What Guild wars 2 server should I pick?

Any suggestions?
I just the weekend pass code and the game is downloading as we speak.
I've made the mistake of pick the wrong server on Wow before and I don't want to do it again.

Are there any escapist guilds playing GW2?
I would like to join if there is.

Crystal Desert is generally a good server. Not exactly the best when it comes to WvW though. If you plan on spending a lot of time doing that kind of pvp, I'd suggest Stormbluff Isle or Jade Quarry.

I'm on Jade Quarry and it's a pretty good place for WvW and pvp. Don't know of any escapist guilds.

Other's I'd suggest are...

Isle of Janthir
Crystal Desert
Sanctum of Rall

Those are all pretty good servers in terms of population

The "official" GW2 Escapist guild is on Desolation in the EU and Tarnished Coast in the US. Naturally, you're welcome to join us regardless of your server choice/options; PM either myself or Glademaster if you'd like an invite.

If you're into WvW: Last information says Desolation is currently leading the EU leaderboards, while TC is holding firmly at 7th in the US. You can play regular sPvP whenever, wherever, but do make sure you visit the one-time only events going on this weekend on the Lost Shores... that is kind of the point.

I'm on Sanctum of Rall, and I've got no major complaints. The population seems pretty strong, and I've heard its pretty decent in PvP.


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