So how good is the AC3 Multiplayer?

Seeing as i'm not in a rush to buy AC3 any time soon, how is the multiplayer? Any interesting maps? New toys to mess with? Less godlike haybales? Did they remove that bloody skill that makes an entire crowd look like you? Is the gun still underpowered yet insufferably annoying?

I guess some different gameplay mechanics would carry over to the muliplayer (whatever those are, I have literally zero knowledge of AC3 other than it's set during the American Revolution.)

I'm looking forward to the next bizarre and out of the blue ending though, it just gets more and more retarded each time. Not always in a bad way though. Oh and are there more puzzle segments? I loved those in AC2 and I can't believe they dropped them after that. Sure the weird Portal-esque Desmond block stacking puzzles were interesting (they actually made Desmond kinda interesting as a character) the fact that you had to unlock them through collectibles turned me right off them. The AC2 way was amazing.


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