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Alone in the Ark: In an alternate universe, none of the animals made it. You play a lonely, dejected Noah.

Pore: Only you can make sure Jenny's face is prom ready!

FTL: Faster Tan Light
A game about owning a tanning salon where the goal is to make as efficient tanning beds as possible

Illing Floor
A hospital sim where you have to deal with an increasing number of patients who fall ill on a certain floor

This is what happens when the porn industry makes a knock-off of a game and hires a very bad male porn actor

Realm of the Md God
A game set in the magical realm of God M.D where the player tries to cure the world of illness, being the God of M.Dīs and all that.

Warock: Master of the Arcane
A rockband knockoff set in the year 3000 where you play a simulated knockoff of an "arcane game from the 2000īs" and the goal is to rock so crazy you go WAAAAAAAAA! as you become master of the game.

"Super eat boy" - He's a boy. He's super. He eats.

Worm: A simulator providing the most realistic experience of being completely blind and eating dirt all day.

Tomb Rider: Ride on top of a tomb, to the extreme! (It doesn't move though)

Timespitters: You are gang of spitting cobras who can launch time out of your venom glands at high speed! Time burns when you get it in your eyes, you know.

Blazblue Calamity Tigger. Fighter game where the main protagonist, Tigger, must take down all his other animal buddies in an rumble to uncover secrets unbeknownst to them about the 100 acre woods.

Baldur's Ate: An epic RPG in which you eat everything.

star Wars: Nights of the old republic: Sleeping simulator.

Star Wars: the old repubic: You need a bath.

Seeping Dogs: Clean that up will you!

Assassin's Reed (pronounced read): Ezio made a big book collection at the end of Revelations. Time to read them all!

Psychonuts: You're crazy man!


Amnesia: The dark Decent: You play as a very posh man.

Arming Simulator 2013.

Lead your own militia against governments from around the world! Arm them with all the latest technology to ensure that freedom never falls out of the people's hands!

Biosock - Explore the underwater city of rapture and it's admittedly mediocre collection of socks.
Not sure why I thought I wouldn't be ninja'd on that so much x3

Nights of the Old Republic - Go on a pub crawl of TOR planets.

Assassin's Reed - This is the story of Moses being found in the reeds but he's adopted by a family of assassins instead and goes around killing Pharaohs.

Tomb Aider - Lara croft goes around repairing tombs while being respectful to the buried.

Killzoe - Fuck Zoe. She's a bitch.

Limb - You are a limb. Have fun.

The Itcher 2 - Geralt is like, really itchy.

Rim Fandango - You play as an out of work Porn Star doing what he can to make ends meet.

Bowser's Inside Tory - Venture through the bodies of politicians, fixing them to tell the truth and become loved members of society again.

The Legend of Elda - Link is getting old, can he still kick monster butt with the best of them?

Secret of Man- SNES RPG where you try and find out what secrets the patriarchy is trying to keep.

Nina Gaiden- Sidestory game about a girl names Nina. Also, lots of decapitations.

Duck Hun- Relive the glory days of the Hun Empire. As a duck.

Vagrant Tory- A homeless Conservative MP tries to walk the distance from his constituency to the House of Commons.

Sore- Will Wright's latest, a simulator that lets you design thousands of your own diseases.

Evil May Cry- Hack and slash adventure about an emo Satan.

Me_a Man - Me no talk good though :(

Me_a Man 2 - We am friends!

Strangle_old - chokin' the elderly

Earthbond - What hippies feel

Starcrat - Space politics

Ghouls n Hosts - This party is necro-licious!

Fial Fantasy - A management sim set between 1906-1909, selling cars manufactured by Fial (Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Legnano)

Ark souls: you play as Noah trying to save the souls of the animals on the ark, at one point you have to preach to tigers while they try and maul you to death!

I know it's been done but I think I have a good twist to it.

Orderlands: You play as the person who takes people's orders... at In N Out.
Anyone who's been to California knows what I mean.
For those who don't, imagine a fast food resturant that actually has good food and has a constant Black Friday rush.

Trial HD: You must serve justice in HD
Red Action Guerrilla: A group of guerrilla fighters are on the hunt to shut down the native porn industry
The Walking Dad : A father is walking to find his family, but the decisions he makes are up to you
Ark Souls: Noah is dead and pissed off
WE 13 : Everything you do is for the good of your 13 team members

BiShock 2 - The long awaited sequel to the survival horror game where you must build up enough courage to confess your true sexuality to your parents.

Dynasty Warrios - A beat em' up series where Wario snaps and initiates a hostile take over of the mushroom kingdom.

Orderlands - Everything's under control here. No player input required.

Mehwarrior 4: mercenaries - You'll fight, you'll do it for money, and you wont really give a shit.

Silent Ill- Sometimes the worst diseases are the ones you don't know about. Armed with only a flashlight, scalpel, and a first-aid kit with 2 vials of antibiotic and one bandage, you must travel down the smoggy alleyways of a disease-ridden city to find the source of the illness. Your police scanner will hear coughing whenever a sick person is close.

Word of Warcraft: WoW-themed scrabble

Ran Turismo 5: The real track-and-field simulator

AyZ: exactly like DayZ, but takes place in Canada

Eat Hazard- An educational game about different hazardous things you shoudnt eat.
Alien Reed 2:Assault- Save your local fishing pond from eco-disasters, again!
Ron Brigade- An FPS where everyone is named Ron
James Own- An indie puzzle adventure game, will you be the one who finds out what James own?
Hank- You play as a guy named Hank, he doesnt really do anything.

Microsoft Fight Simulator - Self explanatory.

Bunout - Question your own sanity as you find the cause of the recent bun shortage.

Fatout - The squeal to Bunout. Find out why these new buns cause massive weight gain, and learn a little about yourself along the way.

Treets of Simcity - Find the horrifying root of some local candy poisoning.

Lego Harry Otter - wat.

ATE: I dungeon crawler where the enemies are food.


Raman: Sidescrolling platformer where the protagonist has noodles for limbs.

Male Story: Propaganda against the rising tide of misandry, worst MMO ever.

Them Hospital: A hospital sim where the patients are giant mutated ants.

FTL: Faster Tan Light. After years of shoddy tanning booths that take hours, you begin your quest to find the PERFECT tanning speed. Spend months testing different tanning salons, or make your own! The choice is up to you.

Towe Wars: Your carriage in Ye Olde England's been towed! As you search for your horse-based transportation, you uncover dark secrets about the city's underbelly of carriage towing; nothing is as it seems.

Rain Simulator: With the control of the wind direction, moisture level, temperature and pressure, only YOU can make the perfect raincloud.

Dawn of AR: AR Reading makes a comeback that leaves all schoolchildren crying in their seats as they try to remember the main plot points of various books.

MaleStory: The story of a man that lives a normal life. In fact, his only real characterization is that he's male. What he becomes from there isn't really all that interesting, but no matter what he does, he's definitely male!

The Elder Scrolls V: Heartfire: After eating a huge and spicy lunch, the Dragonborn suffers from something worse than dragons: Heartburn.

All of Juarez: Bound in Blood - he's all of juarez. And he's bound. In blood
RINK: Terrorists have seized an ice-hockey stadium - and the PRESIDENT IS THERE! Use ice-hockey related skills to attack and defeat the terrorists.
Chim: A musical game about sweeping chimneys.
Garry's Od: Garry's odd behavior has gone on for too long. Find him and medicate him.
Gratuitous Pace Battles: You have a pacemaker. Your enemy has a pacemaker. Use microwaves to take him down.
Gratuitous Tan Battles: Who will win? You or the Solarium?
Holine Miami: Ugh. I can't believe I thought of this.
Ax Payne: You are a sentient, psychic ax - psychically influence people to use you to commit murders
Might & Magi: In one corner, armed and experienced soldiers. In the other corner, scholars and scroll readers. FIGHT
SpaceHem: Hem and Haw your way through 100 space debates.

This is my favorite thread on the site[adel]. SpaceHem (both variations), Halo OST, Halo DST, Castle Van A, Assassins Reed... wow.

Here are a few I've come up with, with some help from my relatives:

Microsoft Light Simulator - Like the flashlight app but for your desktop. It's so useful!

Call of Duty: Lack Ops - You play as a soldier stuck at base camp, going about his daily business, cleaning up, eating terrible food, making small talk, and waiting eagerly for... the credits to roll.

Jour NY - You are a French tourist spending a day in New York City. The game is critically acclaimed because the New Yorkers you meet are actually wonderful, kind people who help you (and the playable map of Manhattan extends north of 125th street).

The Waking Dead - Corpses the world over rise from the grave and attempt to resume their former lives, under the mistaken presumption that they've been merely asleep. Bonus points if the main character has remarried and must deal with the return of a previous spouse/child/overbearing mother (depending on the desired degree of creepy vs. comedy). Further bonus points if, through a series of power plays, we end up with a zombie president.

Daw of War: Introduce cuteness to the 40k universe.

Ed Faction: An Ed, Edd, & Eddy based RTS.

Back Mesa: Gordon Freeman uses an experimental massage plate at a chiropractor clinic and unleashes all sorts of pseudo-medical monstrosities.

Raid - The indie game of raid simulators! Sit around and wait for your party as they take bathroom breaks, get a bite to eat, or disconnect from the game! WILL YOU EVER BE ABLE TO GO ON THAT 40 MAN RAID!?

Dot 2 - The exciting sequel to the adventures of Dot! Help Dot find other dots so he can form Lines!

One Survivor - Actually it's just the same game

Mark of the Nina - Nina, that crazy girl at school, has marked you as her next boyfriend! Try to avoid her at all costs, or else you will fall into the craziness that is Nina! (Just think of it like a game about the Overly Attached Girlfriend meme)

Pankiller - You are a cook at one of the top restaurants in the world, but one day your Pans come to life and seek your blood. Escape from the kitchen and find a way to return to and reclaim it! Kill the pans and use their corpses to cook delicious cuisine once again!

Tine and Tine 2 - The exciting game of fork tines and how to stab people with them.

007: License to Ill - 007 becomes the 4th Beastie Boy. He isn't expected to talk but he is expected to drop Ill beats.

Super Sash Bros.

See your favorite Nintendo characters battle it out on the runway!

Nuclear Trike 64

One hell of an adolescent joy ride

Ioshock: the IOS phone becomes the top gaming system in the world, and the market falls to filthy casuals. You must infiltrate all IOS main branch buildings, killing your way through swaths of guards, robots, and booby traps, all to find the last remnants of true gaming systems to build the ultimate console and save the industry.

Hal-Life: Follow the life of Hal, a Joe Everyman working at the local Seven Eleven.

Hal: Combat Evolved: Follow Hal as his depressing and tedious life finally drives him mad as he takes his inner frustration out on society.

Parappa the Raper: Some weird shit you'd find in some shady back-alley Adult store in an inner city.

Legend of Elda: Follow Elda as she uses her magical old woman powers to hold up traffic at a crosswalk, knit tea cozies, and complain about how the youth of the day has no moral fiber.

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princes: Bow-chika-chika-bow-bow-chika-chika-bow-wow-wow.

Dark Sols: A game all about Dark Sun Gwyndolin and how confused he is about his own sexuality, between violently murdering blasphemers.

Sonic the Hedgeho: you've seen Sonic whored out for years, but never like this.


Ax Payne: You are a sentient, psychic ax - psychically influence people to use you to commit murders

This...actually sounds fun. Like something you'd see in the Summer of Arcade.


Them Hospital: A hospital sim where the patients are giant mutated ants.

This is my favorite, I think. Laughed pretty hard.

This thread is gold, keep em comin'!

Reath of Death VII: Can you save the world from sentient Christmas decorations?

Ave Story: The tales of a boy that lives on an avenue.

Ark-siders: A protest has broken out surrounding the building of the second Ark, side with the Ark and ensure that the animal kingdom survives the upcoming flood.

Garry's Mo: An adventure of crazy physics and even crazier moustaches.

Ham, Er... Fight?: (Hammerfight) A pig and his very unsure owner try to rise the ranks of the underground pigfighting arenas

Psychonuts: Use your newfound psychic powers to solve the internal struggles of a cast that includes Cashews, Macadamias and even Almonds!

Ream of the Mad God: The Office God has lost his mind! Battle past waves of stationary to find and defeat the source of his power, his giant ream of paper!

Space Irates and Zombies: Can you build a grand enough ship to both please the jaded populace and fight off the zombie hordes?

Space Hem: A powerful yet misguided space-wizard has unwittingly caused everyone's space-pants to become an inch longer! It's a good time to be a space-tailor, can you make your space-fortune?

Spiral Nights: During the day you live an ordinary life, but when night comes you have a sudden urge to spin! Will you be able to balance sleep with your newfound addiction?

They Bleed Pixel: A mod of They Bleed Pixels that reduces all enemies to only have 1 pixel of blood.

Torclight: An army of demons has invaded the world, make the sacrifice of wearing a torc in order to gain supernatural powers in an attempt to fight them off.

Captcha: "Raise Cain"... do I have to?

Plantside 2 - An MMOFPS where you wage war with your fellow plant to gain dominance over the backyard of an inner suburban home.

'ar Cry - Set sail upon the high seas in this swashbuckling adventure!

Bet Hazard - An award winning simulator where you play as James Denny, a man struggling with a crippling gambling addiction.

Gran Theft Auto.
you play as someone's angry gran, stealing cars to escape the old folks home.

Call of Duty: Black OS - A first person shooter which can only be played on the "Black OS" a mildly racist OS system.

Metal Gear Rising: Rvengance - A game where you kill the English language.

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