Plot levels of silly games.

I have something of an aversion to games with weak/no plots. Particularly games that are marketed as non-serious.

I have never played many of these games: Saints Row(s), Borderlands(') etc.

Can the people who have tell me how strong the stories are in these games? Or are they as advertised and selling on another aspect of themselves?

With Borderlands (1), the story is basically that you are trying to find the Vault. The second is you are trying to get to the Vault before Handsome Jack (or stop him from opening it - basically the same thing). People were mad about the first because of the ending (you may have heard about it already, but not going to spoil it just in case, unless you want me to). There wasn't much to do in terms of story really. Get the vault key, get to the vault. The second had a bit of the characters from the first thrown in as NPC's, so it added a bit more "story" to it, but not much. They are both still pretty fun games if you like shooting and looting.

Haven't play the Saints Row games yet.

Borderlands 1 is shit storywise.
Don't try to take Saints 3 seriously, but Saints 2 is actually a pretty decent gang war story, quite a few tragic and chilling moments in it.

You won#t enjoy the story of Saints Row 3, it's not necessarily bad, but it's not interesting (and okay, it gets very silly and annoying in some spots. But it starts off okay and has it's unbad moments). Still as someone who tends to only play story focused games, I found the character customisation kept me going for a while (if not to completion) and there was a tone (gangs as mega-corporation sell outs) that helped me play the game more than I normally would.


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