Best Boss Battles

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The Thardus Battle and Quadraxis in the second game were pretty intense too :)

OT: I think GLaDOS and The unkillable necromorph from Dead Space get special mention.

GLaDOS for being creative and The necromorph for being nervewracking despit being very easy.

Dragons Dogma, Bayonetta and Intrusion 2.

Some bosses can be good by the gameplay, and some can be good just by the emotions behind the story.

I really liked the Final Boss of Persona 3. The music was very well done, and you just had this sense of "We have to win no matter what". Hated the actual fight of 13+ forms though. Still haven't beaten that boss.

Some of the Kingdom Hearts Bosses, particularly those in Birth By Sleep, were very well done also. In Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 you could pretty much button mash the way through. Quite the opposite scenario in BBS, as that can cause you to hit a wall. Blocking, managing a proper deck, dodging, knowing when NOT to attack, these all become important as the game progresses. Granted you probably could button mash and win, but I think it would cause a player more grief than necessary.

Some of the bosses in Nier were pretty cool to fight, and the one near the midway point was just really, really cool given the circumstances of the story. Can't forget about Shadow of the Colossus for very obvious reasons as well.

All I can really think of at the moment, but I'm sure there are plenty more.


Daystar Clarion:
Dante vs Vergil in DMC3.

God, I love those boss fights.

It's one thing to have a boss fight, but it's something else to have a boss fight between 2 characters you like.

So, this is what they call a heartwarming family reunion.

You got that right.

What did you think of the fight between them in the most recent one?

The fight was cool, but I'm just not feeling the new Vergil.

His voice annoys me, and he just doesn't have the same presence as he did in DMC3.

The recent Ys games have some of the boss battles in any action RPG's and can be more satisfying and challenging then a lot of modern Action games. Epic music and epic battles, the Ys games are awesome. The only reason to play the games are the boss battles really. Something a lot of modern games are lacking i think.

Here's a good video:

my bad please delete.

also on the ys games dont they have a piss poor story?

Z of the Na'vi:
That's easy.

Pick any boss from The Binding of Isaac. Any of them.

Really, Na'vi? Really? Any boss? Are you sure you're not forgetting Widow?

OT: The final boss from Persona 3. It'll always be a better final boss when compared to P4's.

Mainly because it requires you to change tactics mid battle in order to accommodate to the boss's changing weaknesses. And the boss changes weaknesses PLENTY of times, so you have to be super prepared.

Plus, the battle song wins best battle theme out of everything everywhere in the universe.

I'd say any boss from God of War as a series, they were really memorable and were always impressive. Granted some followed the boss behind a fence design many games abuse but they were still god damned amazing.

Also how about Robotnik from Sonic 3 (without Sonic & Knuckles) he was able to damage Super Sonic. Well THAT's a surprise and a half.

Shadow of the Colossus is literally made of amazing boss fights so you can't go wrong there.

The final battle for Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War one of the best I've dealt with, the greatest 1v1 music helps though.

I loved the Nightmare fights in DMC1 as well as most of the fights in DMC3.

Nier boss fights got pretty damn good, although by the time I got to some of them I had to up the difficulty or I would 1 shot them.

What? NONE of you guys mentioned Shadow of the Colossus?

You mean none of the 4 people before you who had already mentioned SotC? =D

I'm not a hack and slash player! So my bosses are limited...

Dark Souls; Dragon Slayer Ornstein & Executioner Smough.

MGS3: The End...the first time it was a 2-3 hour battle for me because he kept photo-synthesising. The next time I put on headphones and used the sound mic more. Applying strategy and using tools at your disposal (sound mic, camo, thermal vision, light reflecting off his scope, footprints, birds) makes it feels like a real test of skill. A massive forest also doesn't hurt.

MGS3: The Fury- Most under-rated MGS boss fight. Hunting each other in the dark whilst trying to hide from him.

Lylat wars: vs the Star Wolf team. I just love the music and the banter 'daddy squeeled real hard'

MGS4: Crying Wolf sniper battle. Something about a sniper off with rail guns in a blizzard with ninja's. The blizzard was brilliant..what an environment to battle in.

Warrior Within: Does running away from the Dahaka count. B'cos I was sweating like crazy


A Red Robot:
The first Phantom Fight from DMC1

Really? I thought that fight was kind of crappy and limiting. Then again, my issues with it were likely exacerbated by the awful, awful fixed camera that is thus far proving to be the most sinister enemy in the whole game.

I liked it because it's the first time the game actually challenged me. The promise of more of those kind of bosses is what kept me playing...until I had to fight him during the Nightmare fight.

A Red Robot:
Biggie and Smalls from Dark Souls

Is that a reference to the rapper?

I would throw my hat in for Kirby superstar Bosses. Great theme, great diversity.

Also, I would choose the bosses of kingdom Hearts series, basically due to the games combat. My focus would be on KH1's first time around Disney bosses because that battle theme is my favorite but all the battles are pretty much the same.

Nyx persona 3. 13 phases , different properties , good luck . Fun battle , Awsome music, great atmosphere . Hope your ready to feel despaire .

Haha, I remember my little bro playin' that game. He got Nyx to almost dead, yet his teammate (Yukari, I think it was?) was mindcontrolled and healed the boss to full... four times. He sat there for nearly two hours beating the fucker down. I just laughed the entire time!


What? NONE of you guys mentioned Shadow of the Colossus?

You mean none of the 4 people before you who had already mentioned SotC? =D

Really? Whoops.

I really shouldn't skim over stuff so quickly. >_<

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