3000 member EVE fight - What insanity looks like

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Well, I guess this is good press seeing as it convinced me to try the trial. I wonder how many other space pirates have named their ship Serenity....

Sir we have a problem....A massive armada has just arrived. We are completely outmatched. What do we do?.....
Uhhh sir. Can you hear me? How much did you have to drink? There are bottles all over the....

*Intoxicated leader suddenly jumps up and opens communications*

And now I have to find some videos with the actual players going ZOMG WTF IS GOING ON WHY IS THE WHOLE SERVER HERE.

It was quite an impressive battle. The only thing close to that I've ever seen were high level tower battles in Anarchy Online (I'd estimate 250-500 players, the entire minimap was either blue or orange).

........If EVE was free to play, I would be all over it. XD I love hearing stories like this.

I just don't like the subscription model.

...Dammit, now I wanna play a space sim. ...Guess I'll install X3 now. Although that lacks the human interaction that makes EVE amazing.


seriously, you could make a movie out of this

Not the same scale, but an actual short film: http://www.clearskiesthemovie.com/

(ep. 1 has only about 4 different ships, admittedly, but ep.2 has a 30v30 or so with one of the big ships you saw deployed in the video you linked to as a plot object)

...and then all those ships combine into two really huge ones, and it all turns into some mix of Macross and Gurren Lagann...

Sod it I think i'm gonna resub in a couple of months. Unfortunately my toons will be stuck in hostile deep 0.0, so I'm hoping a DM will kindly move both accounts worth of toons to high sec where I can relearn the game.

Well, I guess this is good press seeing as it convinced me to try the trial. I wonder how many other space pirates have named their ship Serenity....

Just try not to be one of those ppl who repeatedly starts trial accounts every couple of months and never getting anywhere. As losing your ship doesn't make the time spent getting the isk to build / buy it a waste of time, it's like darksouls in that regard, no there are only 2 ways wasted effort in Eve, #1 lost time in skill training, so forgetting to log in and keeping your toon learning new skills all the time, or wasting time on skills you don't need. Just messing around with trial accounts is the ultimate waste of time as your toon is wiped clean everytime.

So if you're playing Eve and undecided on if you'll like the game, Add another 30 days to your trial. For starters if you quit and decide to play again in the future you can use the same toon. Plus you will find alot of the best corps have no interest in trials and ppl with under a month playtime. If you give the game alittle longer you should start to see the better sapects of Eve open up, as the game doesn't show its full colours until you are 2-3 months into the game. Not that you won't beable to find lots to do to keep yourself busy but you will find yourself playing a supporting role. If you want to fight fleet battle like in the vid, then try out Eve University for a taster, but after that you will want to get into a 0.0 owning corp, when I played the game most had an requirement of a toon trained up for battleships, the standard ship of a fleet battle. It will take you 2-3 months of skill training atleast before you can fly one properlly.

The other way of wasting your time is loosing your main PVE ship that is the best way of generating ISK, there are several tiers for ISK generation and it can take a while advancing to the next tier, loosing your main PVE ship can set you back to earning peanuts until you can replace it. Having a well stocked hanger is a must. And while you can lose your ships in the game, if you are PVEing loosing one is usually down to stupidity and laziness or not knowing the rules, Or been in a corp at war.

You race is important for PVP too, as many fleet commanders don't want missile armed ships in their battle fleet (as it takes time for the missiles to hit the target and by that time the insta hit weapons will have destroyed it. So if you pick Caldari who most of thseir ships are missile boats you wont beable to fly them in fleet battles, and while you still have a small selection of gun ships they are expensive to buy. That said Caldari missile ships rock at PVE like mission running, when I played the game the (missile) Drake was the only battlecruiser able to run lv4 missions, they are much cheaper to buy and dont take as long to train to fly compared to Battleships which is the main lv4 mission running ship

I'd suggest you start an alt account too, even if its just trial accounts, as you can do so much more, especially if you get it into an hauler. The best way to play Eve is to have 2 accounts 1 with skills for PVE (Caldari) and the other training up for PVP, specialising will let you do those things quicker, a jack of all trades toon is something to avoid for newcommers. Also if your'e running 2 accounts top 0.0 corps you apply to join will take you more seriously. Plus you will have more fun running dual accounts at the same time and its much safer in 0.0 / low sec

sorry for the wall of text but tips on Eve is something difficult to put across in one paragraph.

EDIT BTW you can be an pirate in the game, it's a good way of making money while pvping, attack ships in low sec and ransom them, especially their escape capsule as if that is destroyed theylose an small % of their last skill trained, so if it was a major skill they wont want to get podded.

I want to see a city raid of this size in World of Warcraft.

Although it is unrelated, I am reminded of the Falador Massacre here....


OT: Who else thinks this would make a great movie? All it needs is a number of fighter ships darting throughout that battle and it's golden. Could you imagine the mess afterwards there?

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