Bad Sections In Good Games

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The entirety of the fighting in Dragon Age 2. It was a decent game with a good story concept, and decent characterization in your companions. That part of it makes me want to love the game. But the combat... The freaking combat... oh my god was it bad. I'm including the repeating dungeons in this, since those are mostly there for combat, but even not including those all it was was super-jump like a ninja from one guy to the other, rinse, repeat. There was no possibility for tactical maneuvering, placement of your companions, or anything. Within ten seconds it always devolved into a mass of respawning enemies that come at you from all angles and you're just doing the same things over and over again. I want to like the game, I really, really do, but that entire mechanic is just so tedious that I can't play through even the first level again without putting it down. There were good parts to the game, and there were parts that could be improved, but it was SO. BAD.

Dragon age origins: the fade (big surprise)

Halo 2: Believe it or not the most frustrating level in the entire Halo franchise for me was not the Library level or the Cortana Level, but the Cairo station level on legendary from Halo 2. What pissed me off about that level was the section where the boarding crafts start spitting out troops. There are two areas where this happens. The first area isn't too hard, but you still end up using most of your ammo. This makes the next area nearly fucking impossible. The elites take so much damage and dish out so much so quickly that the only weapons that are effective are the battle rifle, plasma pistol, and plasma grenades. Unfortunately the elites keep dodging all my plasma shots and grenades that the only way to hit them with the two is up close which is suicide. Most of the time I ran out of ammo by the time the final wave of elites showed up. It took me nearly two hours just to beat that one section.

Modern Warfare 2: the mission where you download and retrieve the data from the terrorist hideout (veteran difficulty). After you retrieve the data you have to get to the extraction point. The problem this that the area you have run across is wide open and you have enemies swarming you from the front and back. All you can do is constantly sprint and hope the enemy doesn't hit you. It was simply luck that got me through that part and nothing else.


Orzammar + The Deep Roads in Dragon Age Origins.

I love the game, and Orzammar itself isn't terrible, but the whole Orzammar line main quest is wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too long. Especially the Deep Roads.

This. Oh so very much this. Trudging through endless dull caverns in the obligatory dwarf section - which happens to be the least inspired of all fantasy tropes - only to discover... yet more endless dull caverns. And yet more.

I'm gonna go ahead and say it... Even the fucking Fade is way better than this.

i dont mind the deep roads so much, its just they are long and punishing so if you didnt stock up on health potions then at times you have to go all the way back to the begining of the section to use the fast travel to get some potions/ingredients

also Taris in KotOR, it just dragged on
also Mannan (sp?) in KotOR, i seem to keep getting turned around and getting lost

The elevator section in Prince of Persia: Sands of time.

You're trapped in a small space as dozens of big sand monsters start spawning in, and all the while you have protect Farah, the girl made of wet newspaper.

I'm surprised so many people hated the Deep Roads in DA:O. I fucking loved that section. Going deeper and deeper down the depths of the Earth was a thrilling sensation. I didn't even mind the Fade that much - It presented me with a some easy skill points. The Elven section I hated though, but then I simply hate the elves in DA:O period.

Alright, so this may get me hung but

I enjoyed the new Syndicate, up until the point you stopped being a badguy and became some panzy freedom fighter

Game woulda been so much better if you had kept being a badass villain

I don't want to say I hated the level or thought it was necessarily bad, I just had great difficulty as a younger me getting through this level.

That would be the Water Temple in Orcarina of Time. As a child I always got stuck at both the water temple and the fire temple, but atleast in the fire temple I could make it to the boss. The water temple would kick my ass all day.

I'm surprised that no one has mentioned the level in cod 4 where you have to defend an area and wait for an evac chopper. It was really fun and easy on normal but on veteran it was just plain suicide. With the endless bots with their stupid infinite grenades blasting my hiding places and instakilling me over and over again. Not to mention the time limit that you have to get Macmillan (?) to the chopper when it finally arrives.

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