Late to the Game 'Saint's Row the Third' question

I know, I know. That games been out a while, but I stopped playing it from frustration a while back and only just came back to try again from scratch. It's going better this time, thanks for asking.

But the reason for this thread is that I'm at an impasse where I'm not sure how to proceed. I've already taken out the Morning Star and just finished off the Deckers. But now I've still got the Luchadores and S.T.A.G. running around.

And basically, I'm just not sure what order I'm supposed to go after them in.

I know, it's a dumb question, but I always obsess over stuff like this. So... someone help me out? Hopefully?

It won't matter since the two mission lines will be merging eventually.
I'd start with the luchadores though, since pursuing the STAG missions will end up greatly impeding your ground-based transportation navigation.

Doing STAG missions doesn't contribute towards 100%-ing the city I think. They're the "story" missions if you will.

depends which is more fun at the time running over in a tank while wearing a punk bunny suit.

gangs as side quest as such stag is main quest


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