Bad luck me(my luck with online shooters)

I must have the worst luck ever it doesn't matter what online FPS/TPS game I play if I do "good" we lose if I do "bad" we win?

It seems when I'm at my best my team is at its worst(great I get bunch AFKs or worthless high ranking guys) and when I'm at my worst my team is at its best(I'm like negative 10 K/D)

This tread has been following me since the days of CS then halo 2,3,COD4,Gears of war 2,MW2,Gears of war 3 and now Halo 4.

so does anyone know why this happens only to me??

Because the universe hates you! not really

I have trouble believing this is true . But a funny idea ( though highly improbable ) would be that :

You play a match , get an amazing score . Then matchmaking have you play with great players , where you get your ass handed to you , then match making have you play with terrible players , in which you have an amazing score and it goes round and round and round .

That would be funny .

i tend to have the same thing happen in world of tanks.. you can kill 7 of the opposition teams 15 tanks yet still loose the match :-|

Or, it could be a matter of, because your team is playing poorly there is more of the enemy to kill, giving you more opportunities to kill, whereas the opposite is true when the team is playing well.

Eh, I am alright at online shooters, I got MVP quite a lot when playing Halo 3...but I never play online anymore.


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