if you could erase ONE game from your memory to play it for the first time again...

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Minecraft, honestly.

Starting a new world is almost the same every time. The first few days of survival are difficult, then you get a secure home, decked in iron (maybe a little diamond) and then it's a massive grind to get to new enemies.

Mods help out a bit, but it just feels too familiar.




I rarely reread anything, because I already know what happens and there's a lot of great stuff which I haven't read yet, so it feels like a waste of time.

Also, I didn't miss that the first time I read it.

Yeah thats understandable. Though re reading Extra makes that portion of the game somewhat decent once you know what to look for.

Though the only route that I felt contributed most to the Alternative was Ayamines route since you get to see what type of person Sagiri is and why Ayamine hates orders

I only went through Sumika's and Meiya's route the first time, but since Ayamine ended up becoming my favourite character; I did go back and play her route as well, after I had finished Alternative. It
does help to play that one as well.

Tamas route was pretty enjoyable as well. It was surprisingly interesting with learning about archery and getting to know about her dad.

Her and Ayamines route were the only ones I would consider decent/good and I would have enjoyed Extra the first time if it focused on them rather than Sumika and Meiya.

Those 2 were kinda bland and made me skip the majority of Extra

Mass Effect. I would give anything (okay there are some things that are off limits) to be able to re-experience that game again for the first time.

Kingdom Hearts, the whole franchise. (Although, I will miss out on the Stitch Summon Hax)


Final Fantasy Tactics

I might have to go with Pokemon Red. It isn't the best game I've ever played but it is such an amazing world that to be able to experience again for the first time... wow. It would be a dream come true.

Well, there's Bioshock.

But, I'm going to have to go with....

I definitely have to say The Walking Dead. I'd do it again after that too.

Recently? The Walking Dead.
Less recently? Chrono Trigger.

Wait...wha...but that...he's the main character!

I doubt anyone has heard of it, but I'd erase a table top game called "Crack the Case." It's a table top game where everyone plays detectives trying to solve cases using only yes or no questions. Each case is printed on a flashcard with a short exposition on one side and the answers on the back to be read by the person answering the questions.

What was great about it was how infuriating it could be. I swear there was one where all it says is "A man is found dead on an airfield. How did he die?" Based only on that, the detectives have to find the answer, which is that he was killed by being chopped up by the propeller of his wife's plane as she and the man she's cheating on him with flee the airstrip before being shot down by Japanese fighters because this scenario happens to be set at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7 1945.

Such good memories of that game, but I can never play it again because I already know the answers to all the cases in it.

The Would-You-Kindly twist hit me harder than any twist in anything EVER, it freaking turned my entire world upside-down and one of the things I would wish for on my deathbed would be to experience it again.


When i first played it with friends i died of laughter multiple times.

However, it became less fun as i got to know everything.

Being able to play trough it again with my memory erased would be to good trough.

Fallout 2, no contest.

The Walking Dead. That game is excellent and, unfortunately, it really loses its appeal after you've completed the story the first time.

Skyrim or Bioshock. Skyrim has more of the wonder of exploration and discovery, but Bioshock has that eerie atmosphere, the totally uncanny setting and the story. If it came to it, Bioshock would probably win.

I enjoyed Chibi Robo as a kid, and I didn't GET the full severity of the story when I was that young. It took 4 playthroughs and I'm sure I've still missed SOMETHING. Re-Experiencing that as a (slightly) more mature being would probably bring me to inconsolable grief for a day. It already fucks with my for a while and I've BEATEN IT FOUR DAMN TIMES!

The first game that comes to mind is Shadow of the Colossus. I might even get a PS3 for the HD version, if I had a chance to play it again for the first time. Second place would be KotOR.

Red Dead Redemption. I love the game, but I just can't enjoy it as much now that I know the entirety of the map, all of the story missions and plot twists, have done every activity in the game about 30,000 times each, etc. That first playthrough was just so magical for me, and I feel like the only shot I have at ever replicating that feeling is if I don't touch or think about it for about ten years.

My first thought, like several others, was Bioshock. It's probably the most atmospheric game I've ever played, and going into it without knowing what to expect was amazing. Other than Bioshock, Metal Gear Solid 3 would be good, just for the fight with The Boss alone. Metroid Prime is one of my favorite games, and I would love to experience those first steps into the Tallon Overworld again. Finally, Ocarina of Time, since the ending was spoiled for me during my first playthrough.

Metroid Prime, It's my favourite game so it seems natural. Though it would admittedly be weird playing it for the first time with memories of it's sequels.

Spec ops: the line

cause i made the huge mistake of looking up the ending with out playing it first to see what all the fuss was about
so when i finally played it, a lot of impact was taken out of it

Tough one. I'm split between Minecraft and Morrowind... Minecraft because after a while you start to recognize where things are the same and you're just not surprised anymore at the game, and resetting it back to square one would give me another two years of discovering new things again, which was awesome. Morrowind is much the same, and having played through it no less than five times I think a reset would be great. There are definitely other options out there though... Any of the other Elder Scrolls games, the better Command and Conquer games (Red Alert or Tiberian Sun come to mind, though Red Alert 2 is damned close), Earth and Beyond because it was my first MMO and I thoroughly enjoyed it. They did the beginning part of the game well, it just got kinda boring towards the end-game.... I could go on for quite a while here...

You know though, I might actually go with Earth and Beyond. It's too bad EA shut it down... It had some serious potential if they'd have made fixes to it.

Congratulations, most difficult question I've had asked of me since "What's with all this cocaine?"
Hmm... I'm gonna go with the hipster answer and say Shadow of the Colossus because I can't think of another game that has had such a significant initial impact on me. But if I'm being totally honest, I'd insist on picking only one game to remember, and forget all the rest so I can play all of them fresh. That one game to remember? Persona 3. It sucks, I do love the characters, but that's one game I don't need to play again.

Great question man, I'm gonna ask all my friends this, see how long it takes them to decide (evil grin).

While it's not my favourite game, I would choose Majora's Mask. A complete non-FAQ non-bullshit playthrough of this game is by far one of the longest, darkest, hardest, most complex and most amazing experiences one can have.

Games like Metroid Prime easily kick MM away, but right now I simply want the latter.

I know it's been said before, but the very first thing that popped into my head was Bioshock. To me, the fun of Mass Effect and Fallout is tweaking character builds to find the most awesome one for you. If you erase what you know about your builds, you're just going to awkwardly play through it again. Sure, the story is nice, but they're loose - choose you're own adventure - types of stories and honestly, if you like that so much, go play D&D or something.

But Bioshock, that was a joy. I saw the plot-twist coming from six miles away, and they still managed to surprise me with the details of the very twist I saw coming. Really anything with a tight and fantastic story. So, on this list would be:

Final Fantasy Tactics
Halo (Yes, I said it, I loved the original story)
And if I could: The Star Wars Original Trilogy so I could watch that again with new wonder.

But... it's only one... and even though Tactics is still my favorite game ever, it'd have to go to Bioshock because that story is just amazing.

Metal Gear Solid 3. Why? I was too young to properly enjoy it the first time around. I play games for story, but the first time I played it I was confused as all hell. Now, I can actually comprehend what happened.

Planescape Torment easily.

Even though many folks must be sick about hearing it,

my choice would have to be Dark Souls. Also, Demon's Souls, but the hub takes a bit away from the feeling of explore-as-you-please and die and die and die again. The first playthrough, you feel lost in a hostile, nasty and evil place. Then, eventually, it turns into yet another playground, and the game becomes a nicer, fancier incarnation of, say, Donkey Kong or Ghosts'n'Goblins.

Closely followed by Bioshock. God, that was a creepy, creepy game the first time around.

I also vividly remember the first Silent Hill and Resident Evil games - we had such a blast with those.

I'd have to say the Batman Arkham games, if I can't have both then it's City. If not Arkham City then definitely Portal or Portal 2, I found both absolutely amazing but the game doesn't hold much replay value once you know the puzzles.

None of them. I prefer to play a good new game rather than make myself intentionally ignorant of something. There will always be fresh new experiences out there, why go back to one I'm already done with?

This reminds me of that one guy in Planescape: Torment that wanted your help for telling his memory-wiped self that he'll be able to experience everything for the first time again.

Oh wow actually I've changed my decision. It was going to be In The Company Of Myself (flash game) for that single moment of incredible realisation.

But Planescape Torment for the sheer irony of playing a game about not being able to remember what you did in past lives and experiencing everything new again =D

Dark souls...i kept looking up guides which reduced the epicness for me (it was still v v good)
But i can at least start demon souls now and not look up anything ever

KoTOR, just for that plot twist. I never got to experience it unspoiled, and it still gives me shivers.

Definitly Mass Effect. Delete the whole series from my memory. Give me the first part but do not tell me there's a sequel and my actions have consequences - just let me play.
Then give me the second and at last the third one.

Would probably the mostestest epicest gaming expirience in my life :P

That.. or Portal / Halflife 2

Homefront. The ONE game that made me ashamed to be a gamer...

Were the Korean armed forces the offspring of Skeletor and Hitler? It was just God awful

Final fantasy VI. I played that game for more than 200 hours and I know pretty much everything about it. Just thinking of rediscovering the story again for the first time make me shiver


No question, FF6. I still replay it every couple years, and I love it more every time. What I wouldn't give to be able to experience it again fresh.

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