Favorite MOBA chars?

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This is a MOBA thread. About moba characters. I've tried searching on the forums about something similar and nothing would come up, so here I am. Who are your favorite/dreaded characters in any Moba? Feel free to post scores.

From Smite:

My favorite is Bakasura. Concept art is shown here(because it's the best pictures I could find of him when I'm too lazy to just screenshot him ingame.)

I love this character mainly because the way he looks, plays and feels. The hunched blue figure, with a red hood covering what seems to be a dark fog. How he scrapes his blades on the ground, yelling CARVED BEEF and empowering his butcher blades to rip those overpowered tanks apart. How he leaps behind enemy lines with a 360, reveals his head and massacres everyone with his AoE cone basic attacks, then eats a minion and chases down survivors. The best part is, I feel as if I'm hunting the enemy players. With that feeling I rarely die, which is awesome as Bakasura is rarely played, and when he is played I find people feed with him.

Last one on the left. Arena is basically team deathmatch. This was the most recent match I could find.
I eat because I'm hungry, I'm hungry because I eat. It's a vicious cycle, I know.

I would have made an entry about Guan yu but it got a bit ranty. So I deleted it.

Step foward, fire away. Who do you love/hate in your MOBA of choice?

Edit: Fixed broken links.

From what I've played of LoL, I enjoyed Skarner.
Also Clunk from Awesomenauts is pretty fun.

Leona and ezreal of course, both from lol and they're both awesome, leona can just zenith blade in, stun the entire enemy team, then stun the carry a little longer, and then make it out without breaking a sweat.

and ezreal is quite possibly the best sniper in the entire world, thanks to his spam able q and his global ult.

i also really like phantom lancer in dota 2, "we outnumber them, we out number them all." quite accurate description of him by himself, he just mashes down anybody trying to take him out with his clones.

*Post overhaul*

This guy right here :3 THE MIGHTY NAUTILUS!


His story is a sad one indeed, left for dead by his crew mates when he was being pulled into the ocean by a mysterious black ooze. The ooze encased him within the suit and clouded his memory. He seeks revenge by fighting in the league of legends to eventually gain the information which he so desires. (The names of the sailors that condemned him)

He is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to laning as he has high presence, he is effective at farming because his passive lets him get the extra damage on minions easily. He can also deny enemies farm because he can just use his passive to stun (as well as chunk their health) anyone heading for minions. In team fights this guy is awesome, with AOE abilities, shields and enough CC to make entire teams fumble around like idiots (4 out of 5 of his abilities are crowd control) he is invaluable when in the right hands (Mine).

Oh by the way anyone that is on EU west, would you want to team up? :3 (Not for ranked as it is bad for my sanity)

Rikimaru comes for you!

I love using Riki, his play style suits me well.

I slide between sunbeams.

Bone Clinkz, Invoker and NightStalker from Dota (not sure what they're called in Dota2)

Ahri, Riven and Sona from LoL.

Teemo, from League of Legends.
I really love playing as him. And he's quite cute, as well. Scurrying around and poisoning everyone. Fun, fun, fun!
Leona is pretty awesome, as well.

Fiddlesticks from LoL for me. The moment I tried him out I was sold. I just love the way he plays and how he's an all-rounder, able to solo mid, duo bot, or go jungle. Not just the way he plays though, I was drawn to the concept behind him as well, and his appearance.

A close second is probably Garen. Partially because of that whole DEMACIA!! meme, but also because he's quite easy to play once you get some gear. I play him when I just want to casually destroy some bots. :P

I love playing Malzahar on LoL. He is such a fun character to play, he can take nearly anyone in lane if he is played right and will dominate most of the roster be they squishy bursters or tanky bruisers. If he manages to get off his full combo on someone and they are not playing Galio then they are pretty much dead, especially once he gets his items.

The other is Swain also know as LoLs king of DoTs. I love dominating my lane with him then pretending to slowly fail at running away when the jungler comes to gank only to turn around the moment they are out of turret safety range and get a double kill. With Season 3 his weakness of high mana costs his near solved by the now cheap Tear of the Goddess, he can also stack it's passive pretty quickly with his ult.
This is Swain we are talking about so anyone who has fought him in LoL knows that infinite mana = infinite health sustain and near unkillable without ignite. Swain is my favorite champion in LoL



This guy, no question. He's the resident BADASS of the cast. He dances to Hare Hare Yukai with zero shame. That's the ultimate test of manliness right there. Anyone saying you need battle armour and arms the size of trucks to be manly needs to recognise that this guy is literally wearing JEANS AND A T-SHIRT (plus too many belts) in a battleground. Zero fucks given. Manliness +1

Oh and look at those Swag Goggles. The swaggiest goggles ever made. Ezreal is the best Swag Warrior on Swag Warrior's Rift.

I'll stop now...

As for gameplay... SNIPES ALL DAY SON! He is definitely my favourite carry because his abilities are actually WORTH something late game instead of being like say, Caitlyn when stopping to Q once can lose you like 3 autoattacks. Oh and Arcane Shift is giggles. It burns mana early on but nothing is more hilarious than jumping a wall on 100HP leaving 3 guys jumping on their hats in rage.

Oh and Irelia. But really, who doesn't love Irelia? She casually walks through entire front lines onto squishy baby carries with no fear. Not even in the Olaf way where he does this full on battle charge. She just walks/teleports in and never stops moving. Whereas Olaf has to pussy out after 10 seconds because his Man Mode ran out and "oh no! A stun! UWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA".

I really like Annie in League, even though I'm awful with her. Her quotes are great.

"I'm rubber and you're... on fire!"
"What's your favorite aminal? A BEAR?!"

To play, I prefer Sona. I'm trying to get better with Nami, too. My brain just isn't wired for MOBA games. I don't attack people well. I prefer to sit back and heal.

Zenith blade will bring me closer to you, eclipse shield will protect me from hits you see~ Leoooooona!

DOTA 1&2
Kunkka, the Admiral, because he's and elderly looking man who will wreck your shit with sword that spits water. And summons ghosts. That give you rum. Because fuck logic.

I like Singed and Tiny.

I just like to fling people.

League of Lag Legends: Varus
I snipe, I backdoor, I never miss. Of course, I don't like playing the team's Carry, so it's a mixed blessing.
But god-DAMN is it fun to line up his Q.
Runner up: Lux/Ezreal (I am a fan of skillshots, but Lux has that Singularity, which I loved well before they buffed it)

(And yes, I do enjoy Windrunner in DotA/2 for the same reason)

DotA/2: Invoker
-I remember when he had something like 3 dozen spells. But the "simplified" list is great fun, and much less game-breaking.
He's versatility-incarnate, able to roll as virtually any role save for Main-Tank.

All-Invoker All-Mid is hilarious chaos.

*Mains Swain* Good to see another Bird-fan, but anyways,
In Smite my favorite would have to be Hades, works well with my playstyle.

Nerubian Assassin for voice only. :D

My two favorites have been, and likely will always be, since the day I saw them.


Miss Sarah Fortune, bounty hunter extraordinaire. High mobility AD Carry with a wonderful passive and an ult that devastates. Was sad that she was nerfed to unplayability for a while, but the buffs recently saved her.



Katarina, the Noxian Blade Mistress. High speed assassin with poke, mobility, a terrifying ultimate, and a passive that keeps the love coming. Glad they unnerfed her lore. THAT WAS AWFUL...

given the only MOBA i've played is LoL, it's pretty much restricted to that roster, and even then I pick characters who have a design i like over which s 'best'.

I have

Kayle - want her Aether wing skin
Ahri - Foxfire skin
Shyvana - want her Ironscale skin
Cassiopeia - want ether Sidewinder or Siren, haven't decided yet
Ashe - (cause she was super cheap) only one I don' feel like I need an Alt skin for.
Katarina - want the Mercinary skin

mind you i suck horribly with all of them, but I like these ones so far

Drow Ranger is best hero.
She was my very first hero when I started playing DotA 2. She's very easy to play, with only 2 real skills to use in battle. Perfect for a newbie.

Oh sweet. I clicked on this thread expecting to see another DotA versus LoL thing going on, and I thought I'd be the only one posted SMITE related shit. Lo and behold, the OP is a SMITE player. Well fuck me, that's cool.

I've not been playing long. When I first started Freya was on the free rotation and I stuck to her a bit. By the time she left the rotation I'd gathered enough to buy a god, and obviously I went for her as she's the only one I really knew how to play. She's cool. She's a bit of a mismatch as she's not really a mage and not really a carry. But she has a bit better of a laning phase than carries and a bit better endgame than mages. And her ultimate used right makes her the best tower diver in game. Early game, against an unknowing foe (anyone who doesn't get Aegis early enough), you can almost always get a kill as soon as the ultimate pops. I like her playstyle a lot.

I've not earned enough points for a second god yet, but I'm looking at Hades for my second. I like that he's a tank with an escape, and I like that he's ranged and magical.

P.S. I think Bakasura is very underrated. Not as good as Sun Wu Kong, but way better than Kali, Arachne, Loki et al.

Let's see... Singed is my favorite mad scientist ever, followed by Ziggs.

Lux is pretty fun too, and the new Steel Legion skin looks badass.

I may catch some flak for this because he's apparently OP, but I really love Blitzcrank. I'm actually decent with him, and because he's a giant freakin robot.

Garen Sona and Singed. Porbably because I've mastered Sona and Garen and I am close to mastering Singed.

The first time I heard Sona's voice at champ select I had headphones on. Her voice just reverberated through my entire body. She's also one of the most useful supports IMO.

Garen because I can just run through the enemies base and all 5 opponents and come out laughing as my team ambushes them. SPIN TO WIN KIDS!

Singed because he's the biggest troll in the whole game. Tanky as all hell with a powerful flip and just farts on everyone.

From Doto 1, it's Techies. Nothing beats the feeling of having total map control. Knowing that enemies are full of fear, that they think of you and curse you with every step they make. It's funny to dominate the enemy mentally.

In doto 2 it would be... well, I can't really decide. I like PA, Riki, Carl and Death Prophet (dat accent is killing me!).

Oh dear...so many options....
In Dota / Dota 2 I have Invoker, Windrunner, Templar Assassin, and (heaven help me) Bloodseeker.
On a side note, can't wait for the Techies and Legion Commander to make it into Dota 2 :)

In LoL, the list gets longer still. Vi, Riven, Renekton, LeBlanc, Blitz, and Wukong are my all time favorites, though the list gets longer every time I go back to a champ I haven't played in a while, so it could include all 70 of my unlocked ones. Except for J4. Fuck that guy.

Last but not least, I haven't played enough Smite to come up with anything definitive, but I'm definately a fan of Bakasura myself, and look forward to finding others I will enjoy.

I love Broodmother



Suffering is Magic!

Miss Fortune is super aggro and can push lane against anyone. If I get her on blue team with a decent support, that tower is history. Also, people don't realize how useful it is to use her ult to clear and entire wave of mins so yours can get to the tower faster and take it out. Her CD on it is low enough to justify it.

I used to love Teemo, don't play him as much anymore because if youhave a bad game as Teemo everyone on your team will hate you for it. His kit is great for sniping and split pushing, but everyone else wants me to play him AP (which is also good, but not my style as much).

Nasus is awesome top, but a lot of people can shut him down. Give him a good partner and he can hold any position, though.

I just bought both Amumu and KAyle. They're just as god as everyone acts like they are. Amumu is just so tanky right out he gate, you can gank into any lane as lon as you aren't really outnumbered and be sure you'll at least survive if not secure the kill for the lane. Kayle's abilities are such that you can use them in pretty much any situation (as opposed to say, Teemo, who just has to sit out teamfights). She'll never run out of mana because all her stuff is so mana cheap and her E that turns her ranged is so cheap and has such good CD she's basically a ranged out of the box. It's kinda funny, the very best LOL champs are either 6300 IP or 450 IP...(Ashe, Garen, Kayle)

Dota 2 is the only one I've played. I like a lot, actually. Not many are carries, oddly enough (or not hard carries).
-Shadow Shaman
-Keeper of the Light

I like to be using abilities, so pure right clickers are out (except Luna. She's an odd one).

Kog'maw, from LoL. I love the look of him, and I love his "mortar" attack.

Malphite is also a lot of fun, although I need to be backing up a good player or I tend to flounder.

Poppy's ability to knock people around and negate turret damage is awesome - but she pays for it with a lack of AoE attacks. Her blacksmith skin is also one of my favorites in the game.

Nami from League of Legends would be my favourite overall. Cc heavy support that can win a fight with both a big bang and with subtlety. He bouncing team to team heal/damage is my favourite ability on her. It's flexible and it makes you think about who, when, and where you want to use it more than most abilities. Makes her great for trading in lane as well and the movespeed passive is the best icing on any cake you could ever want.

For Dota definitely Spirit Breaker. Movespeed boosts and global range charge, whats not to like?

DOTA 2 player here. My favorite is Zeus, probably due to the voice. It may be as I'm somewhat able to play him well (for a noob).

Got a few actually, (LoL player here so they're all from that)

Kayle: Can play anywhere is the main reason why I like her, if for whatever reason I end up banning I can call Top and not be counterpicked 90% of the time. That and she's an armored badass with a massive sword used to smite people, and she has wings, did I mention the wings?

Katarina: Shunpo is just plain fun, marking everyone, then jumping in using your aoe then death lotus? waaaaaaaaay too much fun.

Got a couple others but the timer just finished and my match is starting :)

In terms of playing, I have quite a few favourites. Invoker is extremely fun, Rubick isn't as complicated, but still not even close to being easy(to bring out his full potential, that is) and possibly even more fun, because dominating enemies after getting Hook and watching them rage about how their Pudge hooks worse than Rubick is priceless, Ogre Magi is a lot more simple, but once again, watching people rage about me only getting 4x casts is lovely, initiating with Clockwerk is awesome, or just hookshotting a running enemy, and Enchantress is really fun to play as a right-click carry. She has huge damage, but you can't just walk in and kill shit easily like Drow or Phantom Lancer, you need to position yourself as far away from the battle as you can to do maximum damage and to make sure that you don't get hit, because you die instantaneously.

As for lore, hands down Rubick.

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