Oh dear look what's happening to Black Ops 2

So apparently a few PC edition copies of Black Ops 2 are a bit shall we say messed up.

According to Kotaku and a number of reddit posts PC versions of the game have come with Mass Effect 2 written on the installation disc and not Black Ops. What makes this even more confusing is the fact that Disc 1 has black ops 2 written down so PC players wont know of the issue until they place disc 2 in during the insulation process where you guessed it they may get a certain surprise.


So from someone that has worked in the industry I can answer your question which is probably "how the hell did they screw this up?"

Well although EA and Activision may be competitors and rivals, businesses tend to share manufacturing processes. So its likely the manufacturing plant encoded black ops 2 onto the first disc and then somehow got mass effect 2 on the second disc. This is probably not the fault of either Activision or EA but the manufacturer but this is still very serious.

Can you fellow escapists think of a time where this has happened before? It's the first time I have ever heard of it happening. Will be interesting to see how Activision respond to this.

Edit: Ow well played bioware, http://blog.bioware.com/2012/11/13/were-answering-the-call/

What the fuck? How the hell did that happen?
I've never heard of anything like this happening, especially since EA and Activision are competing publishers and seem to hate each other.

At least they got some value out of their purchase./herpderp
Seriously though,feel bad for those with monthly download cap.

That. Is. Halirious. I can't even think of anything else to say. I hope the guy who did this doesn't get in too much trouble, unless of course he was an EA spy trying to sabotage Activision...

Well, I'd say they probably got a better game out of it but I suppose you'd need more than one disc to install ME2.

What would have really been funny would be if the second disc had one of those edutainment games for 5 year olds where they learn about colours or something.

This is awesome. And hilarious. How does this even happen? I can't wait to hear the explanation behind this, and how EA reacts.

I think EA's reaction could be quite comical. Also I don't suppose this would be that big of a deal as Steam users can enter the game code and digitally download the game. Yes it takes longer but at least you have a game.

So apparently Bioware are now aware of the issue and would like to give players free mass effect codes in compensation for the "sorry players" that bought black ops 2.

Well played bioware


This is just to funny, no really i'm sniggering my tits off right now! GJ op :)


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