How has your taste in gaming changed over the years, if at all?

I am going through a big change in my life when it comes to the type of games I am interested in and only recently have I actually noticed this.

I started out playing games in the SNES/Sega Genesis era and from there the N64. Back in those days I had a lot of friends that also played videogames, so co-op was important to me. It was also the time I was getting into games like Golden Eye, Perfect Dark and Duke Nukem. All first person shooters. Now I have played many type of games throughout my life and have been interested in many genres, but online shooters seemed to have always been bulk of my library, especially when I hit the Xbox 360 era. Halo series, Tom Clancy games, Gears of War, ect, ect. There was something I loved about playing a shooter online. At some point in 2011 my taste started to change drastically.
I have become much more solitary in my gaming ways. I started to tire of immature people and bullies playing the shooters. Honestly it might have been League of Legends that did it in for me, but I have completely lost interesting in online games. In 2010 I would have been rushing to the store to buy Halo 4 or Borderlands 2, now I look at a game from a single-player aspect.

It wasn't that I stopped liking shooters, as Bioshock and the Half-Life series are some of my favorite games. I just have lost all interest in playing with people online, especially in a team environment. While I enjoy Halo and its story I really used to only buy Halo games for the multi-player experience. Now I am looking at Halo 4 and asking myself if it is worth buying soley for the single-player campaign.

Now I find myself getting excited for games like Heavy Rain, Dear Esther, Portal, Anna, Journey, Terraria, Legends of Grimrock, X-COM, Scratches, FTL, Braid and Binding of Issac. Hearing the next Elder Scrolls being an MMO is ill-fated news to me. It is only recently have I started to realise how drastic my taste in gaming has changed. I went from playing Halo: Reach every night in the hopes to raise in rank, to enjoying a game of The Stanley Parable! Instead of buying Halo 4, I am getting excited for interesting indie games on steam greenlight, like Miasmata, Asylum, Cry of Fear, Dream and Secrets of Grindea.

My question to you Escapists, is has YOUR taste in games changed over the years? Be it drastically or subtle. Tell me about your stories!

for me its the rts games. i used to love them.. and these days well the last one i bought was wargame european escalation. a pretty hardcore and realistic rts. other than that i havent purchased one for years. also FPS. last one of those i picked up was COD4

All that's changed is how easily I get addicted. If there was not Football Manager, I would not play computer games anywhere near as much as I currently do.

I have repeatedly been excited by console games - red dead redemption, tales of vesperia come to mind - only to grow tired of them about 5-10% through their gameplay.

Due to, you know it, Steam, I'm definitely more into the indie section. You never would've caught me playing Binding of Isaac four years ago...yet now it's my most played game on Steam currently.

Aside from that my tastes haven't changed that much, besides the fact that I play a lot more AAA games since I have a job now.

I haven't noticed much change, I started on SNES, I am actually much less excited for games lately, mostly because I have so little time to actually play them, due to college...

I also loved RTS games as a kid, but I am now aware how bad I am at them (Except for Ages of Empires 2, which I rock at)

I used to have a much larger tolerance for games that force you to grind. Now, I barely give them a passing glance due to my adult responsibilities :(

Examples!: World of Warcraft. Had I had this as a child, I would have been all over it. However, I had it for about two months a while ago but got absolutely bored. I've been told the "real game" starts when you've maxed your characters level but I don't have the time anymore to play just to "get to the good stuff" (see Final Fantasy XIII). I can pop in hundreds of different games and "get to the good stuff" right away.

Meh, it hasn't changed as much as I'd though. I still play a lot of games that I used to when I was much younger. I still have most of my original consoles, though some of the PS1 games are looking worse for wear.

The only thing that's changed is now I play more indie games, but if it'd have been as easy to get hold of them I'd have probably played them back then too.

Well I started playing games via Crash Bandicoot 2 for the PS1. I would mainly play platformers like Spyro, Super Mario 64, Banjo Kazooie, Klonoa, ect. I remember not going very far out of that genre unless it was Pokemon.

Now-a-days, I mainly like to play RPG's. Whether it be stuff like Final Fantasy IX, Fallout: New Vegas, Xenoblade Chronicles, ect. Of course I've also had my hand at RTS/TBS games as well, like Valkyria Chronicles. And I've just got XCOM: Enemy Unknown, so I'll be playing that soon.

Basically, my preference in games has expanded pretty far since I was little. Back then, I wouldn't dream of myself ever touching those kinds of games.

Of course, that doesn't mean I've abandoned platformers. I'm going to be trying out LittleBigPlanet soon. LBP2 specifically.

Biggest scrubby fighting game player when I first discovered arcades, but that was replaced by adventure games with the magic of OOT. I really can get into anything (except RTS), but my continuing love for the JRPG started thanks to Tales of Symphonia

Once upon a time: "Oh my God! The picture moves when I press the buttons!"

Upon a later time: "Wheehehehee! Explosions!"

Some time later still: "Is... is this thing trying to me tell a story? Fuck off and give me more explosions. Also, some boobs if you have any."

Not very long ago: "Huh, that story was actually pretty good. I think I enjoyed it more than the explosions."

And so we come to now: "God damn it, that sucked! The characters were cliche, the dialogue made me cringe and the story was just there as an excuse for the explosions. What a load of crap."


Perhaps I was better off just giggling at the explosions. Too late now I guess.

I guess the best way to look at it for me would be to try picking my top 3 games from the systems I've played and try piecing it together in chronological order...but that would be daunting and, annoying and we probably don't have that much damned time...When I was younger I loved platformers and, light gun games. As I grew up I liked action racing games like Super Mario Kart and Road Rash. As I blossomed into a moody, teenage boy I gravitated towards Final Fantasy PSX titles, Goldeneye and, Duke Nukem 3D. When I got into High School it was all about the Halo and FPSs titles. After high school I hit a gaming lull but about 2 years ago I decided to go back to the past and collect carts from my youth...while also playing fantasy RPGs of today, stealth-em-ups, shooters...I try for a balanced diet of games honestly. Hell, I just started playing my first Space-Action-RTS: Star Trek Conquest and BOY am I getting my ass handed to me...although I have unlocked The Borg and haven't yet tried them out...soon though...soon.

Nes used to be my very first console and that made me played fighters and platformers alot until it broke down.After it I got a Playstation 1 (only good thing my dad ever did for me) and I started playing racing games alot and platformers, to name a few games: Demolition Racer, Spyro, Crash Bandicoot. Still was this way when I got a gamecube with Mario Kart and such. Then i managed to buy an original Xbox and that's when I got into shooters. Last 3 to 4 years it became a combination of FPS games (the less generic ones though) and racing (but the latter only once in a while). Only platformer that I still play are the Donkey Kong games for the gameboy.

Edit: while a total noob at it I also enjoy some rpg's since i got a ps1.


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