Rayman Legends Slowing Down Beyond Good and Evil 2, Also Ubisoft may buy THQ properties

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I'd be complaining, but Ubisoft's recently been dropping the whole DRM thing, and their games actually aren't that bad. So overall, I'm not that concerned.

Nail'd it. I used to be alarmingly anti-Ubisoft, but then they stopped being total rats.

I'm even willing to start up again on Assassin's Creed if/when they cancel their DRM on the last of them.


Actually, Michel Ancel has repeatedly confirmed that he and his team have been working on-and-off on BG&E2 for the past few years. What happened was that they took a break to make Rayman Origins, and when that went on to receive universal acclaim (if not amazing sales), they felt the need to work on a sequel.

According to Google, the reason BG&E is taking so long is because the guys at Ubisoft are currently working on developing toolsets and techniques that allow smaller dev teams to be able to work on big games. If they manage to make that work, then that could be a huge step in streamlining game development, but obviously that would also take a lot of time and effort to be able to R&D.

And if that sounds unlikely, just remember that Rayman Origins was made by a team of about 5-6 people.

You got way more info on the subject than me, but come on those excuses don`t come off very reasonable. Leaving the fan base of BG&E2 hanging with this is the best way to loose them. I`ve nothing to say against the fact that the dev team is missing the required resources, the thing that bugs me is the way they (or the publisher) handles it. There where newslines like Rayman Orgins has to sell well for the future sake of BG&E2. There`s sure truth to this all but it still leaves a shallow taste how they handle their own situation. If a game is good i might buy it without those unnecescary "threats".

People still whine about UbiSoft and DRM?


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