Far Cry 3, your ending (spoilers, obviously)

So I just beat Far Cry 3 and saw both endings. They made me both confused and depressed, because one (leave the island) was blatantly ominous, and the other (stay) was just weird and came to a kind of awkward stop (if ya know what I mean wink wink).

I left the island, because Jason set himself out to save his friends I couldn't personally relate to, so he may as well do that, and no useless-ass tribe was going to convince him other wise (no, asshole, you crashed your car into mine, that does not mean I'm a rouge psychopath). Even if his sanity would take a hit, with the possibility of being wound up in a crazy house. It felt fitting, and it actually sort of felt like an ending with a little closure, unlike whatever that other thing was.

The other ending was kind of bonkers. I don't think it should be taken seriously though, it seemed like more of a punishment for picking the overall dumber option.

But Dennis, man. Sorry, I guess.

Anyway, what did you choose?

Edit: Dammit, I was going to put a poll.

I chose to leave the island. It made much more sense. Citra says stuff that doesn't make any sense since Jason only saw her a couple of times during his stay on the island.

In my playthrough (100%) Jason stayed on the island for a month before managing to kill Vaas and Hoyt. And in all that time, he was just thinking of getting off from there except in the end where he's manipulated to "lead" his brothers.

I also felt that Dennis was kind of jealous because of your special relationship with Citra. Like he's in love or something and you're the one banging her during hallucinogenic trips.

I thought the game was amazing but the bad ending was weird. Glad I made Jason go back to his normal life, he now knows how he wants to live his life, on his terms, so he has something to build on with his girlfriend. Also he has to mourn Grant's death and help his friends deal with the shit that happened to them while Jason was off making wallets from shark leather or pursuing weird letters. (How fucking awesome were the last ones with Gilbert?!)

No spoiler tags as I don't know how to make them (more of a lurker) and it's written in the title.

The endings made no bloody sense.

You choose to leave and Dennis tries to stab you. Why? Why on earth would he do that? Maybe he was drunk again and overreacted... I guess. Then Citra throws herself in the way. Why? She was planning to stab Jason anyway. She tried to save him because she wanted to have his kid? But she can't do that if she's dead. Besides, he just said he was going to leave so it's not really an option any more. Then you get a rushed, unsatisfying little monologue from Mr Mighty Whitey that provides jack shit in the way of closure.

The stay option makes even less sense. If Citra plans on getting pregnant to Jason before killing him then why does she need him to kill his friends and abandon his old life first? It's not going to effect his damn sperm. Also, how does she even know she's pregnant? A woman doesn't conceive every time she has non-protected sex, not even close. Chances are she's going to feel real silly when she gets her next period a few weeks later. "Oh deary me, maybe I should have given it a few more tries before shanking lover boy back there." Speaking of which, why exactly does she need to kill him? Last time I checked you can have some guy's kid without gutting him in the meantime. Why does she specifically need to have Jason's kid anyway? She says something about their kid leading the tribe, but again, why does it have to be Jason's kid? There's nothing particularly special about him. She has dozens of big beefy surf livesaver/tribal warrior guys waiting on her hand and foot. What's wrong with them, are they not white enough or something?

In short, both the endings sucked donkeys. If I had to choose I'd just go with the stay one because you get to kill Jason's featureless douchebag friends and you get an awkward first person sex scene complete with happy finish.


Guess why Vaas left the tribe, obviously he was supposed to be in Jason's place, the mere thought of having to shank his own sister just to be killed right after that got him nuts and he left.
He even hinted at Jason's demise ''Enjoying my sister's presence? She's gonna make a warrior outta you, we're so fucked, Jason[...]''
Dennis stabs you because he obviously feels betrayed, as he went through the whole jungle warrior shit with you and you got offered what would show up as the best thing ever for a tribe member but completely deny it.
Citra sacrifices herself because she loves Jason but her love for tribe rituals is just as strong.

The rest can be answered with tribe rituals.
She needed Jason because at the time he proved to be the strongest warrior of all, killing all the big bad guys with a knife rakyat style.

The tribe in that game always seemed like a crazy cult to me. In my mind, Jason Brody was only helping them because their needs aligned, and when his friends were all safe he had no reason to stay there.

i left the island with my friends, pissed.

i am pretty sure i told citra that once my friends are safe i am going to kiss the civilisation goodbye

and stay to bang the shit out of her.

but no, girls have to make everything more complicated.
and why the hell should i sacrifice my friends when i spend so much time trying to save them?

the second ending is just dumb and forced.

and citra magically knows she is pregnant and wont have a miscarriage and that the baby wont die of sudden infant death syndrome.

plus they killed Dr. Alec Earnhardt. what a bunch of dicks.


In short, both the endings sucked donkeys. If I had to choose I'd just go with the stay one because you get to kill Jason's featureless douchebag friends and you get an awkward first person sex scene complete with happy finish.

all the males were douchebags, especially jason.

you just break up with your girlfriend for no reason.
the girls didnt seem like douches and the guy who was raped by buck to some extend.
they were just a little bland.

I chose leave for the same reason as OP.

Citra also helped by going insane.

i am pretty sure i told citra that once my friends are safe i am going to kiss the civilisation goodbye

That was before your brother turned up alive, though. When Riley turns up you had something that might keep you from staying, and that's when they start doubting you - I think there were a couple of conversations with Dennis where he told you to cut all ties or that his potential would be wasted. That's why they kidnapped everyone at the end.

OT Edit: I chose to leave. I think he was beginning to realise how far he was slipping from the Riley torture scene onwards, and while he might have stayed if he could safely see Riley off the island I don't think he would have following the kidnapping.

I always thought Citra was weird. Then when Dennis rants drunk I knew there was no way in hell I was staying if given the option. Made me feel like shit for helping them. At least I help the rest of the island too.


i am pretty sure i told citra that once my friends are safe i am going to kiss the civilisation goodbye

That was before your brother turned up alive, though. When Riley turns up you had something that might keep you from staying, and that's when they start doubting you - I think there were a couple of conversations with Dennis where he told you to cut all ties or that his potential would be wasted. That's why they kidnapped everyone at the end.

but he has parents that can also function as ties.

and it doesnt matter if you lose some potential when you clearly managed to anhiliate an army of people(are already godlike) while having your "doubts".

also your warrior child (which could turn out to become a girl; i have the feeling they strive for a boy)will have half his traits from citra. and citras only personality and trait is to be just "hot" and "mysterious".(thats already a big deal of waste in your potential godwarrior baby)

and you get stabbed by citra in the end. the second ending is just so "wasteful" and idiotic.

At the end speech by Citra I realized she was no different than Vaas. So I chose the leave ending.

Also, I found the good ending to be upbeat, not ominous. Jason knows he will have problems but he says he is stronger than them.

I heard from people that the save your friends ending wasn't that great, so I went with staying and was quite shocked to how abruptly it ends, then upon later watching the other ending I realized that they were equally bad, and did a poor job of wrapping the story up. I now wonder how they're going to go about DLC because I would love to spend more time on the island.

How I thought the games endings would be:
1) You stay on the island with Citra and have sexy times all is good, aside killing your friends but Jason was going loopy anyway.
2) You go back to America with your buddies, but Jason can handle civilization anymore, he gets angrier and gets into fights and stuff (maybe bottles a dude) so he decides to go back and become the leader of the tribe with Citra who will accept him back because of her love for him.

Good DLC they could of then incorporated:
1) One of Hoytes contacts come to cease the island and yay you have more hours to pour into the island.
2) You get marooned on a new slightly smaller island, your entire crew of tribesmen are dead and of course the island is occupied by rouge pirate. At first you are trying to get back to your own islands but then realize that these pirates have got a hold of some nuclear warhead and so you have to stop them.

I must say, I very much liked both endings. I picked the Leave the Island ending as I felt it fit more, and the I found the monologue to be reassuring and still showing quickly and vague enough to point to a positive but hard future due to his experience.

I find it interesting that a lot of people here had a huge problem with the Citra ending. Yes, there are several errors in Citra's thinking when it comes fertilization and conception but her culture is a shamanic culture. She obviously believes spirit transferring and reincarnation, it's fully possible that she thinks that by having sex with Jason and killing him is a way to transfer his soul into her eventual child, not necessarily that Jason will impregnate her.

Besides, if she waited for a confirmation that she's pregnant before killing Jason wouldn't have been a very good ending.

I don't get the people that have issue with the leave option. That Jason will never adjust. You all of you think that soldiers coming back from active duty are incapable of adjustment? Sure, there *are* issues, but those can be resolved. As Jason said, he's stronger than that.

The Stay ending did indeed suck and make little sense. I spent the entire goddamn game getting shot, stabbed, burned, thrown off cliffs, and a myriad of other crazy-ass things, all to SAVE my friends. Why the absolute fuck would I kill them now? And especially since his younger brother turned out to be alive? His job was not finished; he had resolved to save everyone and get them off the island. I also never felt that he was going insane, so that's not a viable answer for me.

Frankly, if Citra wanted Jason to stay, she shoulda just let his friends and brother leave. Jason had already said he was gonna stay. He had purpose in the jungle. Too bad all that went up in smoke when the tribals turned on him, though I guess it turned out better for him in the end. No stabby stabby.

I like the way that in the dream sequence at the end it shows things that can try to sway your mind.
Personally I don't remember seeing anything in the save your friends option that indicated he was leaving the island. Just that he was letting his friends leave the island and betraying Citra's tribe.
I liked his friends, they were well characterised. I just wish there was some kind of ending where you and Liza got back together and everything was happily ever after into the sunset.

The story really wasn't that good anyways. The video game medium isn't really a good one to tell a apocalypse now/hearts of darkness type of story. They might have been able to pull it off if Jason had done a lot of voice over narration about what he was thinking. But they kind of left it open ended, so that the only reason you could fall in line with what he was thinking is if you empathized with him that much through the videogame that you felt scary powerful for murdering pixel people. This becomes especially apparent at the ending, because unless you are a sociopath in real life, they really don't give you any reason to turn against your friends. The result is that you can't even feel close to understanding Jason's path.

Farcry 3 was a game with a really bad plot that was mostly hidden by well done characters.


You choose to leave and Dennis tries to stab you. Why? Why on earth would he do that?

Because he's in love with Citra. You rejected his dream girl and it pushes him off the deep end because you're being offered what he has always wanted and always been denied; and you turned it down.

you're the one banging her during hallucinogenic trips.

Which is crazy that no one as far as I know has really even batted an eyelash against that. If the roles had been reversed, if you had been a white college girl and the natives gave you crazy drugs, then you woke up with their tribal chieftain fucking your disrobed body infront of the entire tribe. And they then they played it off like it was completely fine(as they did with the male farcry 3 hero,) that you were basically date raped with drugs, people would have been going fucking apeshit about sexism. But Jason is male, and so getting raped by a girl is portrayed as totally fine.

Game had a reaaaaally shitty story. There was one admittedly really cool character (Vaashiface ofc.) and everything else was a dumb, confusing, cringeworthy sludge.
Thank god it was interspersed with random tiger attacks and explosions.

I just decided to save his friends. I mean, most of the story involved saving your friends so why would you go through all that just to kill them in the final 5 minutes of the game? Not to mention I hated Citra, in fact, if I were to side with anybody then it would've been Willis, that guy was awesome!

Honestly, Citra kinda fucked everything up when she tried to get me to kill my friends. I mean, what kind of dumb ass power play was that? No fucking shit I'm not gonna kill them, seeing how much bullshit I went through to get them back. Hell, I didn't even like most of them.

Like seriously Citra, I was already sold on being your messiah, until you pulled some crazy prehistorical sacrifice shit. You're a terrible leader.

And Dennis, chill....

Yeah... I left the island. Why the fuck would you stay?
You hated it, the people I was going to stay with killed one of the only people who was actually nice to you, (Erdenhart) and kidnapped your friends, why the hell would you trust them? And why would you save all your friends, then kill them? That makes no fucking sense. All for some random girl who doesn't wear much? Fuck that, I couldn't hit that save friends button faster. Citra getting stabbed was a bit retarded though. What was Dennis' problem? He liked Citra? So stabbing me, as I LEFT THE ISLAND was a smart move? Weird...

Yeah, the stay option was non-sensical by way of killing your friends. The entire game narrative and motivation was to save them. It'd be like playing Arkham City with an option to become the new Joker tacked on the end.

I chose to stay for boobs.

So what if it didn't end well .... there were BOOBS.

I'm sure the boobs were attached to a person with a name but I can't remember it. From now on I shall just call her boobs.

I left.
That crazy island bitch can go fuck herself.

Leaving the island is really the only thing that makes sense. I mean once you start doing the side quests you kind of come to realize that the people on the island are pretty fucked up mentally, seriously everyone is either on a lot of drugs or someone spiked the water.
They really kind of took a massive left turn in the story when it came to the 2nd island, like out of no where you kill Vass and you have that super awkward talk with him when he's shit faced. Seriously, why not make these characters semi likable instead of them acting like stalker ex girlfriends? Dennis calling me after every mission on the 2nd island and basically being like...."you belong to us, to citra, fuck your friends." I'm sorry what now, no thanks.

Even then maybe it would be a harder decision if the tatau gave some kind of real mystical power instead of just being "gamey stats". Like if Jason had dishonored style powers from the tatau or something along those lines...because really a lot of the things Jason gets to do would in any other game be attributed to experience/learning.


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