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Hello escapist, I'd like to share my thoughts with you on the diversity of design aesthetics in games. For the most part I find games trying to be as realistic as possible, and I feel that this takes away from the experience. An example of this, in my opinion is . . .

Twilight Princess

I think that the realism in twilight princess clashed with the kind of warm fairy tale plot. I feel that the art direction in Wind Waker was much better and skyward sword is a step in the right direction.


I feel, for the most part, that the design aesthetic in dishonored was bland and could have worked with the story so much better. They could have had the city feel dirtier and filled with dying people. The city felt stale, as if nobody was ever there.

While i felt that the games mentioned above had art design that worked against them I would also like to share some examples of art design that works with the mechanics or story of game.

Teamfortress 2

Team fortress features soft textured that work with its cartoony characters that shoot bright sprites and explode into showers of random giblets. I feel this all works together to create this unique feel that differentiates it from other games.

Boarderlands 1/2

Most of what I said for team fortress 2, is true for borderlands as well. The art direction in the game allows them to inhibited their game with crazy, comic book like characters without them feeling out of place.

But for the most part I feel that games don't put much effort or thought into where they want to do with the design aesthetics. I think that realism is just a default, that most game use. Colorful, unique art in games seems to becoming more and more rare.

What do you think escapists ?


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