried to use a stealth boy to get away. I was able to get away from them. Suddenly I found myself facing against a group of nightstalkers, so I mowed them down, then suddenly more and more came. Apparently I must have gotten the attention of every single night stalker in the crater, because there didn't seem to be any end to them. Eventually I got overwhelmed and died.

Not a very pleasant experience I must say.

-Physchonauts: The Circus of meat.

-Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. A good game for it's time but then came SNIPERTOWN. You need to reach a King Tiger tank so you can hijack it and you are escorting a tank crew through a bombed out french town. Unfortunately, between you and the tank is the German Armies Crack Sniper Division, all of which are hard to spot and the only way to see if there is a Sniper half the time is to run out and let it shoot at you. Even better, the tank crewmen will often go out of their own accord and get themselves shot, just because they're tired of living. You can lose one of the 4 and still beat the mission but it's still irritating as hell.

-Thief 2: The Metal Age. The Last two or three levels. The two levels just before the final one are pretty much the same one, but you have to do it twice, just because. The Final mission is you running around in a giant factory, playing with machines and dodging robots while the bad guy taunts you over the loudspeaker. It's just as much fun as it sounds.

The miniature helicopter, bomb planting mission in GTA Vice City.

Fuck! Just started playing Vice City for the first time last night, and now I'm up to that mission.

The racing levels and the minigames from Jak 2 made me stop playing for a month. Still loved the game though!

Level 1-58 in World of Warcraft. Lol I know right?? Now guess why I stopped playing that game... and most mmo's.

Seriously though:

-Orzammar/Deep Roads (I would say the Fade but after going back and completing it a few times over it's not that bad)

-The Lava Eco in Metroid Prime. I hope you can still remember that forsaken level. Hell basicly all of the extreme-ecoysystems in Metroid.

-Desmond's sections in every game he's in. Except for AC3, they were actually done right, but still boring.

-Fallout: New Vegas, basicly that game falls apart once you have the Platinum Chip.

-Muted Free Roam mode in GTA IV. You might as well drop your pants and bend over the moment you join a match.

-Torchlight 1- The whole game became a droll sludge of meh-Diablo. Not Torchlight 2 though, that game's awsome.

-Dragon Age 2- After you finish the 2/3 of the game.

-The opening sewers in Oblivion. Don't get me wrong I loved it the first time, but after 20+ or so characters it got pretty tedious.

-In Starcraft... actually basicly every time in a Strategy when you're forced to turtle because there's "an evacuation" or "this thing is charging up".

Bioshock 1 - the escort mission, the little shit had no self preservation instinct whatsoever, also the end cinematic was so fucking cheesy.
Borderlands 2 - those delivery boy quests, I think I failed every single one of them on my first run.
Mass Effect 2 - planet scanning, I would like to meet the people hwo thought it was a good idea and ask them what the hell were they thinking.
Rage - driving, all of it, I stoped playing it because it is necessary to advance in the story and some of the races can only be won if you are lucky as fuck.
Deus Ex Human Revolution - 1st and 3rd bossfight were just shit 2nd one was kinda ok not good by any means but ok.
Batman AA - final bossfight/arena fight thing the PC contols were just so fucking bad.
Crysis - the part after you emerge from the alien ship and have to escort prophet from one burning car to another before he freezes and the part where you have to pilot that fucking futuristic plane thing (vtol?)without those two Crysis would be in my top 5 of shooters.

Manaan in KOTOR 1, or more specifically the diving sections which are incredibly slow,tedious and are not helped by the fact that instead of having combat you just press a button when a shark appears and then continue onward.
Dante's gameplay in DMC4. I hated that you couldn't upgrade your guns like you could in 3 plus most of the devil arms sucked so I was forced to keep using rebellion for the entire game. I also reeeeeally missed Nero's devil buster while fighting some of the more annoying enemies (Chimera I'm looking at you). Then there's the whole repeating the entire game again issue.


Storm Dragon:

-The combat in the first Mass Effect

Partly agree. The combat was definitely awkward and difficult and they improved it massively with ME2, but by the end I'd kind of grown on it. It was kinda endearing in how imprecise it was, more realistic. Although ME1's strength is its storyline, of course.

Yeah, you don't play ME1 for the combat. I must admit, though, that the combat never bugged me until I replayed it after playing ME2, which was a vast improvement in the gameplay department.

Third stage of IllBleed really dragged down the game for me because of how combat-heavy that stage is and combat in IllBleed is pretty shit.

Holy shit. I've gotten used to THe Escapist being mostly filled with gamers loving this generation and the best games of the last one. Never expected to see obscure Dreamcast games appear on the first page of a thread on here. Kudos! :)

Many strategy games have reeeaaaally annoying missions that are artificially hard. They often just have that *one right way* to play it, which defies the basic rules of a strategy games. Can't really remember anything special that hasn't been brought up yet, other than that.

Sewer levels. In every game that I love, there is a sewer level. It's never a good a level.

I bet all of these have already been mentioned... but for me, I'd say these were bad sections in otherwise great games:

1. The Fade in "Dragon Age: Origins"
2. The unconscious sequences in "Max Payne"
3. Mako/Planet Scanning in the "Mass Effect" series
4. The final act of "Mass Effect 3"
5. The Xen areas of "Half Life"

But, to me anyway, the top-dog of bad sections in otherwise great games...

QUICK TIME EVENTS in any game that has ever/will ever use them.

When they introduced the aliens in Crysis ... that was just plain bad

You do realize that's pretty much what Crysis revolves around?

The goddamn Green Bridge mission from Payday: The Heist comes to mind.
Seriously, it's nearly impossible to escape near the end of the mission, especially on higher difficulties.

The cops keep swarming the group, from all sides, and you need to push forward because they won't stop coming.

The huge late-game fetch quest in Wind Waker. That really was not all that fun. :S

But even with that lame stuff, Wind Waker remains my favourite game of all time.

As others have said, Orzammar in Dragon Age: Origins. It stretched on for WAY too long, it bored me to tears and made me realize how linear the game was. I loved the rest of the game though.

Another bad section in a good game is the escort mission in Resonance Of Fate. I still haven't beaten it unfortunately. It's just so stupid, why do I have a protect a statue? Why do these doll things want to destroy it so badly? Why can't I just weld the frame back on if it falls off from taking too much damage? WHY IS THERE AN ESCORT MISSION IN A TURN BASED GAME!?
>_> I loved the game so much till I got stuck on that part.

1. Escorting the little sister in Bioshock
2. The on rails section of Half Life
3. The stealth sections in wind waker
4. The levels in Thief with tonnes of undead enemies
5. The beginning of the ARSEnal gear section of mgs2
6. Robot factory level in Timesplitters 2, my god was that one frustratingly hard.

The sneaking sections in Fall of Cybertron. Primus, they are so boring. Especially considering that they are also an of OOC moment for Cliffjumper. What was he described in Transformers: Prime, released a full two years before this game?

Brash and bold=/= sneaky. Why couldn't he get the grappeling hook rather than Jazz?

The laser turret portion of Dead Space totally kills the momentum of the game and it's nothing like the rest of the game. Rawr, I hate that part!

That car race in GTA: Vice City is a bitch. Actually, most racing sections suck. Hated racing bums in AC.

I can relate to most entry's in this thread, good job guys.

Adding another one, cart driving in any Assassin's Creed, almost rage quit awful.


You guys.

The Rubicon dungeon.

The fucking Rubicon dungeon.

Fuck the motherfucking Rubicon dungeon.

The opening act of Xenosaga Episode I. I know Xenosaga is cutscene heavy as it is, but the opening act has some of the longest and most intrusive cutscenes, plus you're forced to drag around a temp party member who is completely useless.

Recently it was the first quarantined section of Dead Island. That game is pretty fun in my opinion, but as soon as I got into that quarantined section in the second area it felt like I was being punished. The sheer amount of fast paced zombies charging at you relentlessly was overwhelming. And there were plenty of special zombies to go with it too, like the giant straight jacket chargers. I must have died on that one bit about 30-50 times. And bearing in mind I probably only died about 10-15 times before this one section, it felt like such a difficulty spike. In fact it felt like Left 4 Dead, on the hardest difficulty, solo, with a speed debuff and essentially no guns, AND your weapons wear out after about 50 hits.

I haven't played that game since.

Dark Prophet:
Borderlands 2 - those delivery boy quests, I think I failed every single one of them on my first run.

You have to plan your route, that's all. Avoid back tracking.

there was this one part in psy-ops when your in the second tower and there is this circular corridor with a energy wave going by every so often but it goes by just a little too quickly i could never make it.

The Meat Circus. Personally, I don't have a problem with it, but I've heard terrible things and it is abnormally hard.

The last story mission as Connor in AC3 is terrible.

Also the dark cave in Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow I never wanted to teach any of my Pokemon flash because it was a completely worthless move, so I had to capture a Pokemon that could learn it just to get through that twisting maze.

Every single Flood level in Halo. Every game prior to Reach had one dud all-Flood level, and I hate all of them. The Library was astonishingly long, draggy, and dark. High Charity in Halo 2 wouldn't have been as bad if you could just SEE-- flashlights that won't stay on, Halo? Really? Cortana in Halo 3, well, at least you could see where you were going, so that's an improvement, but between those turret-things and the endless dueling Gravemind and Cortana intrusions when you least want them it's easily the level I least want to re-play.

Honorable mention also for the Heretic-leader-killing level in Halo 2, particularly that section where everything is either flashing lights or pitch black and you're trying to figure out which way you're supposed to go, without even the limited-duration flashlight the Chief got.

Any escort quest in any game ever, period. Any water level in any game ever.


Strategy games where you have to protect X for Y amount of time.

As someone who raised turtling to an art those are the few missions I actually excell at.

Gotta love turtle missions in RTS games, like some of the ones in SupCom and SupCom FA. Having to defend something with limited resources is really challenging and fun.

Highway sections in Borderlands 1's "Secret Armory" DLC. I tend to play games in short chunks, not marathon sessions, and having to drive to the missions over and over got really old really fast.

In Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, I hated the da Vinci vehicle sections with their own controller layouts.

In Fallout: New Vegas, the starting "J" you have to go through before the world opens up to you.

I also agree with the dream sequences in ME-3.

Okay, something more obscure? I wasn't entirely a fan of the Escort part at the end of Bioshock 1.

"Hurry up Mr. B!" as she's 15 feet behind you holding you up.

A Smooth Criminal:
The cutscenes in Final Fantasy X-2. While hilarious, they were quite silly and too full of fan service.

"the password is key, but also mon" "keymon?" "MONKEY!"

You mean this? :D

For me, in Psychonauts I really dislike the opera house level (I've never had much of an issue with Meat Circus, I usually get through that without much trouble, shocking I know) I just hate having to constantly go back and forth between night and day, always going up and down that ladder and always missing some script I overlooked, or I can't remember which thing I was supposed to do next. I just found it tedious

Just recently, any chase section in Assassin's Creed III.

Chase sections are bad enough, but they're all kinds of terrible when you have to use a free running system that only seems to send you in the right direction half of the time and you only have about a minute to tackle someone before you fail.

Bonus hate for tacking demented bonus objectives on that are needed for full completion.

Final Fantasy IX: That ONE minigame. You know which one I'm talking about.

Fucking hedgehog pie...

I do know. Fuck that guy's irrational fear of caged animals.

There's a part in the Megaman Battle Network 5: Team Protoman & Team Colonel, where you need to complete a fencing mini-game in order to continue the main story. The problem is that you need to tap on the Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, and Southeast corners of the D-pad in order to move your character and press A in order to have them swing. You have to do this for 100 enemies, some move very quickly and in all four corners, and if you get hit once, you have to start over.

I literally spend a week trying to complete this little mini-game until I decided that the DS Lite D-pad was too small to make quick and precise inputs, so I had to go to the older model DS because the D-pad was larger and i felt that it would give me more of an edge. It took me one try to compete it.


That section was much easier on the original GBA's d-pad. Still frustrating, yes, but manageable in a couple tries. If you want a really frustrating section in MMBN5, try fulfilling the requirements to fight (not beat; just be allowed to fight) Bass.

Coincidentally, spawning Bass in MMBN5 and that Hedgehog Pie bit in FFIX are my answers.

Sonic CD.

The floor that bounces you 50 feet into the air, and the only way through is to go down and land on a tiny, moving platform. You miss, you have to go back down again. And bouncing like that ALSO kills your time travel momentum, meaning that there's literally two areas where it's possible to go to the past - and both of them are hard to reach and could potentially send you straight back to the present before you find the stupidly-hidden Badnik generator.

F*** Wacky Workshop Act 1. Act 2 is fine, but...All. My. Hate.



The amoebas section in Metro 2033. A huge shitpile of a section in an otherwise excellent game. Fuck that.

100 times this and a nightmare on Ranger Hardcore, manage to gett past that part but hell it was difficult.

Saddest thing is that if developers followed the book more closely that episode would be better
There wasn't multiple amoebas in the book, there was ONE, only one huge amoeba that they fought with flamethrower (or they ran from it- can't remember precisely)

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