What Game(s) do you want to see get made?

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I know this topic comes up every now and then, but heck why not have it come up again.

For me I want a "Clone wars" version of Star Wars Empire at war. Seriously that's an instant sale right there! I bet millions of Star Wars fans will buy on day one. :D

So Escapists? What game do you want to see get made?

Well, besides more Legacy of Kain... Some good Tenchu games again.


Is that a Super Saiyan pony?

Because if so, that's probably one of the most hilarious things I've seen today.

OT: I'd like to see a game that gives you complete interaction with your environment. No static objects that are simply painted on to look pretty, no doors that are actually walls, no invisible walls, and context sensitive actions for practically everything. Games like Skyrim or Far Cry 3 come relatively close when compared to most other games around today, but I think it can go even further, and even in games that aren't open-world sandboxes.

Bioshock and Bioshock 2 are pretty decent examples, but they still have a lot of objects that are just painted walls. If I brush up against a fallen box or file cabinet, I'd like to see it move. If I'm bashing against a glass window relentlessly, it should break eventually. I should be able to knock things off of walls.

I know these things don't really increase how good a game's core mechanics are, but it goes a long way toward making an in-game world feel more real when the environment actually reacts to the player's movements. I absolutely love how Far Cry 3 actually used thick brush as cover instead of allowing enemies the ability to magically see you through it, even though you couldn't see them.

I would love a Simpsons Hit and Run 2...

Homeworld 3
Legacy of Kain

Twinkle Star Sprites with online Co-op
Heroes of Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes 2
A new Panzer Dragoon or HD port with no Kinect BS
Streets of Rage 4 (in retro 2D)
Vanquish 2
Starlancer 2 or Colony Wars game
Gradius 6 and HD port of 5
Skullgirls 2
Wipeout or F-Zero (not on handhelds)
16bit style Langrisser or Shining Force
Sonic Generations 2 (but with a slower 2D Sonic)
Deadly Premonition 2 set in Royston Vasey (the town from In the league of gentlemen, a highly recommended Brit comedy set in a backwards Northern Town)

Theme Park Hospital (for my dad since he has been playing it for donkies years)ghg

I would love a Simpsons Hit and Run 2...

The original was one the first games I ever bought.

A Warhammer or 40k RPG with the player as a witch hunter or inquisitor.

The original version of I Am Alive. I was so excited for that game, and after several years, they scrapped everything and made a terrible XBLA title. =/

Luckily I got high hopes for The Last Of Us!

Hah! First to say Psychonauts 2!

EDIT for low content: Also another REAL Starfox game. As in, not like Adventures, and less unfocused than Assault.

zone of enders 3
(gotta throw it in) FF7 remake lol
beyond good and evil 2

A single player sandbox game that's a cross between FTL and Eve.
Warcraft 4.
Another Valkyria Chronicles game on PS3.
Starcraft 1, Diablo 1/2, Warcraft 1/2/3 HD remakes.
A 40k game that isn't about the Space Marines (preferably Necrons)

Something which looks as good as your typical 8GB game, but which uses extensive procedural content so it's small enough to fit on a floppy.

Hey, if .kkreiger can do Doom 3-quality graphics in 96KB, it's a reasonable ask of the games industry.

Star Wars: The Emperor's Hand. A cross between Deus Ex and Hitman where you play as Mara Jade. Infiltrate areas and uncover conspiracies using subterfuge, stealth, trickery, the Force, or just shooting everyone. It'd also allow a game to use Force powers more for subtle influence and trickery rather than blowing stuff up.

Also on Star Wars: A game where you're a Rebel cell on some backworld planet. Strategy layer similar to XCom, but with shooter combat and more directed story, with more direct interaction with the enemy (eg sabotage and ambushes rather than just waiting for abductions.)

Also, a 4X game with the emphasis on espionage, rebellion, and heroes rather than massive fleets.

Mass Effect: Tactics. Squad-based turn-based tactics game in the Mass Effect universe, possible as one of the N7/SPECTRE squads you play as in multiplayer. Soldier abilities focusing on passives and weapon boosts operating on cooldowns or modes, tech on debuffs and grenades with a limited but flexible pool of omni-gel, biotics on direct damage and physics manipulation casting from regenerating hit points.

A squad-based Fallout game taking place in the Southwest following on from New Vegas where you play as a merc, initially hired by NCR to wipe up on Caesar's Legion, but can quit and work for many different factions.

A Starship Troopers RPG where you play a lieutenant who has to command, promote, and train his platoon in between battles. Strategy layer looks like a cross between XCom, Mount & Blade, and Crusader Kings/Total War (in managing leader's personalities), combat looks like a cross between Crysis and Tribes (absurdly powerful power armor, leaping for hundreds of yards, massive open battlefields, nukes, etc) with commands given to troops.


A Warhammer or 40k RPG with the player as a witch hunter or inquisitor.

This. So much this. Preferably with only tagential mentioning of Astartes, if any. It's time a 40k game showes, that this universe has so much more interesting stuff to offer than power armoured ponces punching things. Not that I don't like this, I just think it's time to dig deeper into the setting.

I would also love to see a new, highly polished and deep TBS game. One with giant army sizes and absurd unit variety. The best case scenario for me would be a WH40k Tabletop convertion with all races, every model evah, selectable ruleset from every rulebook up to that point and complete unit costumization for every modell. I would also like a massage, a lifelong supply of icecream and a T-Rex to ride, while they are at it. And don't forget to bring beer......

Apart from that:
Dawn of War 3
Star Wars Battlefront 3
Homeworld 3
Half Life 3 (I see a pattern here)
Space Marine 2 (contrary to my former statement the "power armoured ponce punching things" itch might still need some tickeling), prefarably with some Squadmanagement and more specified classes in the SP (you know: like the original SM trailer seemed to promise)
A Total War game in a fantasy setting. Gladly dew to Creative Assembly aquiring the WHFB license this seems likely to happen.

A real sequel to Radiata Stories

Deus Ex, remade (not an HD remaster, but a reworking like the Gamecube Resident Evil).
Still an amazing title (replayed it for the first time in over a decade), but definitely dated in several aspects (particularly combat). It really makes me wonder what the title would be like if the original design principles stayed the same but modern technology was available.

I'd love Dynasty Tactics 3, and a good LOTR game. War in the North was pretty fun, but it had a couple of game-killing bugs. I'd like them to make something like Return of the King on the PS2, but for current-gen consoles.

Oh, and Timesplitters 4 :)

Legend of Dragoon 2
Shenmue 3


A Warhammer or 40k RPG with the player as a witch hunter or inquisitor.

Would love to see this, do it Mass Effect style with different squad members or familiars. Its a massive universe theres so much potential for something other then "kill everything you can see"

If not that then, Too Human 2 and 3. I loved the story with the Cyber take on the Aesir and the rest of the Norse Mythology. It would be great if someone else could revive the IP.

A good Game of Thrones game. The latest one wasn't bad, but it played really...not good...on console (It felt like a port from PC, more than anything). It also didn't look very fantastic. I'd love an open world game based in Westeros. That'd be fuckin' mint. GoT crossed with Skyrim. Or Fable.

I've participated in so many of these threads, on the Escapist and elsewhere, so this isn't my first pick as far as games I want to get made go. I do, however, think it'd be ridiculous amounts of fun;

Muscle, Mullet Rock, Monsters.
Muscle, Mullet Rock, Monsters.

Give us an open world Shooter/RPG hybrid based on the general lore and atmosphere of the first few seasons of Supernatural. You go around hunting monsters from town to town - finding out what you're dealing with, and learning how to kill it. Getting trapped in an old, spooky asylum haunted by the victims of a brutal, insane doctor? Yes please. This isn't a 'deep' game but it'd be incredibly fun.

A few things need to be made clear; you need to be able to create your own character, it needs as player driven as possible (yes, this includes doing the research), a range of cars for me to choose from and the ability to bring in your own music library. Most importantly, this shouldn't be a game about intense action.

Should it actually be in the world of Supernatural? No - playing through as the brothers, or even in the same universe as the brothers, would be boring. Also being bound but the horrid, tone shifting (even if oddly enjoyable) latter seasons would be detrimental to the atmosphere. Also; we could get rid of that whole sexism thing that way. Just consider the first few seasons of Supernatural as a basis to construct this from rather than a blueprint.

Star Wars: The Emperor's Hand.

This is so many kinds of awesome. I would give all my money for Star Wars: The Emperor's Hand. =D

A game based around 'The Hunger Games' that isn't just a soulless movie tie-in. I'd buy the shit out of that

Oh look, it's this question again.

Well, here's my usual answer again: Dungeon Keeper 3

Another Panzer Dragoon game
Rollcage 3
More Japanese 2D action-platformers (sorry, but the west just can't make good 2D platformers anymore).

Resident Evil: Outbreak File 3. The first two were very underrated in my opinion, and brought co-op into the franchise in a great survival oriented fashion, which can't really be said for the more recent titles.

Binary Domain 2. I really liked the first one, and at $20, a hell of a bargain. It had a very sequel friendly ending and you could talk to your NPCs with a mic. This has almost no chance of happening because its sales were shit, but its fun to dream.

Battlefront 3
A good Too Human game
A good DarkSiders game

Edit: And you know what, I'll forgive Syndicate 2 if it's a really good FPS.


I would love a Simpsons Hit and Run 2...

The original was one the first games I ever bought.

A Warhammer or 40k RPG with the player as a witch hunter or inquisitor.

I agrtee with this whole heartedly, open gameplay with multiple solutions, all of them suitably (grimdarkyyyy in SPACE!)violent, the possibility to keep puritanical or radical, build up a retinue, get bionics, visit world. Do the emperors work. Be able to call down exterminatus.

Seems solid, to bad the 40k license is in the air.

I'm also gonna' lift up my JRPGs that got discontinued

Suikoden VI, (come on capcom, use all that Metal gear money for something good)

Shadow hearts IV (this is easy, throw it in booming seventies or sixtys they're suitably dark and laughable to work)

Alpha protocol II (not a JRPG, but it had sooo much potential, just some more polish and you'll get there Bethesda)

Dragon age III "The good one!" (you can do it bioware, if the man i once knew is still in there somewhere, i need you to come out!)

I want to see Battlefield Bad Company 3. And I want it to return to the comedic style of the first game. And I want it to continue the story of the first game and not completely ignore it like they did the second one in order to copy Call of Duty.

For the love of god, somebody make a Han Solo; Intergalactic Smuggler game!



I would love a Simpsons Hit and Run 2...

The original was one the first games I ever bought.

A Warhammer or 40k RPG with the player as a witch hunter or inquisitor.

I agrtee with this whole heartedly, open gameplay with multiple solutions, all of them suitably (grimdarkyyyy in SPACE!)violent, the possibility to keep puritanical or radical, build up a retinue, get bionics, visit world. Do the emperors work. Be able to call down exterminatus.

Seems solid, to bad the 40k license is in the air.

The Warhammer Fantasy licence isn't, but that's in Creative Assembly's hands and will most likely be a Total War type.

All I want is more choices of shoot 'em ups and base building RTS games. Or another SSB Melee type game would last me a long time. Also, I would really like more cartoony adventure games to choose from as well.

The real Fable 2(yeah I have resorted to that line of thinking now)

Prey 2

Tenchu: a game with updated stealth mechanics, beautiful bigger new levels to explore and sneek around in

Syphon Filter 4

Deus Ex The Conspiracy (Remake) just so they could update the game play a bit (not that I really have a problem with it at all as is) and try and implement some of the ideas Warren and the team were trying for a bit better. And for the most part just bridge it aesthetically to Human Revolution. While playing Deus I am looking at Gunther and going "Jeez, before the rebellion against mechanical augmentation was won...were people just going freaking nuts?" Human Revolution the cybernetics just looked more civilised, elegant and efficient in Deus Ex they just look...messy. And I would love to see those levels like New York done today, maybe splash some more life into them and some more color.

Damn, Star Wars Battlefront 3 has already been mentioned lol

I want to see another Conkers Bad Fur Day game so bad, I loved the first one.

Also I'd like to see another Star Wars Knights of the Old Replublic game. I mean like the first two, not the MMORPG one which is alright but just looks a bit off to me plus I'm not really a fan of MMORPGs.

Pokemon Snap 2 would be so good and with the Wii U they can make you use the game pad as the camera to look around which would be pretty cool.

Another Battletoads game would be awesome as well.

Well, if I'm dreaming, I'd like PS3 versions of Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, and Tales of Vesperia...

More realistically, I'd like to see Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV on ps3, as well as a 3DS remake of the first two Shin Megami Tensei games.

I'll second Hit & Run 2, Deadly Premonition 2, and Psychonauts 2.

I'll add an actually good Area 51 game since the one for 360 is terrible.

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