Skyrim - What would you add?

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Spell making with alot more spell variety, not counting mods magic feels like just another way to kill instead of being a set of tools for a wizard.

I would add card games, and board games of some sort , a version of checkers ,or backgammon.

I haven't played it on pc, it from hearing a out all the mods I am considering maybe picking it up. However, what I would want different cant be modded (I think). I'd wanna see some story extensions, like what happens to the college now that you are the Archmage? Can u improve the college? Start recruiting more students? How about reopening the falkreath sanctuary of the dark brotherhood once you become the head assassin there? Or opening up NEW sanctuaries? How about seeing more thieves guild bases like in riften? Or (and this would be full of awesome) once you finish the bards college, you can write new songs. Imagine walking into candle hearth hall in windhelm and hearing a filk version of enter sandman being sung? EPIC. The ability to be a werewolf AND vampire lord would be awesome. Speaking of vampires, how about an actual physical change beyond eyes and skin color changing, like seeing how some of the volkihar vampires have those distorted faces.
Here's a BIG one..... ALL DAEDRIC SHRINES . Put them all in skyrim. Ships actually sailing on the waters...and storms causing turbulent waves and seeing ships sink at random. Optional coloring of armor as a practical standpoint would be cool. And certain days of the year allowing for invocation of any of the deadra as well.
How about graveyards showing the graves of past played characters in game? For instance, I play as hero x. Hero x is played thru the whole game....and ya delete the save data. Then at a predestined graveyard, ya can see the grave or tomb of hero x complete with lore or whatnot. Would be awesome. More to follow when I think of it....

On, and stop having dragons appear at my location every damned time I fast travel somewhere. Nothing more annoying than showing up at falkreath or Winterhold and right when I arrive, FROST DRAGON! Grrrrrrrrr

My dream DLC would be Skyrim 2.0 which would feature the revamped Civil War. The main knock on the expanded Civil War is that it would be repetitive which it would be to a degree but I think it would be fixed if the battle for each city was fundamentally different. Going into each hold you would be given the option to take each mine, farm, and mill but once you get to a certain rank in your respective military you can order some lower ranking people to do it for you. All villages and forts would have to be taken over and there would be a radiant quest beforehand like before each fort battle now but they would be more varied and the order would be changed up. After you've taken your first hold following Whiterun the enemy will attack a hold which you will have to defend (Falkreath for the Imperials and Dawnstar for the Stormcloaks).
As for the cities I think each hold should have at least one unique group which could aid you in battle to vary it up. In Whiterun the Stormcloaks can recruit the Companions who would help take the city. As an Imperial you can ensure their neutrality if you've done their quests. In Dawnstar you can recruit the Giants as an Imperial since Jarl Skald wants to exterminate them and ride into battle on a Giants shoulders and both sides can get Vaermina to infect your opponent's dreams so they will be in complete disarray when you arrive at the battle. You can still do the Giant's quests as a Stormcloak to ensure their neutrality and have a potentially humorous scene with Skald shaking hands with the Giants as a sign of peace. After doing their quests you can get a Giant as a follower but he won't follow you into dungeons or civilized areas.
In Falkreath you can recruit Spriggans to help you and if the Redguard rumor id true might as well make us of it so as Stormcloaks you can get the Alik'r to send as army from Hammerfell to help you since there is presumably still tension between them and the Empire. If you get both on your side Siddgeir will try to surrender but Dengeir will kill him himself and take his crown back. As Imperials defending Falkreath Siddgeir will still try to surrender so Tulius has you assassinate him and one of the other townspeople who supports the Empire is put in charge I'm not sure who.
Taking The Rift would start with a trek across the mountains from Falkreath and then attacking Ivarstead. In taking Riften you can recruit the Orcs of Largashbur as an Imperial and ensure their neutrality as a Stormcloak. You can recruit the Thieves' Guild to help you invade the city via the Ratway and assassinate the Jarl. This option should still be open to Stormcloaks who gave the city up in the treaty because lots of them are Nords and you can tell them Ulfric's influence beats Maven's.
I think I've rambled enough for now. I have ideas for the other holds and if anyone's interested I'd be happy to continue.

Quality that lies anywhere but in the amount of visitable space.

I would add nothing, because nothing can *fix* Skyrim. Skyrim is it's own game, I consider it separate from the rest of the Elder Scrolls. The combat system is vastly different, and the graphics aren't good; they are gimmicked. Oblivion was a good game, it wasn't too far gone that a couple mods couldn't fix the game up and make it a playable rpg with a nice physics engine and voice acting.

Morrowind, was the last installment in the series with any real tact, immersion, and depth. And now with the 3rd version of the Graphics and Sound Overhaul (Of which the 2nd version has better graphics than Skyrim), why would you ever bother playing the later installments, save to experience the storyline?

The ROLEPLAYing aspect of the Elder Scrolls seems to have died. The meaning of roleplaying at least, is not what it used to be. You aren't pretending you're that character, you aren't living a different life; you're making mundane decisions between light and heavy armor, this bow or that bow. The quest lines are all linear, you can't betray anyone, and half the characters in the game are immortal. It's sad really.

Here's a 30 minute video explaining this 'dumbing' down in much greater detail and depth than I ever could in my short, shallow, pathetic rant.

And here's a video of what a modded copy of Morrowind looks like;

To the untrained, non-technical eye; they don't look much better - but I assure you, the textures, the meshes, and the effects are of much higher quality than Skyrim. Instead of criticizing the Graphic STYLE, criticism the quality. Skyrim loses.

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