How many hours have you devoted to Skyrim?

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If I remember right, around 20 hours. I really didn't get very far. Just finished talking to the guys on High Hrothgar. Did so much wandering and barely left Whiterun. Lol

Probably a conservative 50-60 hours exploring the world, rp'ing as a warrior khajiit. I made it a point to avoid using shields or much magic. Im almost done with dawnguard.

300, though most of those would be watching anime on my other monitor while doing crap. By crap I mean using it as a fantasy sim or grinding skills, which seems to go hand in hand. I'll just go for a walk hunting and gathering take it back to a town where I convert it all and raise my skill and get money.

Also I've played for 300 hours and have yet to figure out what to spend money on. The only thing I bought are houses, is there any other use for it?

According to Steam 260 hours.

I have the strangest urge to go play it again now...

LOL at the multiple characters part

As much as I loved skyrim, why would I play the same game for no reason more than once...

Says the guy with a Mario avatar??

Glass houses, mate...

according to steam its currently sitting on 280
with only one character doing absouluty everything!
of course I started to get bored but then I discovered the power of MODS!

i think i had about 160 hrs or so with non modded skyrim. After mods about 70 hours. I need more mods!!! Actually i kinda went back to oblivion and modded that one pretty hard so i have devoted more time there than in skyrim mods.

About 5 hours. After putting hundreds of hours into Fallout 3 and New Vegas along with Oblivion, Skyrim just felt like the same thing over again. I'm not saying Fallout=Skyrim, just that they are similar enough that I've developed a distaste. It's something to do with first person open world games because I haven't had the problem with Dark Souls nor Witcher 2 both of which I played fairly recently.

440 hours by steam's count, with another 100-200 hours added onto that for offline play. Not the bulkiest of play-hours out there (New Vegas, Final Fantasy XII and Pokemon take the cake for that), but definitely one of the longest games I've played out there.

Recently maxed out one of my characters too (i.e. 100 in every skill), so I've started a new guy, writing a bunch of short stories about him as I go.

To think I don't even have Dawnguard yet...

120+ Hours. I've never been to Dragonsreach, I don't like being caught up in politics. So I enjoy being a level 1 Archmage, Listener, Guildmaster and Harbinger. I'm disappointed I had to wait till Hearthfire to get a legit home, the way I've played. And that I can only do a few Daedric quests since they are level restricted.

If I had to guess probably around 200 hours put into my Nord Barbarian all of which I've roleplayed out. I started a Breton mage build and got really, really bored though so went back to hitting things with axes.

About 25. I've just helped the Stormcloaks take Whiterun.

Just over two hundred and five hours. Stopped playing it about six or so months ago.

80 with on character, the others have about 20.

I have 431.5 hours on record across multiple characters, totally not a shut in... *sobs*

Since I play Skyrim on console I can't track how many hours I have played, but it is probably one of my most played game...ever. Atleast in such a short time, since it has only been out for a year I maybe have put 150-200 hours into it.

Now that I think about it I don't think any game will ever beat the Halo series. Since I was heavily into the Halo online scene, I would spend so many hours in those games. From the first, all the way to Reach. 100's of hours in each game, maybe even more. I have stopped playing them though, as I get older my taste for playing online games is getting bitter. Games like League of Legends, Call of Duty, Halo and other online games have just turned me off. People would cheat, act sexist, racist and just overall bad human beings. The older I got, the more the assholes seemed to appear. I decided I would rather have a fun single-player experience, then waste my time trying to enjoy myself in League of Legends, which is a shame because it is a great game.

I sure know how to get off topic, so yeah moral of the story, I should get out more and smell my Roses.

Nearly 300 hours for my Orc, Shaghaggis of Shagbastard
Around 220 hours for my Khajiit, Manxenon Zumad
Maybe 25 hours for my Breton, Cabbage Waggledance
and 40(ish) hours for a Khajiit I share with my friend (we have turn about and make decisions together), Vashtar the Beauty.

So.... LOTS?

15. The game stopped being interesting when I realized I could kill everything by summoning two equivalents of Sauron and let them kill everything.

And that's not even the strongest summoned creatures in the game ._.

Apparently 180 hours over 2 games, the majority of which in both was spent modding the game, and then deciding it was meh anyway and not really worth it, then uninstalling. Its back on ATM on the second character, and I'm modding it to try and make it more interesting for myself. Dragon fights are now, most other things are still meh, though I'm not done modding yet.

110 then realised there was nothing to do and started Dark Souls.

That was 2 characters - a Breton warrior mage in heavy Armour and a Redguard dual wielding warrior with light armour.

110h for 2 characters? You didn't even scratched the surface, right?

I'm currently 200h in, and haven't even done most of the big questlines (just became archmage).
Would be more if I would get Steam release here- instead I needed to search it in local media stores and got Skyrim only in May (I think there would be more than 800h if I'd started year ago as everyone else)

872 hours. That's spread across about 5 characters though. Only really reached endgame with one of them, a Wood Elf Everything-Specialist, he has probably about 400 of those hours put into him.

About 10 hours. I just couldn't get into it, I really wanted to but it just wasn't working for me. I may go back at some point and try it again however...

I don't know off of the top of my head...let me check! I think I can check...Let me just see...yeah. OK, I don't have any expansions so with my vanilla version of the game;

My main character, an Argonian named Shogg, has reached level 50 and finished just about everything (except Companion quests...and whatever The Circle is he isn't in it) 101 hours, 43 minutes, 35 seconds.

My second character...I thought I had a, it's an Orc named Ralbog who has only been alive for 1 hour, 55 minutes, 12 seconds...level 4

103 Hours
38 Minutes
47 Seconds

I honestly didn't think I hit 100 hours in Skyrim but there ya go. Well, back to Fist of the North Star with me.

I clocked up 130 hours and I was still only up to the second major town (which one? Hadn't chosen yet!) but I hadn't even been to see the greybeards yet.

At that point I just stopped, because after 130 hours in Morrowind I'd already finished the game.

98 hours according to steam, but I've only played the starter areas, most of that time was used up creating and re creating characters.

On the Xbox, about 250.
73 on the PC.

I'd say maybe 50? I played a lot more of oblivion, Skyrim just seems to bore me now that I beat the storyline and can one hit everything while sneaking.
I had fun for a few hours using a shield and my claws but even that lost its charm pretty quickly.
Also, whenever I start a new character I always end up using daggers and sneaking. Every other option just seems to take too long to kill things and the sneaking is so overpowered.

When Skyrim first came out, I dove in head first. Probably clocked 120 hours within the first 2 weeks. I was devoted.

Then I took a break up until they released Hearthfire, started a new character, and clocked another 120 hours. Still haven't completed Dawnguard, but I'm kinda bored of it now.
Oh well. I imagine I'll start again once Dragonborn comes out. Or maybe just wait for all the dlc to come out.

180 hours with my first character (high elf) on the PS3, and about 30 hours with my female redguard on the PC (mostly messing around with command prompts and cheats, and just massacring everything I see0

101 hrs did all of the main stuff then quit.

I have about fifteen minutes. *scratches head*

Only 210. I should really get back into that game. I'm not even close to done.


I honestly don't see that as being very surprising. Unsurprisingly, a lot of people on this website spend the majority of their free time playing video games. When I was in high school and didn't go out much, I would be in school from 830-3, be home by 4, and then play video games for most of the evening. If one stays up until 12 or 1, not counting time spent eating, that's potentially 6 hours of game time five days per week. Lets double that on the weekends, and we have 54 hours logged per week.

If you look at it this way, the larger figures people are throwing out shouldn't seem that unreasonable.

Jeez well, i always considered myself a gamer but i've never played games that much. i don't play games every day, it's something i only do occasionally. most games can't keep my attention anymore either. still i guess there's a difference between gamer and addict.

Erm... a lot... I think I really played Oblivion a shite load more, it hurts to look at it... But Skyrim, i find I can jump back on that a while later and still have my bearings... Think that's good.


110 then realised there was nothing to do and started Dark Souls.

That was 2 characters - a Breton warrior mage in heavy Armour and a Redguard dual wielding warrior with light armour.

110h for 2 characters? You didn't even scratched the surface, right?

I finished all the big questlines...I'm not sure what to do now... :/

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