Why was there no uproar about same sex relations in Skyrim, or the Fable series?

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I am still surprised no one threw a fit over being able to marry an argonian. I mean, when you consider what marriage entails, the implications are much weirder if your lover is a big lizard.


Assassin Xaero:
Why did nobody say a thing when you killed a kid in The Walking Dead, but everyone flipped shit that Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 had a cut scene (cut scene - not you actually DOING anything) where a bomb goes off and a kid is right next to it?

In the walking dead (i assume your talking about episode 4, havnt played 5 yet) it had actual relevence to the story and what had happened to the characters.
in MW3 it was just there to be "They killed a kid! they must be evil!" and it was cheap and manipulative.

There was that one, too, but I was more referring to...

Not to really defend MW3, but they could have tried to add it for more emotional effect. Van blows up and kills some soldiers, meh. Van blows up and kills a kid who was playing on the sidewalk, bit more tragic. Or is that what you meant?

Because the kind of people who scream over this kind of stuff know so little about video games and do so little research, that they need to have it shoved in their face to know that it exists.

Because they didn't make a big deal out of it, Bioware always make it a big deal and also do a very bad job implementing it into their games oftentimes making them feel very artificial, unrealistic, and shoehorned in which in turn alienates people on both sides of the fence who will both go forth into the forums to voice their opinions which ends up with them waging war upon one another culminating in what we all know as a 'shitstorm'.

Men who love the cock and women who enjoy a nice rack is a bit of a decisive issue in gaming culture nowadays. Between the gay Shepard controversy and the spectacular debacle going on in 'The Old Republic' it seems like whenever someone says "Maybe we should allow people the choice to enjoy the genitalia of their preference." Someone else must raise a flag in opposition, because of reasons, BUT we're not here to discuss that. You see a curious realization came upon me not too long ago that despite both the 'Fable' series and 'Skyrim' offering up genitalia enjoyment of your choosing and despite both being extremely popular I can't remember any huge controversy blowing through the culture like a tornado made of homophobia.

Because the major issue surrounding these 2 things wasn't the presence of homosexuals.

The issue with Mass Effect was not that Shepard could be gay, rather that they were retconning previously heterosexual characters into being bisexual and some thought this was a betrayal of their character.

The TOR thing is people seeing the option of s/s relations limited to this DLC planet as a type of segregation (which is just silly).

Well, firstly, the marriage feature in Skyrim wasn't much more than an afterthought, and sadly ridiculously shallow. Second, they never really used same-sex relations as part of the marketing blurb, it was just there. You could marry someone of your own gender and no one seemed to mind. It's rather refreshing, really, since it isn't nearly as big of a deal as some delightful people make it out to be.

Indeed this is refreshing. It's just there, it's not a 'reason' to buy the game.

Numerous people mention the lack of activity with your spouse in Skyrim. That's where mods and imagination come in. Similar to the combat.
-I realize that the argument is a shipped game with no included mods, but ME2 (didn't play 3) had all of 3 scenes with your significant other. Even the dating sim games are exceedingly shallow in their portrayals of relationships, if this is what we're arguing on about.

You can ask your spouse to follow you out to some romantic hilltop and find a tree stump to sit on or something while you both eat vegetable stew painstakingly created by looting the local farmyards.
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