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As of late, I've been enamored with the No More Heroes series. I really like, among other things, the creative assassins fought throughout Travis's escapades. Because of this, I want to see ideas for different assassins either fought by or allied with Travis mostly as a fun experiment to test the creative capacity of the Escapist user-base.

My idea is an assassin that you don't fight right away or like you would with other fights where the villain has a monologue and the fight begins. Instead, the assassin would offer Travis a "last day of your life" scenario, where the two of them would go through various bucket list activities and then the fight begins. You'd get to see them grow as friends, making the fight much more personal and visceral when it finally happens.

As good a series as No More Heroes is, I can't believe (from my recollection) that the idea wasn't explored enough in the games. The games make it a point that at any time Travis could die because of his lifestyle, but it isn't really explored deeply because we're supposed to believe that Travis is content with death, but the fight could still serve to teach him about the impact of death and how any day really could be his last.

We also never got to see Travis have to kill one of his friends. He had moral qualms about killing women and hated the callous attitudes of the association and other assassins towards death, but we never saw him have to take on a friend which is a real shame because that could have opened up a whole other emotional passage way for Travis. Killing some faceless assassin would be easy, but once a face is attached to the name and Travis actually knows them, it would become much harder for Travis to kill them.

I'm thinking that the assassin would be of high rank for pacing sake. The heavier hitting assassins (both figuratively and literally) are normally higher rank because the player is already deeply invested in the game. I also think that the assassin would be rich because they're able to fund all of the extravagant wishes of their pursuer. I'm still not quite sure what the assassin would actually look like or what type of weapon they would use.

But enough about me, tell me about you. Specifically your ideas for a No More Heroes style assassin. The more detail the better. So get cracking!

This one I originally thought up for a scrapped NMH side-story involving a new protagonist, but could certainly be adapted for Travis as well.

By day, Shanon Mesa is the creepily perky on-scene reporter for the DNN (Destroy News Network) usually reporting on the various mysterious murders that plague the city. By night, she is/was the professional recorder for the fights scheduled by the United Assassins Associations and far more bloodthirsty a purveyor, eventually snubbing the UAA to join the 'game' herself. The shift between the two lifestyles has created an extreme cognitive rift between the personality of the pretty, hyper-cheery news anchor and the blood-crazed assassin, and so no one outside the UAA suspects why she always gets the top murder stories first.

Despite the change in career and attitude she also remains a journalist throughout, going so far as to interview her opponents while simultaneously trying to cut them apart with the laser built into her large camera or stunning them with the flash. Between this and previous use of cameras in every room when the target is cutting through mooks on the way to her chosen battleground, she can boast to know everything important about every target she's killed, while also using the information to exploit their weaknesses. To the great annoyance of many of her targets she is also a sensationalist, ready willing and able to over-dramatize aspects of their lives a la Rita Skeeter, overwriting the real story of their lives with her false version after killing them.

As one more dirty attempt to gain an advantage, when injured Shanon calls for a 'commercial break' and hides behind curtains, slowly regaining health unless pursued. Ironically, any requests as to her own background result in the reporter personality simply disregarding it and turning the spotlight back on the target.

Like you said, often in NMH we're not given much chance to learn about each assassin before the killing time. In this case, the assassin is someone Travis will see talking on the daily news every single morning before the time comes to fight/interview her to the death.


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