Poll: Favorite XCOM Enemy Unknown alien

I think that the question is pretty self explanatory, which alien in XCOM do you like the most? It can be for any reason, that they're fun to fight, that they're badass, to you simply liking the way they look. I think I'm going to support the underdog here and say that my favorite is the Thin Man. It's hard to explain but I really like the way that they flip around and idly do back flips in addition to writhing like a snake. Couple that with the suits and shades and they just seem...well awesome. Seriously, the thing is a major badass, even if it is squishy.

So what about you? What's your favorite XCOM alien?


Everyone else has laser guns and plasma rifles, but Berserkers are happy to just run around armed only with their big ol' fists and general ability to not give a shit.

I've been able to use them to ruin people's day in multiplayer as well. The bull rush can really take them by surprise. There they are, all safe and sound behind some good cover, when a big mean motherfucker comes bursting straight through the walls and commences with some wholesale smackdown.

I hate all of them.
They're all cunts.

Especailly Berserkers. Fucking... dammit, enemies shouldn't be able to turn whilst charging, or fucking move and then charge.


I like the Cyberdiscs. For nostalgia reasons.

Sectopods. Those dudes wreck face. No other enemy makes me scramble for cover so hard, not even Ethereals.

The Chrysallids. They provide the greatest challenge and most immediate threat so far. I lost a whole squad of my best troops to them, and many became zombies after they died. Intense.

And they're not too dissimilar to Xenomorphs. Reskin and have them explode into pools of acid, and they're practically the same thing.

I voted for Thin Man, simply because they can be a pain in the arse at lower levels, but they are so satisfying to kill. And they explode into clouds of poisonous mist when killed.

I also like fighting Mutons, no other enemy makes me think "oh shit" when you get 3 or more of them on the screen at once. Mind you at higher levels, 2 snipers with double tap and plasma sniper rifles will make mince meat out of them in about 1 round.


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