One Copy Of Deus Ex Human Rev on Steam To Gift [Closed]

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Just like yesterday with Baldur's Gate, here's another game. Just post saying you want it, and in about 24 hours or so I'll pick someone and send you it.

If there's freebies up for grabs then I'm game!

I would love a copy of this game also please.

A chance of getting free stuff?! I'm in.

Sure, why not, I'll add my name to the list.

Hi. Great. Why not. I'm in ;]

Yeah I'd like it! Thanks man, it's people like you that the world needs more of...

Count me in mate

Ex Deus my Deus Ex!...Human Revolution.

Count me in, always wanted to try Deus Ex.

Deus EX HR is great. I play it only on friend cpu xD never got own ;]

Louie Clark:
Just like yesterday with Baldur's Gate, here's another game. Just post saying you want it, and in about 24 hours or so I'll pick someone and send you it.

Good on ya', OP. I'm okay with not winning DX:HR, but the fact that you're giving out such good games makes me feel very proud. I highly approve of this.

And thanks for the game yesterday. Pretty fun if I must say so.

Wow another!! sign me up, thanks OP this is very generous of you

Seriously, whats with this game being so cheap?

I'm game for the free game. (Terrible pun)

I didn't ask for this Just kidding I am in and intrested and I did ask for this

I have the game, but I feel like this topic just wouldn't be complete without me.

Id love a copy, cant afford any of the sales right now but id i would like to have one if possible, if not thats kool i just think your very generous 8) my name on steam is teknonite 8)

I've been interested...but I've got enough in my back-log that I'm gonna pass on this one. Somebody let me know if the new X-COM is up for gifting.

Would certainly be nice to have a copy.

I wish I could give this version away instead:

Well... It'd be nice, I'm game, count me in. I can't really afford any games since I just ordered a new monitor and am saving for DmC so it'd be nice to have something to play on my new screen and fill the space between games...

My steam and Escapist names are the same btw...

I bow before the generous OP and hope that I am picked.

I'd love to get in on this.
As a side note I'd like to put it out there that I have a billion Dota 2 keys, if anyone wants one PM/quote me.

I'd love a copy, thank you very much

Sure, why not?:)

should we just ask for a stickied topic for giving away games? seems we get quite a few of them.

EDIT - wow this was my 1000th post. i feel like i should post a cute cat picture or something to celebrate.


1k? Nice, congratulations!
For GA sticked topic is not good. Take few ppl who gifted games and look at on chaos what can make ohters forum users in it ;]
Better be a little mini sub-forum for that whit some GA topics.

I was a thinking of trading some tf2 items for this game today it would be nice to get it for free.

I didn't ask for this... And I won't, since I already have it :D Nice going :)

Hope OP doesn't mind me mentioning this: I also have a thread giving away an SCII Heart of the Swarm beta key, so if anyone is interested, head to that thread too :)

I'll probably end this some time around noon my time tomorrow, so 10 more hours, or a little more. We'll see.

What have I got to lose , except my free time if I get it of course. Generous peoples are the best

That's very nice of you! Count me in!

Im poor and so is my wife Brian, We cant afford the games of video. Due to a evil tyrant steal's all our shoes. so please pick me and my wife brian

Ooo, I'd very much like that game. :)

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