Poll: Most reviled Mass Effect squad mate?

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Jack, Jacob and James Vega. I hate them all. Outside of loyalty missions and when you are forced to bring them I leave them on the ship. Diana Allers isn't a full squad mate but I hate her too.

I like most of the other squad members. Garrus and Liara being my favourites.

Jacob because he's boring
i also hate Vega but at least he have some jokes with Garrus

I didn't like Tali in the first game. She was so boring always talking about her culture and how she disliked traveling with the Normandy, she didn't belong. I also didn't like Kaiden that much in the first game, he was also boring. Ashley wasn't too bad, but too 'Michelle Rodriguez' like.

Other: Samara

seriously, what the hell? that's the best, most just thing the Asari, the wisest and all, culture in the entire galaxy can come up with? some vigilante group who only know "kill it!" as the solution, even if it's a cop just doing their job (holding her for further questioning) - sense, they make none!

i really hated her and her selfrighteous cleavage.

I actually didn't mind Vega or Jacob. But the squad mate who got under my nerves the most was... Morinth.

All of the squadmates that are or were alliance military, they are just so bad.

Ashley: In ME1 always talking about here dad and being a stupidly racist. Than in ME3 still always bringing up her family, still being a racist and now also starting to crack every time the windblows.
Kaiden: just bland and depressing
Jacob: the same as Kaiden
Vega: way to much of the dudebro. His scenes with Cortez were nice but that didnt help endear him to me.

I'm having the hardest time choosing between Ashley and Miranda.

On the one hand we have a christian conservative racist who keeps quoting poetry at me. Which is pretty much the worst thing ever. She never got to get more annoying though as she'll never be living past the first game.

On the other we have Miranda's I'm better than everyone/have no personal human worth thing and the fact that she won't even just admit to Jack that "yeah that was pretty fucked up. Our bad." Also she wasn't anywhere near as attractive as she and the camera angles wanted us to think she was.

I never really disliked any of the characters over the series, but Jacob was by far and away the most boring of the lot. All of his dialogue aboard the Normandy was just...bleh. Can you be any more un-interesting? Nobody cares.

Everyone else was at least a bit more interesting in some way.

When one of the first moments of characterisation someone has is them crashing your ship into the enemy, damn near killing everyone there including you, I'm not very well inclined to enjoy that character.
His stupid face, his flippant attitude, his downright stupid demeanor, the fact that his name reminds me of a far better character, I hate you James V.

How is Vega the most unliked? He was funny and actually a good character, not that any of the others weren't but Kaidan and Jacob just annoyed me so much.

James Vega. He was just so pointless and uninteresting. Why did they even bother to put him in the game.

I dunno, I kind of liked his back and forth with the pilot...He had some funny lines, but what was with the fistfight with Shepard? Some of the things he did lacked a certain coherence...

At first I thought this was going to be a tough choice. Jacob vs Vega... hmm... what about Ashley... hmm... then I realized the truth is I don't actually care about any of them. Obviously I don't like them as characters, but I don't hate them either. I completely disregard them when I think about the game. Then I remembered they gave EDI a body in ME3, and there was this whole awkward love interest thing between her and Joker, and that was quite possibly the worst thing in the entire series. Yes, even worse than the ending, is the story of the neck-beard cripple and his love-bot. So that settles it. EDI is the character I hate most. Tali's a close runner up though. So whiny.

People seem to focus on the bad ending of ME3, but I personally find the lack of Krogan teammate the biggest tragedy of ME3 and for that I blame Vega.


I wanted to like the guy, I really did but he just bores the crap out of me.

Kaidan Alenko. What is there to say about him?
He's kind of an okay character to have around, but I'd much rather he served some sort of ship-bound purpose like Navigator Pressly or Dr. Chakwas (both of which I like better than Kaidan) instead of being a squadmate.

I've got nothing against him, it's just everyone else is more interesting. Except Liara, but at least she had the plot-related excuse for being the resident Prothean expert (whatever good that did).

I never took him on missions.

All the humans, except Jack, though I hated her guts as well.

How is Vega the most unliked? He was funny and actually a good character, not that any of the others weren't but Kaidan and Jacob just annoyed me so much.

Gamers and machos don't tend to mix so well, I assume.

Vega just beat out Kaiden and Jacob for me. I can't stand him as a character. He is annoying in the "I'm a badass, but doesn't do anything." kind of way. (to me) It's like Bioware said "Shepard needs a war buddy who is human." Well, just because we're both Human doesn't make us best friends. Garrus was my buddy the whole series because I actually got to know him and we went through Hell together. Vega is just shows up at the beginning of 3 and somehow Shepard knows him and brings him along for some reason (even though he wanted to be left behind). Vega is just an annoying piss ant that acts cool but is in no way actually cool. At least Kaiden and Jacob were just boring and were only there to be a love interest. I never cared about Vega like I did the other characters. Vega just sucks, it's that simple.

Hm, countless playthroughs in ME2 and I've only used Jack on her personal mission, so I guess it must be her (as least liked). I didn't use Thane and Samara that much aswell, but I've found their character concepts interesting.

I hated Miranda until it was my first renegade character import turn, and I found her pretty amusing and witty if you bicker with her 24/7.

I love Kaidan with all of my heart, anyone who voted for him is DEAD TO ME.

James Vega got my vote, what a pointless character.

I have saved Ashley every single time, but the crap she did in ME3 made me reconsider. Also, what in the name of Shep did they do to her face? Make-up and long flowing hair? Seriously?

Zaeed Messani.

He's the only one that I can say I didn't like without qualification. There were a couple that I am indifferent towards (Jacob, Kaiden) but didn't particularly dislike. There were others that irritated me in some way (Miranda, Thane) but they all had some redeeming attributes or good moments.

Except Zaeed.

They just tried so painfully hard to make him a badass that it came off as silly. And it's not like there was any other attributes to his character.

"Then I murdered a whole prison colony of Batarians all by myself. And then I beat a Krogan with my bare hands!

Also, his mission was corny as fuck.

PS. Also, the fans have kind of made me dislike Tali, even though from ME2 onwards she was actually a decent character.

I agree but I enjoyed Tali even in the first game even though she was vary bland in the first I still enjoyed her.

Jack and her homicidal tendencies bothered me. Even while RPing as RenShep, she just annoyed the shit out of me.


I mean, he was basically there to say "Yeah, we had black characters, we swear!" I mean hell, you do one of those gansta handshakes before the suicide mission!

Otherwise I liked or didn't care about anyone else on that list.

I completely forgot about Zaeed until I saw him mentioned, it's probably a tie between him and Vega for my personal least favourite, both of them were equally pointless and I didn't use either. Maybe Vega is a bit worse because Zaeed is always an outsider on the team and you can do the whole thing without paying any attention to him, whereas Vega is pushed as a core team member at the expense of more interesting team mates that we've had throughout the games (Kasami, Wrex, Mordin etc).

Jacob was pretty crap too, very boring character.

Soviet Heavy:
Liara fucking T'Soni. Ooh look at me I'm a wilting flower nerd sexual fantasy come save me with your penis but I'm also a lesbian too!

She contributes nothing to the plot, bitches at you if you do her mission last in ME1 and complete the whole game without her, does nothing in ME2 until she stumbles into being the Shadow Broker, then goes back to doing nothing but being proto girlfriend "I made a time capsule! Aren't I perfect?" in ME3 again.

Nothing she does has any impact on ANYTHING, apart from her being Marina Sirtis (Benezia) daughter. And you can do that mission without her, so she's totally irrelevant there as well. Pretty much all she does is read your mind and translate texts for you. That's it. Anything else, she's just sort of "there" while being forced as this super duper important character you totally need to care about.

Fuck that, I'm brofisting it with Garrus and Wrex.

This. This. A million times this. The perfect example of trying to make a character stand out from everyone else and backfiring in every way (How else can you explain the forced nerd to badass transition from 1 to 2). Doesn't help that I like to play Adept and never use her anyway, but still. Just can't stand that little blue trollop.

Couldn't STAND Vega. His character was just incredibly bad and pointless and uninteresting and did not deserve to be a part of the Normandy crew... However I chose Ashley because she got on my nerves the most. Her stupid racist attitudes and whining about the military family frustrated me to no end, soon as ME1 came out for PS3 I let her die first chance I got.

I came close to choosing Ashley because of this. More her borderline xenophobia than her military and, religious whining in ME1 but those were definite points against her and she's in my bottom 3 and left on the Normandy at any opportunity.


I never had a chance to play with Zaeed because of DLC (also the fear that if I am able to download him, I'm afraid of being locked out of my game when I revert to offline play). Samara was kind of bland and her daughter Morinth seemed tacked on at best. That being said I would take any of them over the other humans in my squad (humans and EDI). The only person I really reviled was Vega, he just seemed wrong to me. I liked how you could renegade his nose broken but other than that he just didn't do anything for me, especially when they could have swapped him out for...I dunno, another game with Jack or new Batarian squad mate? Playing with a Batarian could have been interesting in the third installment considering how fucked they were from the word 'go'.

I don't think I can even contribute to this thread properly, since I haven't played ME3 or even all the loyalty missions in ME2. But if forced, I'd say Kaidan. Nothing in him ever interested me at all. Just blaaaaaaaand. He never showed any personality in ME1, which is why I've let him die both times I've played it. Yeah, Ashley is a naggy btch, but at least that's a personality. Kaidan didn't seem to have one. Even Jacob occasionally got into arguments with the other crewmembers in ME2 and his "I agree with their goals, but not their methods" -mentality seemed somewhat interesting.

But from what I've played, Kaidan.

I didn't actually "hate" anyone. However, I found Ashley to be rather unlikable. I didn't think she was written poorly or anything like that, I just didn't like her character.

So very telling about the ME series that ALL of the candidates for least interesting character are human.

I had to go with Ashley, personally, just because every now and again, she gets this... I dunno, whiny quality in her voice, and I can't stand it. Then. I've started playthroughs of ME1 a few times intending to let her survive just to see what happens, but then she starts quoting Tennyson and NOPE. I've seen how she acts on my brother's playthrough though, and it's more or less identical to Kaidan. And the Ashley/Kaidan behaviour in ME2-3 is so mindbogglingly paranoid/stupid that they win most annoying squaddie, hands down.

James Vega. Granted, it's less "hate" and more "doesn't particulary care about", but my opinion still stands. Out of all the squad mates in the Mass Effect trilogy, he is the one I used the least, and the one I spent the least time trying to interact with. Part of it comes from him appearing out of nowhere in the third game, thus having to compete with every damned character that has survived up til that point. And those characters have all had at least one previous game to flesh out their personalities and backstories, whereas James doesn't even get a personal mission to round out his character.

Kaidan Alenko? Sorry, but I decided to romance him throughout the whole trilogy, and he sort of grew on me.

Ashley Williams? I honestly don't remember that much about her (it was a few years since I last played Mass Effect 1), but I do remember being rather distraught by her death on Virmire.

Jacob Taylor? He's my second least favorite in the entire series, right after James... but he is at least somewhat needed for the plot.

Miranda Lawson? I don't particulary like or hate her. She's just there.

In the end though, Garrus is my favorite. He and Tali are so cute together...

Kaidan. I was with him right up until he was a total ass in ME2 and especially 3 when he refused to believe anything Shepard said when he should have been the first to side with her. He became a total ass and I hate him for it.

Could we ask instead who has the most vile following?

I kinda liked Kaiden, myself. I can understand the people complaining that he's a little dull I suppose, but I don't understand the outright hatred.

As for myself, I say Vega. In some ways it's not even really his fault; I hated the fact that they felt the need to put in a guy to whom everything in the first two mass effects had to be explained,you know, just in case there was somebody who picked up mass effect 3 without knowing this shit, because everyone starts at the third installment of a heavily story-based franchise, right?

On the other hand, he was blatently a meathead. They did better with him than many games do with their meatheads, but he still falls far, far short of the character bar set by, say, Garrus. He also filled a spot that could have easily been filled by someone better, like a batarian or a krogan or even a returning character like maybe Zaeed, who could've been great if they gave him a few more opportunities to speak with him.

I also saw a few people say EDI, and I agree that that was really weird. I seriously think the only reason they did that was to inspire people to draw some rule 34 or something (It's not like the fetish appeal would bring in that many extra sales).

Now I'm gonna say my favourites, because I feel like it.


Vega for the fact he is a walking jersey shore backup dancer, i actually like his voice actor and thought he could've been great, but just ended up being a bit more annoying than useful

also, tali, i used to not mind her at all, but sweet jesus, the nerd gasms all over the web have made me hate her with a passion, i can't even stand her voice anymore, i wanna stomp on her face and hope she never recovers.

also, jack, cuz she was a ignorant bitch in the 2nd game, in the 3rd game she cleans up better so i didn't mind her then.

The soldier squad mates tend to be the least worthwhile for my games. They became even more worthless to me when you take into account the ability to combine biotic/tech powers to create massively powerful explosions.
If I were going to have a flat out answer I'd go with James Vega. I didn't find him all that interesting and his performance by Freddy Prince Jr kind of took me out of the experience.

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