[Indie Project] Looking for Programmers Who've Played Ghost Master

While I've always been interested in the underpinnings of videogames and dabbled in modding, Ghost Master was the only game I ever became somewhat obsessed with. Perhaps because of its relative unpopularity, I was able to learn quite a bit about its mechanics, things that even otherwise complete walkthroughs had omitted. I performed a post-mortem of the game in the official forums, a long dissertation where I broke down the fundamental problems with the game and what I would do if I had a chance to be involved in the sequel that will never happen. I could speak at length about the game, what it got wrong, what it did right and so on, but I want to keep this short and to the point.

I've come onto a significant deal of free time lately, and the problems kept haunting me (appropriately enough). Then, it hit me like a brick: With all these indie games and innovations such as Steam (and Greenlight), plus a significantly serious and mature take on them, why not go out and give it another try? Of course, I have no delusions that I'll be able to get the Ghost Master IP, so this will have to be a spiritual sequel with enough differences to avoid copyright infringement. That's where you, prospective programmer, come in:

You'll be in charge of programming. I'll be in charge of the writing. I have years of experience coaching amateur writers, I've taken classes and read quite a bit on the subject and I've been honing the craft since I was a child. Furthermore, I'm a quick learner and I am more than willing to pitch in with tedious, menial coding tasks, playtesting and bug-fixing (and whatever else you need that might be within my capabilities).

When it comes to programming, you'll call the shots. Everything else (including the writing) will be compromise-based. I have undertaken significant group projects and I consider myself quite talented when it comes to teamwork, mediation and compromising. What happens with the finished game is entirely up to you. Do you want to make it free to play? Put it on Steam? It's all good to me. I have no interest in making money out of this, so it's pretty much the same to me.

Why would you want to undertake this? Mainly because it's good for your portfolio. Proving that you can dissect a game and analyse where it went wrong, then fix it on your own, will get you pretty far in the industry. Having help early in your career will make it easier for you to put quality games in your portfolio while you're still gaining experience.

Who else will be in the project? Depends on how much response this gets. If the response is minimal (as I anticipate, given the game's relative obscurity), it's probably going to be a two-person project. If we can get more people on board (particularly in charge of other areas, such as art assets or sound), we'll sit down and work out a consensus. While larger teams are undoubtedly fraught with more problems (particularly regarding communication), dividing tasks between more people (and getting more talent in other areas) carries the potential reward of a higher quality game.

Feel free to ask any questions.


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