Are you in the Neverwinter Closed Beta?!

Are you?
You sure about that?!

This is a bunch of crap.

The more information they release the more seedy and bad things are looking for the game.

First they give out keys in all different venues for the closed beta, then later they say the closed beta will only be 3 weekends, then they say that the beta keys only work for some of the weekends, including beta keys for founders!

Did you get a beta key from going to PAX? From PC gamer? Your in one of the groups that isn't even listed yet as being in ANY of the betas.

Did you pay 60$ for a founders that said you will be in all 3 betas? Guess what, now it's just 2!

Anyone else feel enraged about this? I don't mind's a beta. But what I do mind is when a company blatantly misleads it's customers. It undermines the game and it's future.


Boy am I glad that I don't ever buy into such things as this 'become a founder!' crap. Same with 'pre-order now and get into the beta!' stuff. Plus the fact that it looks like it will be SO MUCH like the mmorpg Dungeons and Dragons Online. If it wasn't going to be a free to play game I wouldn't even think of playing it.

And that isn't even mentioning how unlike D&D the game is. Really, any person that played D&D tabletop, even the 4.0 version, will see that this game is nothing like it.


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