should ps4 launch this year ?
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i could care less
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Poll: PS4 launch this year a right move for Sony

PS3 launched and Sony lost a lot of money and they will
want to make that money back. The "10
year plan" for PS3 is something that Sony
spoke about from the very beginning.
Now some have argued that it can mean
10 year support and Sony can still launch
before that. The question is do they want
to? You may look with a huge question
mark but hold off when I say this, a 2015
release is actually very likely.
As much as people want to, they cannot
look at this from a perspective of a
consumer. The way Sony will be looking at
it is business. They want the system to be
profitable. But they also want it to have
some kind of leap. There has been some
debate across multiple game forums on if
Sony will take the profit approach and cut
the specs down, or if they won't care
about their finances and make a leap
despite the fact it is severely risking their
business. I think they will wait it out. I
think this "10 year plan" of their's is
actually a plan made before they move
on. If you look at this from a financial
perspective, it makes a lot of sense.
As mentioned above, Sony want to milk
PS3 for all it is worth. They will want to
take as much money back that the cell
and Blu-Ray player stole from them. But
there are other problems on the table
you need to consider. They are still
moving around their other businesses
that are making heavier losses. But
perhaps the most crucial point about a
new console coming out close to the next
Xbox is that there is an obstacle
preventing them because (very sadly) the
public is just not being swayed towards it.
The Vita.
Now look at this from Sony's point.
Nintendo managed to get 3DS off the
ground, despite this doomsday prophecy
about smart phones destroying dedicated
handhelds. Sony put a lot of money in
Vita. They have confirmed they are
moving to shrink their losses made on
Vita as the next year progresses. But it
won't help unless Vita catches on. But in
order for them to do that, attention must
be moved towards it.
This is the problem. Vita still has time to
pull through. Despite what people tell you
in forums, there are still plenty of
chances. But it can only happen if Sony
put their attention to it. And they won't
just stand back and watch as it fails after a
slow Christmas. Sony are better then
that. Internet trolls are saying it is all
over for the Vita. Not really. But the price
being paid will be lack of focus on
It would be way smarter of Sony to make
Vita pull through then to just forget it to
speed up PS4 development. So if they
put their focus on Vita next year to get it
to pull through is it bad for PS4? I say no.
I know what you are thinking. Microsoft
will get the jump on them again. While
that is true it is also true that it doesn't
matter what Microsoft do, some just
won't buy the Xbox. They want
Playstation. They see it as worth waiting
for. The interesting thing here is, Sony
would be considerably late, but it would
have all their problems solved from a
financial perspective. PS3 will continue to
sell well into 2015. People will still want
it. Then as Vita is selling their two major
concerns will be dealt with. They can
move on. Waiting until this late to launch
could also hold Gran Turismo off and give
the developers the time they constantly
ask for, and Sony could have their big
system seller ready.
But most of all, it gives Sony the target
specs they want in the console, while also
making it profitable since the cost of the
parts will come down in 3 years. They can
also launch it at a much more competitive
price then if they were to launch it around
the same time as Microsoft. It makes
perfect financial sense when you look at it
from Sony's view. I love Sony as much as
the next guy, but they cannot keep taking
losses like this. Even in their game
division. There is only so much they can
take. This would also show that Sony
don't care about Microsoft's move and
are worrying more about their own skin.
If you look at this from their view it
makes great sense. A 2015 launch is
actually more likely then you'd think. It
isn't just about who gets the jump on
who. It is about money. Sony need
money to make more consoles. They
can't keep up their current path of
making "future proofed" hardware and
make money on it. The only question is, if
this was to come to pass, would you be
willing to wait that long?
When all is said and done, system
launches happen when the company is
ready. Not when people are.

so what do you think should sony launch ps4 this year or wait till 2015 ?

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