Videogame Books?
Yes I read them
55.5% (137)
55.5% (137)
NO but I want to read them
13.4% (33)
13.4% (33)
Reading books is for losers
3.2% (8)
3.2% (8)
Not interested in them
27.5% (68)
27.5% (68)
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Poll: Videogame Books(do you buy/read them??)

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Do you buy them?

Like for example Halo:Fall of Reach a book that takes places before halo:CE and shows the origins of Master Chief? If you like/love Halo would you buy this book or any other halo books?

I own two Fall of reach and ghost of onyx and these books get me really into halo just like the games.

Now let's for example books like warcraft,warhammer,starwars and dragon age are fans of those games(stars is also a movie licences and warhammer is a board game) are fans really going and buy these books?(some tie into the main games or a spin offs) And a lot books written by best selling authors who work with gamestudio to make sure everything is cannon or in the dragon age books you have main writer from dragonage origins game write these books that tie into dragon age origins and dragon age II.

For me I only care about the lore of gears of war,halo and dead space(I know these games do have comic books and art books but I can't really buy those things because of money issue or I can't find them or too lazy to look for them) and to me these games are very deep mythos behind the world,tech and characters and they have character progression(more so than the games)

Hell I've seen books for Assassin's Creed(like brotherhood,Revelations and ACIII) but yet those books look like recaps of game which too me is just dumb. I've seen the same thing with Metal gear solid 2 and 4. Its the game but in book form?? I'm not going to buy these books because they bring nothing new to franchise what a waste of time and money.

Hell even Resistance 3 has a prequel book which I think help bring more band recognition to a franchise that never got any love from most mainstream fans who own a ps3.

Does anyone here buy videogame books besides me??

EDIT:new poll option!!!!!!!!!

On the book department I usually save my money for actual literature. I could care less for manga, that's usually just a cheap recap of the game (like the Kingdom Hearts manga). And I hate novelizations, those are always so cheesy, trying to work in a deeper message than there (usually) is. Multiple endings? They always make the one you don't like to be the canonical. But I can see myself buying, I dunno, a picture book with the works and sketches of a (videogame) artist whom I enjoy, like Masahiro Ito.

I read Ghosts of Ascalon and it was amazing. That is the only videogame book I have read.

The closest I've gotten is the Metro 2033 book, but the game was an adaptation of the book in that case so it isn't quite the same.

The general quality of the writing in most of the games that seem to get adaptations or extended universe books kinda puts me off. I know, I know, they have different writers and I'm being unfair. I just find it difficult to care about most game settings and would rather spend my book money on something I'm actually excited to read.

Also, your poll is a little skewed. Not wanting to read videogame books =/= thinking reading is for losers.

No. I consider game books to be mythology and lore books (since they are most of the time). Lore is cheap. Lore is cheaper then used dirt. I can create pages of lore in a day by myself (and have), why should I care about the lore that someone else puts out when its something incredible cheapo and easy to do?

I have all the Assassins Creed books but I haven't played all the games.

The books were fantastic though ..... no Desmond, just Assassins and Templars.

I have a few of the Warcraft books.

I've always been a fan of fantasy and dragons plus I was really into WoW for a time so it made sense.

I have read a few books that video games were based on but I don't think I've ever read a book based on a video game. I...kinda assume their going to be crap TBH.

I read almost all of the early Resident Evil books and had a great time. Same for the first gen of Doom books and I've picked up a few others along the years. A lot of them are kinda cheesy but lots of things are, as someone who enjoys Godzilla the last thing I'm going to cry about it someone loading me up with a little extra cheddar!

All joking aside even the novelezations are pretty decent as long as they are supposed to be cannon because they often cover things that weren't covered in the game for the sake of keeping the narrative moving along at a decent clip. Can you imagine how terrible Halo would have been if they had really gone into the details of the Spartan program during the game? I mean all the details about how they were super clones given super suits and how very few of them even survived the training, not just the things that happened on Reach?

The sad part here comes from the fact that considering these books are written by people who get/got paid to do their work once you've waded through enough of it there is almost always a better fan fiction out there that takes things into better perspective. Labors of love I suppose.

This poll sucks. There are 3 options and no way to say just no. On that subject No I don't have any interest in them.

I've read GoW and the Halo books but my surprising favorite is the Homefront book.

I've read quite a few. The Halo Books were good, the Gears ones gave some depth to the characters that you just don't see in the games, and the Mass Effect novels tie in nicely with the rest of the franchise. Even neat little one-offs like Uncharted: the Fourth Labyrinth and Deus Ex: The Icarus Effect were fantastic. I like it when novels expand upon a game and it's characters: it gives much more depth to the worlds created by these properties.

Eddie the head:
This poll sucks. There are 3 options and no way to say just no. On that subject No I don't have any interest in them.

This fine gentleman is correct. I haven't found books based on video games I'll be interested in reading, hence I haven't bought any. But I will read some if I do, though.

Well in your broard set of examples you included Warhammer among others so yes.

Ciaphas Cain is my favourite series with Gotrek and Felix second.

The closest I've gotten is the Metro 2033 book, but the game was an adaptation of the book in that case so it isn't quite the same.

Same here. I'd say the book should be compulsory reading for anyone who played/intends to play the game. Makes a lot of the games themes appear more nuanced. Reading metro 2034 is optional.

I have also read all of the Ciaphas Cain 40k novels, probably the funnest thing to have ever come out of that universe. But that doesn't count, does it?

Most of the times I buy Artbooks for Videogames.
Even if a game is sh*t in the end, the artworks for the game most of the times are gorgeous.
Btw, a good sourse for me for this kind of books is here:

The one that have this site is my new God.

The Myst Novels were excellent. I highly recommend them to anyone who hasn't played the games.

Where's the 'I don't read them because I'm not interested' option?
Because that's my choice.

Eddie the head:
This poll sucks. There are 3 options and no way to say just no. On that subject No I don't have any interest in them.

Glad to see I'm not the only one here.

No, those crappy stories may be sufficient for a videogame, where it can be nice for your actions and goals to have some additional context, but for a book I want nothing less than a good story.

I don't read them, and I'm not interested in them either.
Where do I vote?

Read 3 of the Mass Effect books and the Bioshock prequel book. Fun to read, but by no means high literature.

None of the poll options suit me so I will answer here. Generally, no. I find most books based on a games lore are poorly written and generally very uninteresting to read. I've read a few exceptions and even those were mostly just good in the category of other video game fiction.

Where is the "No, and I don't want to" option?

I'm sure that somewhere out there there is a truly fantastic book based on a video game.

However, I will never read that book. Given the truly pitiful standards of writing in video games, I would not willingly part with hard currency for a video game product that is nothing but writing.

Although I guess if a friend lent one to me (i.e. I got it for free) then I'd read it out of morbid curiosity.

I've read Drew Karpyshin's (sp?) Mass Effect books, which were pretty good, and various Black Library publications for the Warhammer universe, but not much else, really.

I read them, but I don't buy them. Libraries are wonderful places.

Yeah, I'm on the "no" side, but hardly because I don't read books. My iPad currently has five books sitting on it, and something like 30 in my digital collection, and I've only had it for 10 months. 3 books a month doesn't seem like I don't read books. I just don't read books about games. 1) they don't make books about the games I enjoy or 2) if they do make them, they're horrible and contradict the lore of the game itself (hi, Mass Effect, looking right at you here). So yeah, I give books from games a miss.

That is a very limiting poll. Like people have mentioned, it really needs an option for "I read, but I have no interest in video game literature." I haven't read a single book based on a video game and I'm not planning on ever doing so.

I don't buy franchise fiction novels, though i have been tempted by the Elder Scrolls books before.

I only really buy bookzines of the Retro Gamer Collection which are amazing, and are must haves for any retro gaming enthusiasts, or even people who like videogames in general.

I must have like ten of them.

The closest I've been to reading one is the Mass Effect books.
But every time I go to buy them I remember they're probably terrible and have massive amounts of continuity errors
For example, all the errors in Mass Effect Deception:

I haven't but I might do so in the future. I think that video game franchises should stick to video games, rather than trying to be something that they aren't, but some franchises are good enough to be used outside the medium of video games.

While I haven't read books based on video game franchises, I have read the Mass Effect comics (which I liked), and Baldur's Gate made me interested in the Forgotten Realms, which is why I read the Dark Elf Trilogy.

Closest thing to a book about video games I've ever bought was Zelda and Pokemon manga.

Nope, I'm avid reader but I find most books based on video games to be pretty trashy, not really worth my time.

Dead Space Martyr was honest-to-God a really good novel and not just because it existed within the Dead Space world. I'd recommend it to anybody.

Yes occasionally, but I am not an avid fan. I tend to find their subject matter to be interesting, and they are an enjoyable way to expand your knowledge on a games universe.

On the other hand they are almost always badly written and too often have continuity errors or contradict the games lore. Due to this, they are not the kind of book you are likely to want to come back to reading.

I sincerely doubt I will get any more to be honest.

Mate, there's one important option missing out of your poll. You're going from not reading books at all right to not reading that particular genre but wishing to without considering the possibility that some people just plain might not be interested in game books in particular.

I love books. They can play with your imagination in a way no other form of media ever could. But the entire concept of game books, to me at least, seems like little more than fanfiction. I don't find it the least bit interesting to be honest.

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