if you could erase ONE game from your memory to play it for the first time again...

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There are many I wish I could erase my memory of, but since I'm forced to choose one I'll go with Super Metroid this time.

I found this game amazing eve when I was young, and I skipped 3 days of school just to finish it. For a 2D platformer, it sure is a really well designed and atmospheric game. Finding my way through it I remember was really difficult, especially since it was the first game I ever played with hidden doors. I got stuck often and even then, some bosses and areas were really difficult (probably because of the lack of lives and missles I gathered).

Haha definitely Not Dark Souls. I only enjoy it now because I'm finally semi decent at the controls. The one game I would really want to play again is Skyrim. It was just so.. *WOW* that first time I walked outside. I just felt lost in that frozen wilderness and I loved every minute of it.

Journey, easily. That game gave me feels I can't even explain, and I don't think I'll ever get them again.

Alternatively, Kingdom Hearts or The Elder Scrolls, because diving into those worlds and the lore behind them for the first time was amazing.

Baldur's Gate 2
Hands down
No competitors
Someone erase my memory now please

Dragon Age Origins, love that game :)

World of Warcraft by far. There are many other games that gave me an incredible first experience, but in most cases I can still emulate that feeling pretty closely by starting a new game. With WoW though, it doesn't quite work that way. No matter how many alts you create, nothing will ever come close to setting foot into that huge, living world for the first time. Even more so because it was my first true MMO.

Talk about a hard question...there are so many titles that were inspiring enough the first time but didn't quite manage to stand the test of time. The nostalgia glasses can only do so much for second playthroughs :(. I'd say it's a toss up between Chrono Cross, Tales of Symphonia and Shadow Hearts/SH: Covenant (Although I'm replaying the Shadow Hearts Series and still having a blast with them.)

Either Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy X. I love those games to bits.

Only Kingdom Hearts would only REALLY be good if I forgot the entire series, cus I could probably guess a lot of what happens from the other games.

Planescape: Torment.

I spoiled some plot points (such as the nature of the villain) before I played it, so I feel I kind of ruined the experience.

That's a tough one. I'd probably pick either Wind Waker or Oblivion.

Both of these games had vast worlds but Wind Waker in particular held something special for me. I liked the feeling of setting off into the vast ocean and potentially finding anything.

It's rare that I can find a game that gives me that feeling but Xenoblade Chronicles accomplished that pretty recently.

Going to have to go for Bioshock just to experience the twist again. I had it ruined for me about an hour before I actually got to that part in the game by a friend who overestimated my progress. Still found the twist pretty darn amazing.

The mass effect series and just playing each one with out knowing the next one is out.

I just want to fall in love with Tali again.

WoW, with Skyrim and Mass Effect as close seconds. I'm torn as to weather I'd wanna play at the beginning of Lich King like I did or start at Mists. Ether way it'd be rad as hell.

Easy. Shadow of the Colossus or Persona 4. I'd say Half-Life 2, but I'd probably have to go back in time as well or it could feel too outdated

I want to completely remove Red Dead Redemption from my mind. Completely. I want to play it knowing nothing at all. I went in knowing the ending, which was still excellent, but it would have been amazing if I didn't know it was coming.

Portal and Portal 2. I would love to play it again without knowing about the cake jokes, or how it was going to end. I can still almost remember the feeling of finishing one of the more challenging levels or trying to save my poor companion cube. Wasn't the same the second time around.
Bioshock is also a close second. And I also agree with the minecraft comments. I used to play 3 hours a day but now I am down to minecrafting once a month. Gotten so repetitive.

Breath of fire 2! It was my first RPG and is the reason it's my favourite genre. I know I'd love it to bits even today just as much as before. Never understood the "It's only ever nostalgia" crowd.

Baldur's Gate

I would say TF2. Before I was introduced to SPUF and became a jaded whiner, I used to be that W+M1 pyro, that demoknight who just spammed pipes, that heavy who used a shotgun since he always ran out of ammo. The sheer variety in playstyle, game types, and map choice blew my unenlightened mind.

Oly J:
so yeah what would yours be? I know I named 3 but that's just how hard it is to choose, feel free to name as many as occur to you and why

Mine would easily be KOTOR. That twist was masterfully done, and being able to experience that again would be fantastic.

Barring that, I'd go with either Mass Effect or Bastion. Both of those were just fantastic, with a great sense of exploration and wonder that is quickly lost in repeat playthroughs.

For me, this is an easy choice. It'd have to be Shadow of the Colossus. I bought it back on the ps2 and from then till now, owning it on the ps3, I have played it from start to finish at least 20 times. I love this game. It is just utterly fantastic in its every aspect.

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